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3 Best Cutting Boards for Raw Meat – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Cutting Board for Raw Meat  + Reviews


If you are looking to purchase the best cutting board for raw meat but you don’t feel like reading this whole article, we will start by recommending you the Thirteen Chefs Commercial Plastic, which will do the job even in the most demanding situations. This board is on the harder side which will allow you to chop, cut, and slice without worrying about damaging it. Its durable design makes it perfect for both professionals and amateurs who prefer to cook from the comfort of their home. Also, it has proved to be very resistant to wear and heat thanks to its high-density polypropylene component. In case you don’t find our first choice for sale, we come with our second-best choice which is the Dexas Chop & Scoop, a reliable raw meat cutting board which will make your kitchen work easier.



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In order to find a good cutting board for raw meat some research needs to be done, and we all know that research can be tedious sometimes, and not to mention the large amount of time that you have to spend. That is why we did the research for you, and we gathered some of the most important characteristics to take into consideration before you look at our reviews of cutting boards for raw meat.

Types available

Cutting boards for meat come in different sizes, shapes, colors and can be made of plastic, wood, bamboo or even glass. It is entirely your decision when it comes to choosing a raw meat cutting board because it is merely a matter of personal preference. What you need is a cutting board which will ensure your kitchen remains safe as you cook.

When you are preparing meat on your cutting board you have to be careful to avoid cross-contaminating your surfaces. It is hard to say which type is the best because every one of them has its own advantages. Some people may prefer to cut raw meat on wood cutting board, while others prefer the plastic or the glass ones.


High-quality and safe materials

It is very important to pay maximum attention to the quality of the materials that were used in the making of the board. You not only want your board to last longer, but you also want it to be safe for your health.

Some materials can damage more easily than others, but not the high-quality materials which withstand the test of time, giving you less headache, and you won’t have to worry about replacing your new board too soon.

Also, it is imperative that cutting boards for raw meat are made of high-quality materials because they have to resist deep scratches and scarring so you won’t have to worry about bacteria developing in time.



We can all agree that foodborne illnesses are no joke, and proper attention should be given to this aspect. It is very important that you removed any lingering bacteria after prepping food and this can be done either by hand or by tossing the board into the dishwasher to be better cleaned and sanitized.

And, if you don’t feel comfortable putting that new cutting board in the washing machine yet, and you were wondering how to clean wood cutting board after raw meat, you can do that using vinegar. Vinegar contains acetic acid that disinfects against Staphylococcus, E. coli, and Salmonella. It is very easy! Just pour some vinegar onto your cutting board and wipe it with a dry rag or a paper towel.  




3 Best Cutting Boards for Raw Meat (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Below you will find three cutting boards for raw meat that are among the most popular and are considered a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a durable and good quality product that delivers the best results.



1. Thirteen Chefs Commercial Plastic


If you were worried about cross-contamination before, with this board this is a thing of the past. It comes in different colors – White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown – which will help you avoid any potential foodborne illnesses. What you have to do is to use the appropriate-colored cutting board for each job in order to prevent cross-contamination. It is designed mostly for heavy use, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be used by home cooks too.

It has an ultra-durable high-density design which will make your work in the kitchen safe and easy. This board offers you all the benefits of a high quality cutting board without any warping or deterioration happening. Also, you don’t have to worry about your knives anymore, because this board is gentle on knives and helps them stay sharp.

This board is very durable against wear and heat, and the surface is very stable and it doesn’t allow any sliding or moving when it is in use. And if cleaning the board was something that worried you before, with this board you don’t have to worry anymore because it can be simply washed with a cloth or placed in the dishwasher.


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2. Dexas Chop & Scoop Cutting Board


This board has an interesting shape with curved edges that make it perfect for cutting juicy food items. The curved edges will stop the juices from getting everywhere on your kitchen countertop and will ensure your work area remains clean and safe. The nice shape and the handle make it easier for you to chop, lift, and pour your chopped items into a bowl or a cooking pan.

This product, like all Dexas storage products, is designed and manufactured in the US. And we consider this aspect very important because it gives us a piece of mind that high-quality materials were used in the making of this cutting board. Also, you are free to use your favorite knives any time you wish without worrying that the board will dull the blades because this cutting board treats your knives very well.

This is a cutting board that has plenty of great characteristics that will make your time spent in the kitchen more productive and enjoyable: it is non-stick, non-absorbent, non-porous, and odor-resistant. Also, if you were wondering how to clean this board, have no worries because it is dishwasher-safe so you can enjoy a safe and clean environment.


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3. Clever Chef Glass Rectangle Glass Cutting


This board is made of premium impact-resistant tempered glass, which is durable and highly functional. The non-porous properties of glass make this board resistant to bacteria, stains, odors and will help you avoid cross-contamination. It is also designed with some rubber feet which make it more stable and help avoid any sliding.

It has a unique look and the clear glass allows your countertop to shine through, offering your kitchen a cleaner and minimalistic feel. This cutting board will help you achieve that modern look and feel and it is very practical at the same time. When not in use, this cutting board can be put on top of your counter or any other surfaces to protect them from heat, condensation or scratches.

Besides being useful as a cutting board for meats or fruits or a cover for your surfaces, this board can be used as a serving platter as well. This cutting board is dishwasher-safe, making it extremely easy to clean, and, very important, it doesn’t stain. Also, this can be a perfect choice for a customized gift for a wedding or a birthday, because you can engrave a nice message on it.


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