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3 Best Electric Fillet Knives – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Electric Fillet Knife + Reviews


In case you are in the market looking for the best electric fillet knife to complete your cutlery collection, we recommend the American Angler PRO 32352DS . It is a high-performance ergonomic handset, which comes with five types of stainless steel blades. This electric fillet knife can complete your kitchen tools, as it was designed to ease the process of filleting with 2X more torque than other knives of its kind, making bones an issue of the past. Including blades with different sizes and shapes, you can use it on pretty much any variety of meat, regardless of the dimension. The kit also comes with a protective glove, to offer extra safety when handling the knife for filleting a slippery fish, for example. If this item is not available or a little over your budget, we also recommend the American Angler PRO 32350DS.



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Fillet carving is a highly skill-intensive activity which takes effort and also patience. With an electric knife, you save time and you can perform this task effortlessly. Since the process of cutting the meat from the bone can be quite precarious, fillet knife manufacturers always try to design more efficient products in order to satisfy the demands of the consumers. Lately, electric fillet knives gained popularity because they speed up the process significantly.

As a consequence, you can find a broad array of products on the market. So how are you to know which product is most appropriate? There are some aspects you should keep in mind when searching for this type of product.


Our Comprehensive Buying Guide




If you want a good electric fillet knife, you should check the blade to be made out of non-corrosive, solid and long-lasting stainless steel. In order to secure most of the meat for later use, the blade has to allow tight angles in the filleting process.

The blade is recommended to be up to 7-inches long, but this depends, of course on the size of the meat piece in question. The weight, however, is up to your personal preferences.


The handle

The handle is an essential part of the filleting experience, as it should be comfortable enough to grant control to the one using the knife.

Knives, in general, are potentially hazardous household items, let alone an electric one. Therefore, the handles should offer you not just comfort when handled, but also a safe grip. The material should be slip-resistant, for extra protection.

And since we are talking about safety, you should use this type of knife with cut resistant gloves, which either come with the knife, or can be bought separately.



As previously mentioned, there are many products of the type on the market, so it is hard to make a choice instantly. If you have an acquaintance who is a specialist in the field, it is easy, as they can recommend a reliable product. But if you do not have this helping friend, and you are not a specialist, you need to find other methods.

Checking electric fillet knife reviews can point you in the right direction. If you are really involved in the process, you will end up with a short-list of the most appropriate items for you in no time! From then on, the decision is yours.



3 Best Electric Fillet Knives (Updated Reviews) in 2021



We cannot choose for you, or even tell you what to get, of course. We can, however, lend a helping hand, and offer you some information about three products we recommend.



1. American 32352DS Angler Pro Performance Ergonomic


American Angler has a long-lasting legacy of producing items for fishermen, by fishermen. In the process of creating quality electric knives, fishing enthusiasts, guides, and commercial fishermen were asked what improvements they would like to see in electric fillet knives. Therefore the Sportsmen’s Kit came with more power, more torque, and more durability.

The manufacturer was able to combine modern design, precision engineering, and master craftsmanship in order to bring one of the most reliable and long-lasting electric fillet knife in its class.

The Sportsmen’s Kit fillet knife is a 110-Volt alternative, which offers the product smooth and consistent filleting. The engineered venting and cooling fan allows the knife to be used more at a time without overheating. The polarized cord is 8-ft long, giving you flexibility in the kitchen.

The electric fillet knife from the Pro series is compatible with multiple American Angler blades, which is also a significant advantage. This item comes with five blades of various sizes and shapes in order to give you as many filleting options as possible.

The product is for sale with all the blades above, all coming in a textile bag.



This kit has improved torque, greater power, and its durability is higher than previous blades from the same manufacturer.

The fillet knife comes with 110-volt power, which should ensure good cutting capabilities.

To prevent overheating, the knife is equipped with a cooling fan and venting, thus allowing for prolonged usage at a time.

Engineering has as well been given considerable attention, as this knife is going to be long-lasting, as well as reliable.

This model comes with five different sized blades in order to adapt to filleting different fish sizes and obtaining proper cuts.



While the product comes with all the accessories included in a bag, the quality of the container isn’t very good, its material looks and feels quite cheap.

The knife’s design makes it prone to getting fish meat and scales in its vent openings and around the power button which makes it quite hard to clean.


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2. American 32350DS Angler Pro Fillet Knife 


American Angler also comes with a simplified version of the previous product through the Standard Kit. The good thing is that the handle is compatible with a various type of blades from the manufacturer so that you can complete your set over time.

The superior torque ensures a robust motor system and flexibility, and a constant 110 Volt of power secures the flow of carving.  

The knife is created in such a way that it does not become tough to operate over more extended periods of time. The handle is orange and arrives with a storage bag designed with an air flow system which stops the collection of smells or corrosion.

The manufacturer declares that no other knife of the kind can run with such a constant yet significant power as this knife can.

They also state that American Angler blades are designed to handle the largest and strongest species of fish, such as salmon, redfish, striper, catfish, grouper, or muskie, as the joined with the PRO Series motor have the bone cutting ability to fillet.

Customer reviews for this item are positive, with high scores, so you can be sure you are buying a high-quality kitchen tool.



Coming equipped with a single blade, this electric knife is great for fishing enthusiasts and home usage. 

However, its motor is compatible with multiple blades manufactured by the company, so you can buy different sizes if more filleting options are needed.

It comes equipped with 110-volt power and a cooling system, which together ensure smooth and constant filleting.

The motor has two times more torque than most electric filleting knives, which allows it to cut through bones and cartilage.

It’s also made from durable steel, which stays sharp for a long time.

A storage bag for the knife is also included and it allows for good ventilation, reducing the risk of corrosion.



This kit only includes one 8-inch blade, which is not recommended for small species such as bream, trout or crappie.

Some of the users reported that the cooling system is insufficient, which leads to the handle becoming hot.


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3. Proctor 74311 Silex Knife for Carving Meats


This electric knife is lightweight and comfortable to grip, making it effortlessly to slice through meat, bread, cheese, or other foods. With a stainless steel blade that helps you slice swiftly and precisely, this appliance has a hand-contoured grip for control and accuracy.

Proctor Silex Electric Knives are affordable and long-lasting, for consistently steady slicing every time they are used. They are constructed for comfort and efficiency of use.

In case you are a busy person, this item can help you save a lot of time. It also aids in providing thin, even slices, that you might not manage to achieve using a traditional knife. This product is very affordable, so it will not do any damage to your budget.

Proctor Silex is not just a knife manufacturer; they design all types of products for the kitchen, such as slow cookers, coffee grinders, juicers, electric grills, electric kettles, toasters, hand mixers, or food choppers. Besides, their offers extend to more.

And since we mentioned kitchen items and completing your kitchen tools collection, we can also suggest acquiring pizza scissors if you or your family are pizza fans, or if you want to impress your friends when they come over to visit you and are in the mood for a homemade pizza pie.



This knife is a great choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly knife that handles meats as well as bread.

They can easily carve turkey, ham, and steaks, making these knives very good options for any cook.

The knife comes equipped with a stainless steel blade which ensures smooth carving, even and straight slices, all at fast cutting speeds.

It has an ergonomic handle which gives its user high accuracy and precise control over the movements.

The materials used in its manufacture have also been chosen in order to produce a reliable, long-lasting knife.



While suiting the needs of most cooks, this knife was not intended to be used for extended periods of time, because its motor can become damaged from overheating. 

Slicing large quantities of products with this knife is not advisable since the handle of the knife can release a smell of hot plastic when used for too long.


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