The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Cotton Candy Maker + Reviews


If you’re here just to find the best cotton candy machine, Grandma Jen recommends the Nostalgia Electrics PCM805RETRORED as it offers the best performance at a fair price. You can use this machine with both hard sugar candy and sugar free candy for a wider variety of products. The machine comes with solid suction feet that ensure extra stability so you don’t have to worry about it being toppled over by energetic kids. This model also comes with a wide array of accessories, including two reusable cones, one sugar scoop and one extractor head. The clear rim lets you supervise the transformation of hard candy into candy floss that your kids will certainly enjoy. If you can’t find the Nostalgia Electrics PCM805RETRORED in stock, your next best option should be the VIVO CANDY-V001 as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.



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You may be surprised to hear that the famous cotton candy machine was invented at the beginning of the century by a dentist. A great attraction at fairs and other popular events, the renowned sweets making machine is now available in many different styles and sizes. Whether you want to get one for home or for starting a business, you will have plenty of choices to pick from. There are many things to keep in mind when you go shopping for such a device, especially if you want to get the best cotton candy machine ever created. The following buying guide is focused on offering you essential information on the most important aspects and features.




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide




How many kids do you want to make happy with the sweet treats created by your marvelous machine? The capacity of the bowl tells you a lot about how much sugar you can load into it, so you can continuously make a lot of cotton candy, without stopping. Surprisingly as it may sound, cotton candy is a low calorie treat, because the exact amount of sugar or hard candy used for making one is actually very small. With a large capacity cotton candy machine and just a bit of sugar or hard candy, you can make a lot of cotton candy and enjoy the smiles on the kids’ faces while they reach for the famous treat with both hands.


Capacity is one thing, and a large bowl can tell you that a cotton candy machine is big enough for feeding the sweet tooth of those gathering around it, whether at home or at a fair. Speed is also important and that can be clearly identified by the number of servings it is capable of making per minute. The most capable models can make up to 4-6 servings within just one minute, while slower models can make just one or two. Home based models are not usually very fast, but they get the job done and that is the most important aspect. As long as you do not have a lot of kids demanding for their sweet treats out loud, you will be fine with a slower model.


For home use or commercial use?

The aforementioned aspects are quite closely related to the type of cotton candy machine you actually need. Home based versions of the famous sweets maker are neither very large, nor very fast. However, they tend to be much less expensive and that compensates their lack in other areas. Plus, as long as you do not plan to make money with it, the fun factor prevails and you should not overlook it. On the other hand, if you are planning to start a business and make cotton candy during fairs and other popular events, you will definitely need the best cotton candy maker made by reputable manufacturers. Go for one with a large capacity bowl that is also quick to deliver, and you will not go wrong.



Overall performance can be evaluated in many ways. Aspects as the ones mentioned earlier can be considered signs of a good quality model. However, you should never forget what purpose the cotton candy machine must serve. No matter what type of model you want, for home use or for commercial use, you should remember that performance is important. Choose a model made by a known manufacturer, as a guarantee of performance, and see if there is a warranty offered with your purchase.


Ease of cleaning

It is very important to keep your cotton candy maker in good working order and clean, if you want to be able to use it for a long time. The ease of cleaning is often mentioned by buyers as a game breaker, and you should think about it, as well. The commercial type of cotton candy makers usually requires a few tools and extra attention, but home based versions should just be able to dissemble with ease and have their parts washed in the dishwasher or by hand. Machines made for home use are actually very simple, and they do not require a lot of maintenance, which works to their advantage and it is one of the reasons why they are so popular.


The materials the cotton candy maker is made of tell a lot about its durability. For instance, a model that comes with a stainless steel bowl is much more resistant than one that has all its parts made of plastic. However, you should not spend extra for tougher materials, if you do not plan to use your machine for some heavy duty routines. As you can easily imagine, a commercial model is better off with a stainless steel bowl, while a home use cotton candy maker can be made of high quality plastic that is easier to clean and maintain, without an impact on its durability.



Although there are obviously more important aspects to keep in mind when selecting a cotton candy maker, you should not neglect looks altogether. After all, as many of the cotton candy machine reviews around can tell you, this kind of device should be a lot of fun and the kids should love it. A quirky design can take you a long way, and, if you are planning a cool party for your kid’s birthday, take into consideration that the cotton candy machine will hold the headlines and will attract a lot of attention.



5 Best Cotton Candy Makers (Updated Reviews) in 2020



1. Nostalgia Electrics PCM805RETRORED Retro Hard & Sugar 


1.Nostalgia Electrics PCM805RETROREDIt is easy to enjoy the sweet and sugary treat that is a standby at fairs and circuses with this cotton candy maker. Manufactured by Nostalgia Electrics, this bright red model is extremely easy to use and will make your favorite cotton candy anytime you are in the mood for the treat.

The retro design looks great sitting out on the counter, and since it is built to be compatible with most North American electrical outlets you can use it almost anywhere. The power switch lights up when the machine is turned on and it only takes minutes to heat up and start producing threads of cotton candy.

Your friends and family can have fun watch the cotton candy appear, and wrapping the sweet threads around the two included cones. The machine also comes with a pink plastic bowl that will hold the cotton candy as it is spun. To ensure that there are plenty of flavors to choose from you can use almost any hard candy, and diabetics can also enjoy sugar free varieties. Its compact design fits on most countertops, and also makes this cotton candy machine easy and convenient to store.


  • Manufactured from Nostalgia Electrics, this affordable cotton candy machine is designed to be fun and easy to use.
  • Since it meets all North American Electrical standards you can safely plug this cotton candy machine into almost any home outlet.
  • It can make a variety of flavors, including sugar free cotton candy that is safe for diabetics.



Buy from for ($29.99)





2. Vivo Candy Pink Electric Commercial


2.Electric Commercial Cotton Candy MachineThere is very little not to like about this cotton candy machine from VIVO, especially its compact and professional design. The bright pink base and silver metal bowl resemble a professional candy maker’s scale, but this model is capable of spinning out delicious sugary cotton candy.

VIVO has created a cotton candy machine that is fun and easy to use, whether you are at home or in your own small shop. While it isn’t capable of producing large amounts of cotton candy at a time, it is perfect when you want to give someone a quick, sweet treat. Capable of making up to 3 servings of cotton candy every 60 seconds, you can easily make enough for friends and family.

You will love how easy this cotton candy machine is to use, and the simple buttons are clearly labeled to prevent any confusion. It only takes a few minutes for the machine to heat up, and since it will be spinning sugar or hard candy into delicious threads. The included sugar scoop makes measuring ingredients easy, and the 20 inch bowl is large enough for more than one person to spin the candy threads onto a cone at a time.


  • You will appreciate how easy this cotton candy machine is to use and maintain.
  • With the included mixing bowl and measuring scope, you can easily get started making cotton candy.
  • Capable of making up to three servings of candy at a time, it is easy to keep everyone happy with this top rated model.



Buy from for ($179.99)





3. Great Northern Popcorn Company Commercial Quality


3.Great Northern PopcornManufactured by the well known Great Northern Popcorn Company, you know that you are getting a quality product with this cotton candy machine. Capable of producing enough cotton candy every 30 seconds to completely wrap one cone, this commercial quality machine is perfect for use at home, parties, or even at small neighborhood fairs.

The retro design gives it an old fashioned charm, and you will love how easy it is to use. Simply turn the machine on and let it heat up for a couple of minutes, and you will be ready to start making cotton candy and flavored floss. The indicator lights let you know when the machine is turned on, and it will even display the voltage currently being used.

It comes with a stainless steel bowl that is perfect for wrapping floss around the cones, and you will appreciate how easy it is to wipe clean at the end of the day. As an added bonus this cotton candy machine also comes with a convenient storage drawer that is divided into three sections to help you stay organized.


  • Manufactured by Great Northern Popcorn Company so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a top rated product.
  • Capable of spinning enough cotton candy for one cone every 30 seconds, it’s easy to keep everyone happy with this machine.
  • You have the advantage of the three section storage drawer to help keep cones, scoops, and extra parts neatly organized.



Buy from for ($299.99)





4. Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Hard & Sugar


4.Nostalgia Electrics PCM805Nostalgia Electrics has designed a cotton candy maker that looks adorable and is extremely easy to use. The white and pink accented machine is reminiscent of the old fashioned cotton candy makers, but it comes with all of the modern conveniences you expect from this highly rated manufacturer.

The simple power switch lights up when the machine is turned on, and since it meets all North American electrical standards you can easily and safely plug it into almost any outlet at home. The clear bowl lets you watch as the cotton candy comes out, so you know exactly when to start wrapping with the included cones. You will also appreciate the rim guard which helps to prevent sticky spills.

Since you can use hard or sugar free candy, along with standard candies this machine can make something for everyone to enjoy. It only takes a few minutes to heat up and start spinning, and shortly you can enjoy the sweet and sugary treat. The plastic bowl is removable for easy cleaning, and you will appreciate the included measuring scoop that ensures every batch turns out perfectly.


  • It is designed to fit easily on most countertops, and can also be conveniently stored when not in use.
  • This cotton candy machine meets all North American electric standards for convenience and safety.
  • You will appreciate how easy this machine is to use, along with the included accessories.



Buy from for ($34.99)





5. Vivo Candy Pink Electric Commercial


5.Electric Commercial Cotton Candy MachineMake a birthday party special or any other occasion with this electric cotton candy machine and included cart. Manufactured from VIVO, this durable cotton candy machine is designed to be easy to operate and convenient to use. Not only can you serve the sweet treat at a birthday party, this commercial quality machine can also make enough cotton candy for a fair or small business.

The machine includes a stainless steel 20 inch bowl that allows you to quickly and easily wrap the floss around the cones. The measuring scoop ensures that you always add the right amount of sugar, and no business is complete without a convenient cash drawer. With 1030 watts of power, you can easily make two or three servings of cotton candy at a time.

Compatible with North American electrical standards you can plug this machine into most outlets and get started making delicious sugar or sugar-free cotton candy. The wheeled cart makes it easy to move the machine around as needed, and you will appreciate how simple it is to disassemble for convenient storage.


  • This cotton candy machine includes a convenient wheeled stand for easy portability.
  • All of the accessories you need to get started come with this cotton candy machine, including a convenient cash drawer.
  • You will appreciate how easy it is to use, along with how quickly it heats up.



Buy from for ($229.99)





Benefits of owning your own cotton candy machine


You can hardly find anyone who has never eaten cotton candy. While the type of dessert that makes kids jump with joy, candy floss is equally loved by adults. Back in the days, only during special events like carnivals, kids could have cotton candy, but today, things are much simpler. You can even make your own candy floss at home, using a simple machine. A cotton candy machine for home use does not cost a lot of money and it helps you create delicious treats within minutes. All you need is some hard candy and the availability of an electrical outlet to plug in the machine.

There are many benefits to enjoy if you decide to purchase a cotton candy machine. First of all, you will save a lot of money on the long run, because you will be able to offer your little ones plenty of cotton candy without spending money for each serving. Also, if you are looking for a machine that helps you make tasty desserts within minutes, with zero headaches and using cheap ingredients, there is hardly a better choice. When organizing birthday parties or simple events in the family, with plenty of kids invited over, you will be able to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings by offering them plenty of cotton candy.

Also, in case you are not just looking for best cotton candy machine for home use and you want something more on a professional level, there are plenty of models to choose from. With such a machine, you can even start your own cotton candy business and make money at fairs and other similar events. The best part of having such a business is that even if you are using the same location, you will still not have a shortage of clients. It is a business that is really cheap to start, since even commercial grade machines can be used at an affordable price. And since there are some great cotton candy health benefits to consider, such as the fact that sugar gives you energy, while the low amount used for making candy floss still keeps the number of calories to a minimum. Another great thing about having a cotton candy machine is that you do not have to be a rocket scientist in order to operate it. These machines are straightforward and easy to use and cotton candy machine instructions are readily provided by manufacturers.



How to use a cotton candy machine


If you want to purchase such a machine and put it to work, it is easy to do so. After having it delivered to your door, before plugging it in, make sure that you read all the instructions included in the manual that comes with the machine. Be aware of all the safety recommendations written by the manufacturer since, as all electrical devices, some risks are derived from the improper use of the unit. We will focus more on explaining how to make cotton candy at home with the help of such a machine.

First things first, if you are looking to learn how to make cotton candy with a machine, you need to clean all the surfaces with a damp cloth. Some even recommend the make the inside surface a bit wet so that the sugar will adhere to it with more ease. After that, you can plug in the machine, and start it so that it can warm up. It is highly recommended to use only the type of sugar indicated by the manufacturer. Most of the machines you can find them available for purchase work with hard candy or granulated sugar. Never opt for the fine for free flowing sugar as these are never good options for turning into candy floss.

Use a cone to gather candy floss and have it ready to serve. Hold the cone by its pointed end and lower it into the basin; you will notice right away how cotton candy will begin to accumulate. It is always a good idea to have some cotton candy machine accessories at hand, since they will help you make cotton candy faster. In this case, cotton candy cones are a must. Make sure that you move the cone around slowly, in order to gather as much of the candy floss as possible. Making eight pattern moves with your hand will get you the most amount on your cone.

Once you are done with the machine, it is time for some good cleaning. Since sugar is so sticky, it can be tough to remove once it solidifies, so, if you do not plan on using the cotton candy machine within the next couple of hours, it is highly recommended to get to the cleaning part. Let the machine heat and work for about one minute, so that all the sugar residues fall from the walls of the basin. After that, take a damp cloth and carefully run it over all the surfaces to make sure that no old sugar will remain stuck there. This is how to make your own cotton candy with minimum effort and using a machine created specifically for this purpose. No matter how large or small the unit you intend to get, the rules are the same, and, as you can see, really easy to follow.



Types of cotton candy machines we have reviewed with the help of Grandma Jen



Cheap cotton candy makers


1-cheap-cotton-candy-makersIf you are the type who loves cotton candy and wants a cotton candy machine to use at home, we are here to help you.

First of all, you should know that you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your favorite childhood treat or turn any birthday party into an awesome one.

There are plenty of cheap cotton candy machines you can try, made by reputable manufacturers with years of experience under their belt. One thing you should know about these machines is that they are smaller than commercial grade models and that is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, they will be easy to accommodate on a kitchen counter and will be able to make enough candy floss for all your guests, young or old.

There are people who prefer making cotton candy by hand, and you can find plenty of instructions on how to make cotton candy without a machine, but the process can be a bit tedious and the results not on par with what you would get with the help of a dedicated cotton candy maker. See our selection of products and take your pick; you will not be disappointed.





Best home cotton candy machine


2-best-home-cotton-candy-machineAre you looking for the best cotton candy machine in 2020? Then you have come to the right place. We gathered a lot of information on cotton candy makers and we discovered what machines really get the job done and are capable of providing tasty great looking candy floss within minutes.

The process of making cotton candy with the help of a machine is really easy and straightforward. One of the reasons why many people choose to start their own cotton candy business is because it is so simple to do so.

However, we want to focus on the best machines for home use, so you can easily select the one that caters to your needs best. With the help of these machines, you will be able to liven up any birthday party, plus, you will be able to enjoy in your favorite childhood sweet treat anytime you want.

The best part about cotton candy is that you need just sugar as an ingredient and you can even use hard sugar free candy to serve the same treats to those who need to keep an eye out on their calorie intake. You can play with different colors and have everyone’s craving for candy floss satisfied.





Best Brands


A few manufacturers enjoy a great reputation as creators of highly appreciated cotton candy machines. They are, as follows:



Nostalgia Electrics – known for their retro style kitchen appliances, Nostalgia Electrics makes some of the best cotton candy makers around.



Vivo – offering a wide variety of electric appliances and accessories, Vivo guarantees for each of their products and their name is synonymous with quality and performance.



Waring – the company known for the introduction of the first blender in history, Waring enjoys plenty of recognition for other high quality appliances, including cotton candy makers.


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