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3 Best Corkscrews – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Corkscrew + Reviews


If you need help selecting the best corkscrew currently available, we are here to help you out. In an attempt to make this entire process as simple as possible for you, we have analyzed the products that are currently available, and we have assessed what previous owners had to say about the products that they have selected. So, we have reached the conclusion that the HiCoup Waiters is the item that you should think about purchasing. This corkscrew is made of heavy-duty steel, and it is guaranteed to cleanly remove both natural and synthetic corks effortlessly in no more than five turns. Moreover, it also features a bottle opener and a foil cutter. Thus, it can be regarded as an inspired gift to any waiter. If this product is unavailable, take a look at the HiCoup Wing as it has a design that might also catch your attention.



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Unless you are willing to settle for caps on your wine bottles or you think that it is fine if it comes in a box, you are going to need a corkscrew. These convenient tools should be standard in the home of any wine connoisseur, and there are several types for you to choose. This is why we created this buying guide so you can confidently pick the best corkscrew wine opener.


Our Comprehensive Buying Guide




According to the best corkscrew reviews in 2021 the first thing you want to do is decide on the type, and there are several to choose from. Wing corkscrews are the most common, and one can usually be found in almost any kitchen. A wine key is designed to be used by waiters and it can usually be folded down, similar to a pen knife to easily fit in an apron pocket.

If you frequently sample wine and need to reseal the bottle a cork puller is probably the best choice for you. There are also automatic corkscrews which make a great addition to any contemporary kitchen. Collectors often look for antique corkscrews, while novelty ones are great to give as gag gifts.


Ease of Use

The best wine corkscrew reviews also state that it is important to choose one that is easy to use, or else you might be digging bits of cork out of the bottle. Wide levers and handles are easier to grasp, and are less likely to slip out of your hands. This can be disastrous when you are uncorking the wine, since chances are the bottle will break when it falls. You also want it to go smoothly and easily into the center of the cork so it will be easier to pull out in one piece. This will effectively prevent any bits of cork from dropping into the wine.



Corkscrews can come with an amazing number of extras, depending on the type and your budget. Most can also double as a bottle opener, and some even come with a small knife for removing, paper, plastic and wax seals. Models that come with an extra corkscrew are always convenient, and ensure that you always have the proper tool to open a bottle of wine. You can also find some that are designed to recork the bottle so the wine stays fresh without losing its original flavor.

Models that come with a protective box are easier to safely store, and this also makes them great to give as gifts to other wine lovers. If you plan on opening several bottles of wine at a time, you might want to consider one that comes with two hinges. Not only will this make it easier to open multiple bottles of wine, it also ensures that the corkscrew won’t easily break or bend.



3 Best Corkscrews (Updated Reviews) in 2021



It is impossible to be a wine connoisseur if you don’t have the right tool to uncork the bottle, and this means that you need a corkscrew. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best corkscrew in 2021 showcased below.



1. HiCoup Waiter’s Corkscrew by HiCoup


1-hicoup-waitersIf you are looking for the best corkscrew in 2021 you might want to consider this model by HiCoup. It is advertised as being a favorite with waiters and sommeliers, which means that it comes with everything you need to open a bottle of wine at home or on the job.

Best of all it is priced to fit any budget, including those who are living mainly off of their tips.

You will love its professional appearance, even if you are just using it at home. The rosewood handle is attractive, and comfortable to hold. To conserve space the corkscrew easily folds down, along with the tiny knife and convenient bottle opener. Not only can you open a bottle of wine like a professional, you can also pop the cap of beer.


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2. HiCoup Corkscrew Wine Opener


2-hicoup-wingIt is easy to see why this is the best corkscrew for wine. It is designed to be easy to use, simply place it over the bottle and insert the auger into the cork. As you turn the handle the wings will rise, and when they have stopped simply press them back down and the cork will pop easily out of the bottle.

It also comes with a thick stopper that will effectively prevent any bits of cork from breaking loose and falling down into the bottle.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable to grasp and it is surprisingly easy to turn. You will appreciate how easy it is to push the 3 inch wings back down so you can quickly open several bottles at a time when needed.

This convenient tool can also double as a beer opener, making it ideal for use in a bar or at home. Since it is constructed from high quality materials you can rest assured that this corkscrew will last for years.


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3. HQY Best Wine Opener Corkscrew


3-hqy-rabbit-wineThanks to its elegant design and included box this corkscrew can make a great gift for any wine lover. It is constructed from a sturdy zinc alloy material that is not only attractive but also durable. For those who have never opened a bottle of wine before, this corkscrew comes with helpful instructions.

Using the corkscrew is easy, even if it is your first time opening a bottle of wine. The sharp worm slides easily into the cork and pulls it out without losing small pieces in the bottle.

It also comes with an extra worm so you are always prepared to pour wine for your guests. Not only can it open wine, but it can also function as a beer opener.


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