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7 Best Crepe Makers – Comparison & Reviews



The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Crepe Maker + Reviews


If you’re here just to find the best crepe maker, Grandma Jen recommends the CucinaPro 1447 as it offers the best performance at a fair price. Using this machine is really easy, since the indicator light will let you know that the cooking surface is hot enough for spreading the batter and starting to make crepes. The cooking surface is completely non-stick so you will not risk burning your crepes and you will not struggle with its cleaning either. Accessories are provided in the form of a dipping plate and a batter spreader, just to make things even easier for you. The cord wraps nicely around the base for neat storage and minimizing waste of space. If you can’t find the CucinaPro 1447 in stock, your next best option should be the NutriChef PKCYM15 as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.



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Do you want to have crepes whenever you feel like it? In case you are a big fan of pancakes and you love eating some first thing in the morning, getting a crepe maker for home use is greatly recommended. Crepes have the advantage of offering a wide range of possibilities when it comes to creating some tasty snacks that will keep your belly full for many hours. Sweet or sour, vegan or filled with delicious crispy meat, crepes are everyone’s favorite. In order to get the best crepe maker around, the best thing to do is to become more knowledgeable about these kitchen appliances and what available options are readily available. Here is a concise guide on what you should look for when you are shopping for a crepe maker.


Our Comprehensive Buying Guide




There are basically two types of crepe makers you can find right now on the market. Gas operated crepe makers need a source of fuel, such as propane or natural gas, and they are not very portable, although many people prefer the way they heat up. Electric models are considered to be much more convenient, because they can be stored away when not in use. They are also more energy efficient, which is why they enjoy more popularity among crepe lovers.



If you have ever had crepes at a restaurant, you may have noticed that the crepes they make are very large. For home use, getting a very large crepe maker may not be a practical idea, but this does not mean that you should settle for a model with a very small diameter. The best solution is somewhere in the middle; you can tell what kind of pancakes you will get by the diameter of the cooking surface. Standard models are preferred by users, because they can enjoy their favorite crepes by cooking them at home fast and easy.


Cooking surface

Although there are several possibilities available, there is one single thing you should keep in mind about crepe makers and their cooking surface. It has to be made from some kind of non-stick material, or you will end up scratching your crepes from the surface of the machine, in a desperate attempt to salvage some of them. Instead of having to deal with such annoyances, it is recommended to opt for a model that comes with nonstick cooking surface. Cast iron is preferred by many, but you have to season it before usage. Otherwise, cast iron is considered a great choice because it heats up evenly, offering you consistent deliciousness with every pancake you will make.


Ease of cleaning

There is another great advantage offered by models with nonstick cooking surface. They are very easy to clean and they do not require a lot of maintenance work. In this day and age, with most people being too busy to take care of all their household chores every day, this is a great advantage that should not be overlooked. A model that is easy to clean also makes sure that no bacteria will grow on the surface, creating a health problem each time you are using the machine.



Besides the cooking surface, which has to be nonstick, by all means, you should pay a little attention to the materials the rest of the machine is made of. For instance, there are models made of stainless steel on the outside, and this little aspect makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Plus, stainless steel is a preferred choice for kitchen appliances and utensils for health reasons. Models that have plastic parts are not necessarily inferior. They are usually intended for casual use, and they can also be very easy to clean and maintain in good working order.



Electric crepe makers are preferred by consumers for a wide variety of reasons, portability being, as mentioned earlier, one of them. A nice add-on these machines have is the on and off switch that lets you have control over the crepe making process. The best crepe maker should also have a ready light that will let you know when the cooking surface is hot enough so you can start pouring the pancake mix and begin cooking.





Crepe making is more than just about the machine itself. It is also about the available accessories, and the more you have, the better. A batter spreader is very helpful, since it basically aids you in spreading the crepe mix on the cooking surface, so you can obtain really thin crepes. A spatula used for flipping the crepes from one side to another is also quite a necessary accessory. Depending on the model you intend to purchase, you can find many other accessories. A dipping plate, a bowl for mixing the ingredients, a whisk, are all accessories you can find in the same box with your crepe maker. Various brands and models offer different sets of accessories, so you may want to check them out before making the purchase.

Another nice add-on you can get along with your purchase is a booklet filled with crepe recipes. Especially if you are new to crepe making, you will find such an extra to be very handy, because it will offer you the possibility to experiment with some tried and tested recipes, before letting your imagination run loose and creating your own crepe recipes.



7 Best Crepe Makers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



1. Cucina Pro 1447 Cordless Crepe Maker


1.Cucina ProThe Crepe Maker By Cucina Pro is highly appreciated by consumers for offering the possibility to make great crepes fast and easy. The model comes equipped with indicator lights that let you know when the cooking surface is hot enough for you can start using it. Everything about this model spells quality, as all the products created by this manufacturer, and the vast majority of positive reviews it enjoys represent the best recommendation.

The 100% non-stick surface makes the process of cooking crepes a breeze. You will not have to worry about your crepes getting stuck to the cooking surface and you will also find the crepe maker very easy to clean.

Plenty of additional features make this unit a must have for everyone who loves having crepes in the morning. A dipping plate and a batter spreader are readily provided when you purchase this crepe maker, so that the entire process of preparing crepes becomes much easier. A batter spreader is especially a welcome addition because it helps you spread the batter evenly on the cooking surface, so that your crepes are as thin as you want them to be.

A recipe booklet is offered to each buyer, so you can start making crepes right away, even if you have no idea about it, and you are cooking this type of dish for the first time in your life.

The electric base comes with a cord wrap, so you can store the crepe maker with ease and without sacrificing too much space in your kitchen.



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2. NutriChef PKCYM15 Crepe Maker Pro


As one of the critically acclaimed choices available for sale nowadays, this model needs to be given some thought to. It is one of the most versatile alternatives we have come across, and that’s because it comes with three cooking surfaces. With the help of this appliance, you will be able to grill meat, prepare delicious pancakes, and make perfect crepes.

Given the many applications it can be utilized for, the model proves to be worth every penny. The value offered by this product is one of the details praised by the people who have bought it. Besides, it’s worth noting that this particular unit has been outfitted with a rotary dial with the help of which you will be able to adjust the temperature as you deem fit.

What this means for you is that all the specialties you are going to prepare with this crepe maker will turn out exquisitely cooked. Also, cleaning and maintenance will be a breeze as all of the plates are nonstick.

If you’re still having second thoughts about ordering this model, perhaps you may want to know that it is accompanied by a pancake plate, spatula utensils, as well as a spreader made out of wood.


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3. Epica Nonstick Electric Crepe Maker Pro


Even though it is a more than reasonably priced alternative, this unit seems to have been designed with the needs of users in mind. It can surely meet and even exceed your expectations, which is why it might be a good idea to consider it.

As is the case with other products in the same line, this particular Epica one comes with nonstick surfaces. Some of the people who have purchased it argue that, since the temperature of the cooking surface tends to get quite hot, you may have to refrain from using spatulas and other utensils made out of plastic.

The unit has been outfitted with rubber feet, which means that you can rest assured that it will remain in place on your countertop. Another benefit offered by this model is that it heats up quickly and evenly, thus allowing you to enjoy perfectly cooked results.

What’s more, the product comes with a rotary dial that allows you to select any of the five available temperature settings. While this detail may be less important compared to all the capabilities and benefits ensured by the design of this product, it’s still reassuring to know that the Epica crepe maker is backed by a 3-year warranty.


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4. Morning Star Pro Nonstick Pancake Maker


4.Morning StarDo you want to make super thin crepes fast and easy? There is no better way to do that than by getting a crepe maker and starting to make your own crepes at home. A great option everyone seems to love is represented by the Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro, a model that offers all the advantages of a crepe maker in a convenient, easy to use design.

The large 13 inch cooking surface is great for making all kinds of crepes, pancakes and blintzes. Large enough to make crepes as the ones you see on restaurant menus, this crepe maker will help you cook your breakfast with the ingredients you have at home, every morning. Start eating healthy, by integrating tasty recipes in your daily diet, such as crepes. The aluminum plate can be used for cooking other morning foods, such as eggs and bacon, so, as you can see, the Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro is quite a handful.

If you like your crepes to be really thin, you will find the batter spreader offered with your purchase really helpful. The batter spreader is a tool used by professionals in order to achieve paper thin crepes that are delicate and delicious at the same time. Achieving the same results is made easy by the batter spreader and you will find it very convenient to use.

When it comes to cleaning, you will also have a nice surprise. The non-stick surface is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, so you can store it away in perfect condition until the next time you are in the mood for crepes.



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5. Waring WSC160 Commercial Heavy Duty


5.Waring Commercial WSC160In case you want to start making crepes in large quantities, you will find the Waring Commercial WSC160 Crepe Maker to be a great choice. Built for commercial use, this electric crepe maker is the ideal pick for a small restaurant serving crepes, or a small creperie, where the main dish is represented by this delicious dish. The crepe maker presented here will help you get your small business going, by providing you with the perfect tools to make crepes fast and easy.

One of the things you will notice about this model right away is that it is made of heavy duty materials. The cooking surface is made of cast iron, so it needs to be seasoned prior to cooking, so that the crepes do not get stuck to it. However, after you season the surface properly, you will encounter no such problems and you will be able to benefit from the non-stick surface. The base is made of durable stainless steel that offers durability as well as an enhanced design. The handles are heat resistant, so they will not give you any nasty surprises even after using this crepe maker for a long time.

The crepe maker makes 16 inch crepes, similar to what you see in restaurants and creperies. You can use these paper thin crepes for all kinds of recipes, sweet or savory, so it will be really easy for you to conquer over your audience and offer them the tasty treats they are after, first thing in the morning.



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6. Eurolux EL-1200 Cordless Crepe Maker


2.Eurolux CordlessThis cordless crepe maker will help you cook the most delicious crepe recipes, with minimum effort. A very convenient model that everyone likes for preparing the morning meal, the Eurolux Crepe Maker is a kitchen helper intended for home use. Its 7.5 inch size cooking surface is ideal for making small crepes that your entire family will enjoy.

The cooking surface is completely non-stick, which makes the entire cooking process easier. You only have to spread the batter on the heated surface and wait a little for the mix to cook, and you will have your beloved crepes ready for breakfast right away. Plus, once you are done with the crepe maker, you only need to wipe it clean and put it aside until the next time you are in the mood for crepes.

The electric base comes with a cord wrap that makes for very easy storage. Such small conveniences are highly appreciated by consumers who love being able to use a crepe maker at home, but without any hindrance that eventually makes such units very cumbersome for daily usage.

Forget all about waiting to go out to enjoy the most delicious crepes. Now you can make them at home and the best part is that you will know exactly what goes in each one, being in total control of the ingredients. Start cooking healthy for you and the entire family, but without sacrificing taste. This crepe maker helps you cook your favorite morning treats fast and easy, so you can enjoy them at every breakfast.



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7. Eurolux Original French Style


3.Eurolux OriginalWhat do you crave for most in the morning? If your answer is ‘crepes’, then what you need is a good and reliable crepe maker. The Eurolux Original French Style Griddle and Crepe Maker will make all your dreams come to life and even more. Because its aluminum plate can be used as a griddle for cooking other kinds of morning foods, you will be able to cook an entire breakfast using only this kitchen helper and the ingredients you love.

This model is very easy to use. The batter spreader helps you spread the crepe mix evenly, so you can obtain thin delicate crepes. You can adjust the temperature setting you need for cooking the recipes you want, by opting for one of the five temperature settings the model comes equipped with. You will also appreciate the non-stick cooking surface that makes the process of making crepes a real breeze. Plus, once you are done with cooking, you can just wipe clean the surface and store the crepe maker away.

Another great advantage offered by this crepe maker is that you will know exactly when it is the right time to pour the mix on the cooking surface and spread it with the batter spreader. The on/off light indicates when the plate is hot enough so you can start cooking.

This model makes 12 inch crepes, French style, so you can enjoy the same great variety of crepes as the ones served in a restaurant, while you remain in control of the ingredients and the thickness of your crepes.



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Benefits of owning your own crepe maker


What is a crepe maker used for? Well, the simplest answer would be for making crepes, but usually these handy machines are doing more than this, and you can use them for making various wraps and pancakes, so you can enjoy a wide array of foods if you get such a machine. You can really turn your breakfast around and make something hot and delicious for the first meal of the day. Crepes and pancakes are not, however, only for breakfast times. You can use them in a wide variety of recipes, both sweet and savory and you can have them at lunch or dinner, or simply as a snack.

Many restaurants and fast food places are selling crepe based foods and, while they are not charging a lot, you may still discover that you are basically spending a pretty dime on eating out, even when all you have is a few pancakes or crepes. If you decide to get a crepe maker for home use, you will be able to save some money for you and your family. We want to help you get the best crepe maker in 2021, which is why we are offering you this comprehensive guide on these cooking devices.

Another great advantage of having a crepe maker of your own is that you can choose whatever ingredients you want to go inside the wrap. This is not something you can easily do when you are having crepes or pancakes at a restaurant. You may choose from the recipes included in their menu, but, otherwise, you are stuck with whatever they choose to include in those recipes. Another thing against eating out is that, usually, large quantities of salt and sugar are used to make the food more flavorful. This is something you can easily avoid by cooking at home, and having the right utensils really helps. With a crepe maker, you will be able to make enough crepes at home for you and the rest of your family, that no one will ever have to go out to enjoy such a delicious treat. If you are wondering where to buy a crepe maker, there are plenty of manufacturers selling their products online and it is really easy to get your hand on a really good quality product. Taking into account the great benefits of owning a crepe maker, a decision will not be difficult to take.



How to use a crepe maker


There is hardly anything more delicious than having a few fluffy crepes with the filling of your choice first thing in the morning. In case you are thinking that getting a crepe maker for home use would involve some tedious and complicated operation to make it work, fret not. We are here to help you and offer you some comprehensive information on how to use such a device in order to get the crepes you like fast and easy.

First things first, make sure that the surface of your crepe maker is completely clean. Use a damp cloth to remove all the dust buildup that may have gathered on your crepe maker. Remember that non-stick models are the best, because your crepes will not get stuck to the cooking surface. If you are wondering how to clean a crepe maker, there is nothing simpler than using a damp cloth, as indicated above and running it several times over the cooking area. Always use a lint free cloth, to avoid small impurities getting on the cooking surface.

Next, make sure that you have enough space to make crepes close to an electric outlet. Spray the cooking surface with a bit of cooking spray, or coat it with a bit of butter. Then plug in the crepe maker and push the start button, waiting for it to preheat. Some models will let you know when the surface is ready by lighting up an indicator light. In case you still have questions about how does a crepe maker work, you can always look up the instructions provided by the manufacturer, since everything will be printed there in black and white.

Have a mixing bowl at hand for the batter. Make sure that the batter is not too thick, or you will end up making pancakes, rather than crepes, and if that is not your intention, you will be disappointed with the results. Once the cooking surface is ready, pour batter on it and use a batter spreader to make it even. This is how you will get the thinnest, yet fluffiest crepes. Let your crepe cook on one side, then flip it on the other side; both sides should be a pleasant golden crisp, letting you know the crepe is well done. More advanced units will even let you know when your crepe is done, so there will be no guessing work from your part.

Place the crepe on a plate, manipulating it with care. If you can flip the crepe maker, so that the crepe easily drops down on the plate, that is great. But some models with not allow you to do that, being too heavy, so you may have to gently remove the crepe from the cooking surface and place it on your serving dish.



Types of crepe makers we have reviewed with the help of Grandma Jen



Best electric crepe maker


1-best-electric-crepe-makerIf you are on the lookout for a crepe maker, you will discover that the possibilities are numerous and many products are advertised as being the best.

One convenient choice, as we discovered throughout our research, is represented by electric units because they are easy to operate and they do not require complicated setups in order to function.

Electric models are readily available, in different price ranges and equipped with various features, and we want to provide you with all the right tools so you can identify the best deals for your budget and for your needs.

We have read plenty of the best crepe maker reviews written by users and experts alike and we discovered that some models are better than others.

You will surely be pleased with our selection and we will show you exactly what makes each model stand out from the crowd. In the end, what you aim to achieve is easy making of fluffy delicious crepes and this is exactly what we want to help you with. You will discover how easy it is to put together a tasty breakfast with minimum effort, and altogether skip going to a restaurant just to enjoy a decent crepe.





Best French crepe maker


2-best-french-crepe-makerCrepe is the name given to the thin pancakes they serve in France, and it is a very popular dish in the US, as well. The good news is that you do not have to visit France and have a French chef cook for you in order to enjoy delicious French crepes.

Now you can make your own at home, and what you will need are some basic ingredients and the best home crepe maker you can find on the market. With the latter we will help you, while the ingredients will be in your care.

The best part about making French crepes at home is that you can choose to experiment with various recipes, so you will not have to depend on what local eateries are serving. We selected all the units presented in this site based on the great reviews left by users and what experts have to say, in order to make sure that you will get only the best of the best. We want you to be satisfied with your choice, while saving important time that you might otherwise spend browsing though a large variety of products available on the market. All these models are guaranteed to help you get perfect French crepes.





Best Brands


There are quite a lot of crepe makers on the market, but a few have risen above the rest and they should be mentioned.



Cucina Pro – one brand often mentioned by the crepe maker reviews written by users, Cucina Pro is known for creating a wide array of high quality kitchen appliances.



Eurolux – Eurolux creates different electronics, including kitchen appliances, such as crepe makers. Delivering good quality products and outstanding customer support, this brand is often preferred by consumers.



Waring – if you want to get a good quality crepe maker, you will not go wrong if you pick Waring. The company that introduced the modern blender to the market, Waring excels in many other areas, as well.