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Best cordless crepe maker


Cordless crepe makers – Ratings & Informative guide


If you want to know which is the best cordless crepe maker, Grandma Jen is here to help you and to suggest a product that is worth the value, Salton CM1337. A multipurpose item that can make not only crepes but also tortillas or breakfast eggs, this item should be a must-have piece among your kitchen appliances. This crepe maker is designed with a non- stick coating surface that can be easily cleaned up afterward. Plus, the fact that it can be placed in the desired direction thanks to its 360- degree base makecs this crepe maker a pleasant tool to use daily. If somehow the Salton CM1337 is out of stock, the next best thing would be Cucina Pro 1447, a fantastic option for creating delicious meals with just a push of a button.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a cordless crepe maker


A kitchen item that delivers a healthy and delicious breakfast for the entire family, the crepe maker is an important kitchen tool that most of us have a hard time finding the appropriate model that can deliver optimum results. Therefore, in order to help you decide we have compiled a useful buying guide that should teach you about the basic features.

Type of power supply

Many people believe that a crepe maker is not a valuable item if you already own a pan that can cook crepes and pancakes. But the truth is that the quality of crepes made with a crepe maker is undoubtedly higher because it allows you to enjoy sweet, thin and moist French style crepes in your own kitchen. Plus, you have the exact amount of temperature and surface in order to have professional results and to cook crepes, galettes, tortillas and even bacon or eggs.

Basically, on the market, you will find two types of crepe makers for sale, electric ones or supplied by gas. There is no notable difference between the quality of crepes they make it is just a matter of personal preference.

While the gas -powered makers are used mostly by professionals chefs that want to adjust themselves the temperature for home using the electric ones are recommended.

The electric griddle has a round and flat cooking surface with an inside electric element that helps the crepe cook faster. Also, the cordless feature comes handy especially in a kitchen that doesn’t have so much space to move around. This way, you get fluffy and exquisite crepes in no time, without any effort.  


Griddle surface

According to the best crepe maker reviews, one major aspect that you must keep in mind when purchasing a product like this is the material the cooking surface is made of.

Most popular brands have crepe makers with a cast-iron griddle that are ideal because they provide a flat surface for the crepes, they heat evenly and they are more easily cleaned.  

As opposed to steel or aluminum, cast iron won’t burn the goods and, with proper care, the product is non-stick which means that there’s no need to add lots of seasoning in order to easily turn or remove the crepes from the heating surface.

Plus, a cast-iron griddle stands the test of time and even after many uses, the crepe maker will look brand new.


Heating capacity

In order to get the best results, best cordless crepe maker reviews recommend a temperature setting range of 120-575 Fahrenheit degrees. Most products on the market come with this standard that delivers a variety of crepe recipes, to enjoy on a daily basis. This way, you have a higher level of flexibility to experiment crepes mixes and consistencies.



3 Best Cordless Crepe Makers (Reviews) in 2022



The best cordless crepe makers are showcased below. After getting the highest score possible from a variety of reviews and feedbacks, these models are an excellent choice for those that want to delight themselves with savory crepes and more.



1. Salton CM1337 Crepe Maker White


The cordless crepe maker from Salton is a fantastic kitchen tool desired to make breakfast faster and more nutritious. Featuring a light indicator and an on/off switch the product is also designed with touch handles, skid resistant feet and a handy cord that can be easily stored.

With a wide cooking area of 7.5 inches, this item is ideal for cooking not only crepes but also tortillas, eggs, and even baked ham.

Also, the griddle area is made entirely from a non- stick material that can be easily cleaned and washed afterward in warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Just keep in mind that butter and margarine help to remove the crepes easier while oil makes crepes that can be a little sticky.

The instructional manual of this cordless crepe maker provides very thorough instructions on how to clean and store the item and even useful tips that can make your crepes taste divine and look better. The fact that it is cordless is such a big advantage because you can use it even if you don’t have a large kitchen space.

The machine is easy to use, just a touch of a button and quite lightweight to handle without the risk of having the crepes burned, compared to using a regular pan.



This cordless crepe maker from Salton has an ideal cooking surface size where a variety of recipes can be tried on. The instructional manual also provides numerous useful tips and detailed recipes.

The product is ideal for cooking crepes, tortilla tacos or even ham and eggs.

Besides the crepe maker, the product features accessories such as a batter and a spatula.

Quite easy to handle, this model can be set-down easily and taken off from any position.

Plus, due to the 360- degree base, the crepe maker can be placed in any desired direction.

The entire cooking surface is non-stick therefore there’s no need of using too much oil or butter.



Although the product is high praised as a good option for a cordless crepe maker, some buyers reported that the crepes are done in too much amount of time. Needless to say is that this type of food needs to be cooked evenly otherwise the risk of having it burnt is quite high.


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2. CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker 1447


What makes this cordless crepe maker from Cucina Pro a great acquisition for your entire family is the fact that you get to enjoy an amazing breakfast without the hassle. All you have to do is to click the power button and wait for the light to indicate when the cooking surface is hot enough. All you have to do is to grab the pan, dip it into the batter and wait for the crepe to get fluffy. The crepes are easy to make and the batter can be stored in the fridge for a longer period of time.

In case you prefer thin crepes the dipping plate and the batter spreader that are included in the box will make your life easier.

You don’t need to go to a cooking class because this cordless crepe maker has an elaborate recipe booklet where you can choose what to prepare each day.

Also, the entire cooking surface is made from a non- stick material that allows the cooking of a variety of crepe sizes, thanks to the 7.5- inch diameter and the 14- inch overall length. If you stick to butter and margarine you will be able to clean the product quite easily, with some detergent and a soft cleaning cloth.



Cucina Pro cordless crepe maker is a reliable machine, easy to use for a variety of recipes thanks to the on/off switch that indicates with a light when the cooking surface is hot enough.

For extra thin crepes, this product has additional accessories such as a dipping plate and a batter spreader that are quite handy in preparing the goods.

Also, the electric base provides a cord wrap that allows neat and practical storage.

Besides the crepe machine, the product comes with detailed instruction and recipe booklet that explains the cooking preparation and the item maintenance.

Because the cooking area is wide there is the possibility to try out different shapes of crepes or tortillas, according to the personal preferences.



Some buyers claimed that the crepe batter sticks to the griddle area and they get too crispy. Nevertheless, this issue could be solved by simply adding less oil or opting for other cooking recipes that include butter or margarine, that provide a non- slip area.


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3. MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker with Free Recipe Guide


This crepe maker comes supplied with an off/on switch that is effortless to use as well as with a ready light that indicates when the surface of the device is hot enough for the user to start cooking on it. To make the model as practical as possible, the seller also supplies its users with a dipping plate and with a handy batter spreader that can help you create crepes that are as thin as you want.

On top of that, the electric base that the choice includes features a cord wrap so that you can easily store it in between uses. If you are out of inspiration, but you still want to prepare delicious treats for you and your loved ones, you will be happy to find out that this device also comes shipped with a recipe booklet.

An instruction manual that contains all you need to know in order to operate this crepe maker is also included. Size-wise, this model measures 15″-L x 7.5″-W. Previous customers were happy to report that this product is easy to use, fun, and very practical to have around. Additionally, cleaning it won’t take a lot of your time. The device is also durable.



Because it aims to provide its buyers with the needed accessories for when making crepes, this model comes with a dipping plate and a batter spreader.

The choice features an on/off switch as well as a light that indicates that the unit is ready for you to use.

A recipe book and an instruction booklet are also included in the price. This way, you will undoubtedly get the results that you’ve been looking for.

The electric base of the product has a cord wrap that allows for neat and easy storage in between uses.



One buyer claimed that the design of the model is faulty, as the cooking surface features no edges. This was the only complaint of this kind.

Although most owners speak highly of it and they recommend it, it has been noted that, when compared to other similar devices, this unit is a tad expensive.


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