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Best Cutting Board for Vegetables


Cutting boards for vegetables – Ratings & Informative Guide


Do you have a favorite cutting board where everything gets chopped indiscriminately or do you make sure to always separate ingredients based on precise rules? As cooking has been upgraded to the rank of art and sometimes science, people have become more conscious about the food on their plate and the process behind it. Cutting boards are one of the basic utensils everyone has in their kitchen, but it is only in recent years that food safety became a concern when deciding which model to choose and if you should use different cutting boards for meat and vegetables. The Greener Chef Extra Large is our first choice based on reviews of cutting boards for vegetables, due to the convenience that bamboo offers in terms of sustainability and food safety, as well. If by any chance you don’t find this product, Grandma Jen recommends you have a look at the OXO Good Grips, another great option.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a cutting board for vegetables


Unless you are a seasoned chef, finding the best cutting board for vegetables can be quite a hassle, as you need to filter through a lot of information to get to the gist of what really makes a difference. Here are some guidelines to help you make a choice you won’t have to doubt.

Why you need to separate vegetables from raw meat

You probably agree that the idea of raw meat doesn’t really get along with the savory salads pictured in your healthy eating cookbooks. On a microscopic level, this can happen when you slice meat on a cutting board, then use the same board to chop your vegetables. Not what the author of your salad cookbook had in mind!

Now, you may argue that your kitchen utensils are subject to thorough sanitation after each use, so cross-contamination is out of the question. Research shows this is not quite true.

Many of the cutting boards we use in our households are made of porous materials which not only absorb bacteria from raw food, but the cuts left by your kitchen knife or salad choppers can trap the bacteria even after minute cleaning.

It is therefore important to use separate cutting boards when dealing with fruits or vegetables on the one hand, and food you wouldn’t consider eating raw on the other.


Which material to choose

If you are chopping hard vegetables, it is advisable to go for the traditional wooden board. Potatoes, carrots or pumpkin can be more easily handled on the sturdy surface of the wood, which at the same time allows for more precise cuts than textured plastic does.

Flavored vegetables such as onion and garlic, however, can stick to plastic, which is not as permeable to the intense smell and the scent can be washed off. This is not so much a matter of food safety as a matter of taste.

Bamboo kitchen utensils are a convenient alternative to wood and make a good cutting board for vegetables, as they offer all the same advantages with the added benefit of being slightly less porous, thus less likely to absorb and store unwanted bacteria.



Regardless the material you choose to cut your vegetables on, you need to make sure you clean it properly after every use. While plastic and glass can be safely used in the dishwashing machine for a thorough rinse with little effort on your behalf, wood should only be washed by hand.

The best way to sanitize your vegetable cutting board is by scrubbing the leftovers of it, then washing it in soapy water and eventually letting it air dry or patting it with a soft towel.



3 Best Cutting Boards for Vegetables (Reviews) in 2021



We know that finding the perfect vegetable cutting board can be time-consuming, so we decided to showcase some of the critically acclaimed products in this specific category below. Give them a look if you haven’t made up your mind yet.



1. Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board 


If you have been wondering what you can do to take a more sustainable approach to your life and household, you may start by considering to equip your kitchen with bamboo products instead of traditional wooden ones.

With regular conditioning and proper sanitation, you can enjoy them for a long time and your cooking sessions will be more pleasurable than ever.

This bamboo cutting board is eco-friendly, as bamboo has a faster regeneration rate than wood. The material has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well, which will allow you to cook safely for your entire family, without running the risk of cross-contaminating your food.

Besides caring for your family’s food, this Greener Chef Extra Large model also protects your knives’ blades, as it is significantly less harsh than other materials and types of wood. This feature makes it an excellent utensil for cutting not only vegetables and fruits but also bread and chicken.

This industrial quality cutting board has a full guarantee for the most common issues that can occur in wooden utensils, such as splintering, cracking or separating. Above all these, it comes with a lifetime replacement from the manufacturer; therefore, you can be sure it will withstand your heavy duty cooking on each and every special occasion.


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2. Oxo Good Grips Utility Cutting Board


The materials used to make this OXO Good Grips alternative solve two of the most common concerns that people have about cutting boards. The nonporous polypropylene ensures that the surface is hard enough to withstand cutting and chopping without allowing bacteria to permeate and then trap it in its texture.

At the same time, the board is odor-resistant, which allows you a great deal of flexibility in terms of what you can cut on it, be it vegetables or meat.

What truly makes this item a great deal is its double-sided design so that you no longer need to alternate between distinct cutting boards when cooking. Instead, all you have to do is flip it on the other side and you have a brand new board and no worries about cross contamination.

Very practical in the kitchen, this OXO Good Grips model is also designed so as to resist deep scratches and is gentle on your knives, meaning that they will stay sharp for a longer period of time.

In terms of maintenance, unlike wood, plastic requires no special care routine. All you need to do is to carefully wash it after each use, either by hand or in the dishwasher.


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3. Utopia Kitchen Natural Bamboo Cutting Boards


This three piece set is made of extra thick bamboo, which renders it highly resistant to the common vulnerabilities of wood such as breaking and cracking. Due to the compressed bamboo wood, the surface is significantly less porous, so bacteria and odors do not get trapped.

Not only does bamboo offer antibacterial properties, but it has the extra benefit of protecting your knives and keeping them sharp for a longer period of time, unlike other materials which blunt the edges.

Very practical for professional and aspiring chefs alike, this Utopia Kitchen Bamboo unit is very handy and useful in the kitchen. You can safely and easily slice, chop and cut everything from vegetables and fruits to cheese, bread and meat.

With regular conditioning, your bamboo cutting board will stay as good as new for a long period of time and serve as a dedicated assistant in the kitchen. Make sure to oil it regularly so that it retains its original shape and functions.

This product offers great quality for your money, allowing you to purchase three different sized boards in one set for an exquisite cooking experience. Coupling convenience with sustainability, this bamboo cutting board will be your right hand in the kitchen.


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