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3 Best Cutting Boards for Chefs – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Cutting Board for Chef + Reviews


If you landed on this page, we’re sure you already know how big a difference a good chef cutting board makes on the whole cooking experience. So does Grandma Jen, which is why she is eager to share with you her reviews of chef cutting boards so that you can make the optimal choice for your kitchen. This Greener Brands Organic Bamboo comes highly recommended due to its resistant crack-proof material, as well as the ergonomic features included in its design. The concept contains a number of ingenious fixes for some of the most common problems you may encounter even when using the best cutting board for chefs. If by any chance the Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is not available for sale, make sure to check out the Clever Chef Glass Cutting unit as it provides similar standards of durability and offers multiple benefits.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


It is never easy for a chef to settle for a less than amazing utensil in the kitchen because that can influence the entire cooking process and its outcome. This is also true when it comes to good cutting boards for chefs. Should you go for glass, plastic, or should you choose a chef cutting board from wood? Here is a list of the most important things you need to know in order to pick a great cutting board for chefs and make the most of it.


Some types of wood have self-healing properties meaning that the scratches made to the surface while cutting will partially heal by themselves. The wood also does a favor to your knives so the blades will stay sharper for a longer period of time. Bamboo has similar features with the added benefit that it is suitable for a sustainable way of life, as the plant itself has a faster regrowth rate.

While plastic models are on average cheaper than other varieties, this material offers slightly inferior quality than other tougher materials. They are a bit harsher on your knives’ blades and the cutting board is prone to suffering tiny cracks and scratches.

Glass cutting boards are a sophisticated choice and can be an expression of style. They are resistant to scratches and are the easiest to clean. On the other hand, the hard surface will be tough on your knives. As far as safety is concerned, you run the risk of your glass cutting board falling down and shattering to pieces.



Keep in mind that porous materials such as wood trap bacteria which can stick to the cutting board and contaminate other food which comes in contact with it. Germs are therefore easier to remove from plastic or glass, as the hard surface does not allow any germs to penetrate the material.

If you want to use your wood cutting board for potential bacteria carrying food such as raw meat or seafood, you can either go for a bamboo product – which is less porous and harder at the same time – or establish a thorough cleaning routine for your board.

As a general rule, you will need to wash your cutting board after each use regardless of the material it is made of. You can do this using hot water and soap, then gently dry with a paper towel or let it dry naturally. While plastic and glass boards can be washed in a dishwasher, it is important not to do the same for wooden ones as they may come out severely damaged.



Once you have found your favorite kitchen utensils it is important to pay close attention to their maintenance as they can get damaged over time. Wooden and bamboo cutting boards make for highly durable, resistant tools in the kitchen and, in addition to this, they protect your knives from growing dull. However, they are somewhat high maintenance.

Not only will you need to make sure to always clean them right after usage using hot water, soap, and a non-abrasive sponge, but they also require regular oiling to prevent the wood from drying out. Plastic and glass, on the other hand, do not call for special attention other than the regular care routine and can be safely washed in the dishwasher.



3 Best Cutting Boards for Chefs (Updated Reviews) in 2021



We have compiled a list of products for you to make the best decision when choosing a cutting board. Here are some of the models which have received the best reviews from their users.



1. Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Replacement Cutting Boards


Have you dreamed of never having to worry about your bamboo kitchen utensils getting damaged and simply enjoying your time cooking for your loved ones? This Organic Bamboo Cutting Board comes with a lifetime replacement for cracking, splintering and separating.

Not only does it provide the guarantee of quality, but the built-in butcher block for vegetables and the serving tray for cheese turn it into a multifunctional utensil ideal to have in the kitchen. In addition to this, it comes fitted with a juice groove for carving meat so that you no longer need to dread the post-cooking mess and work your magic on the ingredients you are chopping.

Also, if you are the kind of chef who loves his or her cutlery, it will be a pleasure to prepare your food on this chopping board. The bamboo surface will protect your knives so that you don’t need to worry about the blades going dull.

The surface has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and offers you the beautiful, authentic design of wooden cutting boards with the added benefits that bamboo has to offer. This is ideal if you are interested in an organic, sustainable way of living, or if your family’s health is your primary concern, due to its BPA and formaldehyde-free formula.


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2. Clever Chef Glass Cutting Durable Stain Resistant


A wonderful addition to your kitchen if you are looking for a minimalistic elegant utensil, this cutting board offers both functionality and simplicity. While you certainly want to protect your kitchen, you may not be as eager to hide it especially if you have invested a great deal of time and money in furnishing it or redecorating.

This 4-pack set of glass cutting boards allows you to explore everything in your books about cooking in a sanitary way, while at the same time aesthetically matching any sort of kitchen. The transparent glass surface will enable you to showcase and even complement your kitchen countertop, all the while preserving it intact.

Glass is perhaps one of the best options for those of you who want to make sure your kitchen utensils are always clean and ready to use without much effort. Your care routine can be as easy as rinsing the board after every use, or you can pop it into the washing machine and sit down with your family to savour the food you have just cooked.

Some of those that have purchased this option say that they are entirely satisfied with how it helps them in the kitchen. Several buyers even use it as a palette for painting.


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3. Thirteen Chefs With Groove Plastic Carving Board


If you are looking for functionality, the two features you will like the most about this model are its outer juice groove and its grip-textured surface.

Thus, you can grab your healthy eating cookbooks and get down to work without having to worry about accidents or lengthy post-cooking cleaning up sessions. For those of you preparing meals for the whole family, you can even let your children give you a helping hand in the kitchen.

Try this plastic board if you want to make cooking fun and incident-free. The material is treated to resist warping, staining, and cuts. This means the cutting board can be used for a wide range of purposes, from serving your freshly grilled oven dish to chopping vegetables as advised in your salad cookbook.

Did you ever think that a cutting board can become your assistant? The texture of this product will assist you in all your chopping endeavors, as it prevents slipping and makes it easier for you to focus on accomplishing your mission in the kitchen. It is definitely worth giving it a try if you seek simplicity and efficiency, and it seems to have impressed other users with its features.


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