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3 Best Dish Strainers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Dish Strainer + Reviews

While cooking may be your passion, cleaning and washing the dishes afterward could seriously represent a drawback. Apart from requiring a lot of time to be properly cleaned, dishes also need plenty of room to dry before putting them back into the counters or using them again. So, if you’re not willing to invest in a dishwasher machine just yet, a new dish strainer could prove a more affordable solution. After checking the market for you, Grandma Jen recommends the Neat-O Dish Drainer Rack because it easily fits into most sinks, features a chrome finish for functionality and a touch of style, and also comes with a useful handle. The strainer is big enough to hold plates, pots, glasses, and cutlery. If you don’t find this exact product, another recommendation would be the OXO Good Grips as it is a suitable alternative in terms of design and utility.



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Finding the best dish strainer could prove a time-consuming job, especially with so many great products available for sale. However, if you want to make sure you made the right choice, here are some features to look for in a good dish strainer.



Materials used

Dish strainers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, each with its own perks and downsides. In terms of materials, most of these dish strainers are made of wood, stainless steel or plastic.

If you’re looking for a cheap dish strainer, plastic is the obvious choice. It is lightweight and flexible, meaning you can place larger plates and pots. However, plastic is not very durable and easily becomes a source of bacteria if it’s not properly cleaned on a regular basis.

Wood strainers make for excellent kitchen tools and represent a great option because they are elegant and reliable at the same time. Strong and sturdy, wood strainers do not corrode and are easy to clean too. However, they are heavier and will require plenty of space in your kitchen.

Lastly, the most elegant and convenient choice remains stainless steel as it is durable, lightweight, and will fit most of the kitchen styles.



Choosing the right strainer also depends on how often you cook, how big your household is, and how many pots and dishes you use daily. A large household implies cooking more often and in larger quantities, so you’ll require a big dish strainer with enough room to put all the plates and accessories, including the detachable parts of a quality quinoa strainer.

A special compartment for cutlery and glasses might also come in handy to separate the plates and pots from the rest of the kitchen tools and organize them easier.

If you’re not sure which type of product to choose, try looking for some online dish strainers reviews and see what other customers have to say about certain items.


Optional drip tray

Dish strainers are usually attached directly to your sink to allow excess water to drain. However, if you don’t have a draining unit or your sink is too small to allow putting the strainer on top, an additional drip tray would prove quite useful. Make sure to choose one that is the same size as your strainer or a bit bigger on the edges.



3 Best Dish Strainers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Although there are many great products available on the market, only the top three dish strainers were showcased below. Based on their online reviews received from plenty of customers, these three models represent a great choice for all the kitchens and households.



1. Neat O Dish Drainer Rack Durable Chrome


Thanks to the beautiful chrome finish, this dish strainer will add a touch of elegance to the already existing kitchen decors, while being completely functional.

The product easily fits into most sinks and represents a convenient choice for those who want to drain a lot of dishes, pots, and glasses at the same time.

This drainer rack features a color-coated wire base that is durable and extremely lightweight at the same time, so you can count on it for many years from now on. The handle is extremely convenient too and will help you place the rack accordingly and offer more support when putting the drainer over the sink.

We like that this item is self-standing so, in case you don’t have enough room to place it into the sink, you can easily purchase an additional drip tray and use it on the kitchen counter next to the sink.

Moreover, the drainer is large enough to support up to 10 plates, a smaller pot, cutlery or glasses of various sizes and shapes at the same time.

The downside is that it’s not adjustable, so it would be best to first measure the dimensions of your sink to make sure this item fits.


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2. Oxo Good Grips Convertible Foldaway


Different kitchens have different needs, so why not enjoy a fully customizable item like this OXO dish strainer? Thanks to the foldable design, you can make room for larger bowls, cookware, glasses, plates or any other type of utensils you could possibly get dirty while cooking.

The side walls, spout, and legs easily fold so you can store the item in your kitchen cabinets. Thus, it won’t occupy too much space and you can place it anywhere you want.

The spout of this strainer also opens to allow all the water drain directly into the sink, without making more mess.

The item comes with divided utensil holders that are large and removable at the same time, providing the necessary space to put various sizes and types of plates, bowls or glasses.

Thanks to the rust-free and elegant design, this dish strainer will match the rest of your furniture and accessories. Also, due to its generous dimensions and the fully customizable parts, the product is perfect for big families or for those who like hosting large dinner parties on a regular basis.

Most of the customers who purchased the drainer were pleased with its sturdy and quality design, as well as with its dimensions.


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3. PremiumRacks Professional 304 Fully Customizable


If you’re looking for a great yet affordable dish strainer to place a lot of dishes after washing them, you may want to take a look at this particular item.

What we liked the most about it is that it is made of superior quality 304 stainless steel, providing an excellent resistance to rust, heat, water, and dirt. This means the rack will last longer and maintain its original shine and color for many years from now on, without losing its functionality.

The dish strainer is fully customizable depending on your needs and features two different style drain boards, three cup holder attachments, as well as a microfiber mat, and an attachment for the cutting board that allows you to display the item anywhere you want in the kitchen.

You can flip the top shelf from side to side, remove it completely or move it from the front to the back, depending on the type of dishes you need to hang. In addition, the product features a wide knife holder attachment that will hold all your kitchen tools separately from the rest of your dishes.

This item was constantly voted as a sturdy, reliable, and elegant product by customers, and will certainly impress your guests too thanks to its sleek design.


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