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3 Best Digital Kitchen Timers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Digital Timer for Kitchen Use + Reviews


Looking for the best digital kitchen timer for the money? If that’s the case, you ended up in the perfect place since we did our research and looked through dozens and dozens of customer ratings. In the end, we settled on a product that you probably should consider, and it’s the OXO Good Grips Triple Timer. This model boasts three digital timers into one, all of which have different alarms. It can be used for a variety of applications, and the neatest thing about it is that it is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD. It also comes with non-slip feet, which means that it will remain in the same spot on your countertop. If this product is no longer available or you just don’t like its design, another good option might be the KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


It’s not easy to find the perfect digital kitchen cooking timer out there, and that’s because there are thousands of products available for sale. You can’t possibly have enough time to go through the specs of all of them. If this is the first timer you’re buying, you might also find it difficult to understand what features you need and which you can do without. Check out our guide below to solve this problem.


If you do not have the convenience of an oven that comes equipped with a timer, you might want to be able to use a separate one. However, the problem that arises in this case is that you need to know that you can set the timer for a longer or shorter amount of time, depending on the recipe.

Needless to say, some types of foods have to be cooked for as many as seven to eight hours (such as bone broth, for example), while others won’t require more than one hour. You need to be able to set the right amount of time, and you’ll definitely benefit from a wider duration.


Ease of use

Not all people have the same high-quality eyesight and that’s why some prospective buyers might have to opt for a digital timer that comes with a large screen while others don’t have any issue reading the numbers on a smaller one.

Also when it comes to ease of use, the truth is that many digital kitchen timer reviews suggest opting for a model that comes with easy to push buttons, meaning larger ones. If they’re easy to clean, it’s even better, because sooner or later, you are going to use the timer when your hands are dirty and without even realizing you’re doing it.



Generally, even cheap digital kitchen timers are completely safe to use, which means that they don’t pose any dangers to kids or pets no matter what features they come with. Nevertheless, some are safer than others simply because they are outfitted with a non-slip base, which is why they won’t find their way off of the kitchen counter as easily as their counterparts.

Naturally, with the risk of dropping a small device on the floor comes the risk of damaging it and even rendering it completely useless. This won’t happen with a good digital kitchen timer equipped with non-slip feet.



3 Best Digital Kitchen Timers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



If you haven’t had a lot of luck finding the right digital kitchen clock and timer, maybe some of the product suggestions that we have compiled below might be able to help you. All of these models have garnered quite a bit of appreciation in the past.



1. Oxo Good Grips Triple Timer


As one of the more popular choices in this particular line, OXO’s timer is convenient, versatile, and effective. In short, it actually gets the job done when you need it the most. The best thing about it is that it comes with three timers into a single device, which obviously gives you a lot of freedom as to what you can utilize it for.

For example, you could set one of them for the stew you’re preparing, the other for something that you might be baking, and another for a soup that’s simmering on the stovetop. A single device can tell you when any of those tasks are done.

Another aspect that should concern you is the fact that this model is outfitted with an LCD display that can be read with ease even if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be. The buttons are easy to bush, and they’re soft to the touch, but they’re also sizeable enough and at a distance from each other that you don’t risk pressing two at once.

As for complaints, we noticed that there have been some individuals that have noted that the alarm isn’t as loud as they might have liked it to be.


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2. KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer


If you are in the market for an affordable timer that’s compact and user-friendly, then this one by KitchenAid should be another one you jot down on your list. It’s equipped with easy to push buttons, but unlike some of the other products that we have showcased here, this one boasts just one timer.

Therefore, you aren’t going to be able to benefit from the same amount of versatility offered by similar alternatives. Nevertheless, this KitchenAid model is convenient, especially if you tend to cook only one dish at a time. The duration is 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, so you can even use it for foodstuffs that have to be cooked for a long time.

The timer is 3 inches in diameter and about two and a half in height. It’s a rather small device to have, and it doesn’t include the non-slip base that we’ve seen in others. One area where the product does shine, though, is cleaning and maintenance because all that you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and it will look as new.

The company is offering replacements over the first year after your purchase, so that’s worth taking into account, too.


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3. West Bend 40053 Easy to Read Digital


Even though it doesn’t cost a fortune, this West Bend model is undoubtedly worthy of your consideration because it comes with heaps of useful functions. This isn’t just a regular timer. It also features a clock, as well as an electronic alarm. The display that it is outfitted with is easy to read even by people who don’t have excellent sight.

Furthermore, the product allows you to set the timer for as many as three different dishes, which obviously helps you deal with meal prepping and other tasks you might have to manage on the weekends. It’s also equipped with a memory function that recalls the previous settings, and you can change that as per your needs.

The product has a hanging hole and it also comes with a stand, a clip, as well as a magnet. You need two AAA batteries to get it up and running, but these are also included in the deal and even come installed in the device.

The only problem that we discovered in relation to this device is that it can be used for a duration of up to 100 minutes, and that might just not be enough for some types of recipes.


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