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3 Best Double Waffle Makers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Double Waffle Maker + Reviews


If you started browsing the Internet searching for the best double waffle maker, you probably noticed that the market has a lot to offer. There are expensive and cheap double waffle makers for sale, and it is very hard to choose the right one, especially if you are a novice when it comes to this type of kitchen tools. It is a good thing that you arrived here, as we have gathered a lot of information on the matter and concluded that the Cuisinart WAF-F20 is the one you should consider. It allows you to bake very thick waffles with a crisp crust, but a soft interior that just melts in your mouth. The rotary handle enables you to flip the batter for an even distribution. Thanks to the non-stick coating, you can take the waffle out easily, and you do not have to spend too much time cleaning it. In case this item is unavailable, our second choice is the Hamilton Beach (26009) model, which is an alternative worth taking into consideration.



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Waffles are a great choice for breakfast, but also for dessert, as all you need is batter and the right tool. But a good double waffle maker is hard to find, especially if you do not know exactly what to look for in such an appliance. Reading double waffle maker reviews can help you get an idea, but it can take a lot of time.

We have listed a few of the most significant aspects that you should keep in mind when you decide to make such an investment, in order to get the one that best suits your needs.



Non-stick coating

Many double waffle maker models do not have plates that can be removed. But even if that were the case, it can be a daunting task to rub the grid every time you decide to use it.

Not to mention pushing a sponge down between all the small squares — you can spend hours just cleaning the device! Also, you can imagine how terrible your waffles would look if something like this happened.

Therefore, when you find the model that you like, make sure that it has a non-stick coating, so you will not regret your decision later.



You know what they say — size does matter. This is the case especially if you have limited space in your kitchen. You should also consider other aspects such as the number of people you are using it for. If it’s just you, there is no point in getting a big unit.

Just like in the case of sandwich makers or electric omelet makers, you should consider where you are going to store it, and the frequency to which the appliance will be used for.


Some models come with useful features, like cord wraps; you can simply wipe the grids clean, wrap the cord, and hide the appliance in a cupboard.



Needless to say, we all have personal preferences especially when it comes to food. Some like their waffles more crispy, others softer.

We recommend searching for a model that is straightforward to use, easy to read, accurate and comes with uncomplicated adjustments to customize the browning.

You should avoid a waffle maker with hot spots that will generate uneven browning, and worse, undercooked areas.

These are the aspects we consider to be essential when purchasing a double waffle maker, and if you follow them, you should have no issues getting the one that is most appropriate for you. In case you are in need of other kitchen tools or appliances, you should also read our articles about cast iron pizza pans, or even about pancake spatulas and bamboo kitchen utensils as well.



3 Best Double Waffle Makers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Surely, we cannot tell you which product to select. We can, however, present you with three top picks with different characteristics, shapes, and sizes. You can rest assured that all these items are worth their money, and they will serve their purpose very well.



1. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle


If you like waffles, but especially making them, the Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker is a product you should really look into. It is an electric appliance which bakes two round one-inch extra-deep waffles at the same time.

Not only do the waffles cooked in this unit look delicious, but they are also crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. You can actually prepare restaurant-style treats at home! This item comes with a convenient rotary handle which allows you to flip each waffle to 180 degrees ensuring even cooking at the top and the bottom.

Moreover, this unit has six adjustable browning control knobs, non-stick coated grids, two LED indicator lights, and three audio beep tones with the purpose of alerting you when the waffles are done. The appliance is not lightweight at all, as it weighs 13 pounds, but many customers prefer it this way.

The non-stick coating for easy food release and effortless cleaning is a bonus. If space is important to you, and you do not want to spend a fortune on a waffle maker, Cuisinart’s item is an excellent choice for baking tasty, restaurant-style waffles in the comfort of your kitchen.


Buy from for ($91.6)




2. Hamilton Beach 26009 Belgian Waffle Maker


A compact, ideal for small apartments waffle machine is brought to you by Hamilton Beach. The 26009 model bakes thick, Belgian-style waffles with a crispy crust and a delicate interior.

You can bake two waffles at the same time, and it only takes about five minutes. In addition, they will be cooked evenly. You might be disappointed that the plates are not removable, but the non-stick coating is designed for quick food release, and the cleaning process is therefore very easy.

The unit features a shade selector which allows you to control the temperature so you can bake the outside as crispy as you like. The red power light indicates when the power is on, and the green indicator light lets you know when the waffle is done.

The machine’s exterior is made from stainless steel, but the unit itself is lightweight, and the compact design makes it very easy to store upright in any cupboard or pantry.

If you have a large family, you may not find this product the most suitable one, but if you are single or a couple, it is an excellent choice. Although it will give you restaurant-style results, this unit is actually very affordable.


Buy from for ($44)




3. Gsi Outdoors Bugaboo Waffle Iron


Some of us could think of nothing better than waffles for breakfast. How would you feel about fresh waffles for breakfast on a camping trip? The GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Waffle Iron makes this possible!

It has a lightweight, yet sturdy aluminum construction, with a non-stick surface. Moreover, it is super easy to clean, and the handles are detachable for uncomplicated packing and storing.

In fewer words, the GSI Bugaboo is the dependable, non-stick choice for your outdoor cooking needs. It is designed to be lightweight enough for backpacking, but to heat evenly so as to satisfy even the most demanding camp cook.

The concept is really simple — you need to fire your camp stove, heat up the waffle iron, and start baking. In case you are cooking over flames, and not using an evenly distributed electric heat source, you will need to move the appliance while cooking, flip it over, and make sure the heat center gets to both ends. The cooking time depends on the batter you use as well.

In case you think that you will have to buy another waffle maker for home, think again! Although the product was created for outdoor trips, you can also use it at home over the stovetop with no issues.


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