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10 Best Cookie Presses Compared & Reviewed


Best Cookie Press Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you can find what the best cookie press is, especially if you don’t have the time to prospect the market on your own. After a thorough analysis where we’ve looked at the quality, features, and reliability of the many options available, we have concluded that the product to get is the OXO Good Grips Cookie Press. This model is very easy to use thanks to the comfortable lever that is designed for repetitive use without your arms getting tired. It has a non-slip base that will keep the unit steady while pressing the dough to prevent accidents. Furthermore, the product is very reliable since it will create consistent cookies each time so that once baked they’ll all look flawless. In the event that our first choice is not available for sale, but you’re still determined to get a good cookie press, we recommend the Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press.



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10 Best Cookie Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2021



To make it easier for you to select the right cookie press set for your needs we have selected some of the critically and commercially acclaimed products and showcased them below. The products you’ll find on our list offer unique features, high quality, and unmatched reliability.



1. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press


With this model, you can create consistent cookies every time and surprise your family or friends with beautiful patterns that can fit any occasion thanks to the 12 stainless steel disks included in the package. The cookie press is easy to use and the non-slip base will keep it steady so that you can dispense dough without the risk of the unit slipping off your hands.

The cylinder is made of clear plastic which will let you see just how much dough is left at a quick glance. You can also disassemble it completely which makes clean up a breeze. Some parts such as the storage case and the disks are also dishwasher safe.

It’s very easy to load dough into the barrel and the cookies that this option makes are about only 1 ½ inch across which allows you to get a wide variety of shapes from a single batch of dough. 



The variety of available disks makes it possible to make cookies in all of the seasonal shapes so that you can be ready to prepare cookies for every occasion.

With the barrel full of dough, you can prepare up to 24 cookies and it is very easy to switch disks mid-batch and the pattern of the cookies will be consistent each time.

The unit is very comfortable to use and the non-slip base will help you avoid accidents in the kitchen since the press will remain steady while dispensing the dough.

You can purchase additional disks if you want to surprise your family with new and unique cookie patterns. 



Unless you apply a hefty amount of pressure on the lever, the mechanism can freeze and it is difficult to get it unjammed without removing all of the dough from the barrel.

While some of the parts of this option are dishwasher safe, the plunger and the top will need to be washed by hand.


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2. Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press


This model stands out thanks to its innovative design that makes it one of the few available cookie presses that can offer effortless one-handed use. It comes with 14 unique steel disks so that you can make cookies in fun and unique patterns suitable for any occasion.

The barrel can hold enough dough for about 25 cookies and pressing the dough down to make them doesn’t require a lot of force since the stainless steel trigger mechanism is very efficient. Cleaning is also not an issue since the unit comes apart quickly and all the components are dishwasher safe.

Another feature that customers appreciate a lot about this option is the inclusion of a plastic storage box to better organize all the 14 disks. Since the disks are quite small, it is easy to misplace and lose them, but with the nifty storage box, this won’t be an issue anymore. 



It comes with 14 interchangeable disk designs that can help you make fun cookie patterns that are suitable for any occasion.

This versatile model can also be used to decorate cookies and cakes if you get the optional decorating tips.

It comes with easy-to-use instructions and it includes some tasty recipes so that you can start baking right away.

The stainless steel trigger mechanism provides the user with effortless one-handed operation of the press.

The included storage container allows you to store all the accessories in one place so that you don’t risk losing them. 



The main issue with this model is that not all of the cookies will come out perfect since some can look a bit sharper than others and while it is not always noticeable, it is worth mentioning.

Apart from the stainless steel trigger, the rest of the body is made of plastic which looks a bit cheap.


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3. Shule Cookie Press Gun Kit


With this professional cookie press, you can make 20 different cookie patterns and decorate them easily at home using the 4 icing tips. The unit stands out with its premium food-grade stainless steel body that provides reliable performance and long-lasting durability. The cookie disks are made of aluminum while the nozzles are made of durable ABS plastic.

While this product may look as if it belongs in the kitchens of the most dedicated dessert chefs, the Shule cookie press puts a lot of emphasis on ease of use so that even amateurs can use it with little hassle. Loading the dough in the barrel is very easy and you can switch disks in a second to make all your family’s favorite cookie patterns.

The package also comes with a nifty recipe booklet which is very useful for beginners. Once you’re done with the press, you can clean it in a jiffy since the entire product can be disassembled. 



With over 20 different cookie disks to use, this press will let you surprise your family with cute and unique cookie patterns that look just as good as they taste.

You get a free recipe booklet so that you can try new and exciting recipes written specifically for this product.

The unit is very easy to use and clean up won’t be an issue once you are done baking since the product disassembles quickly.

This model can also be used to decorate cookies, cakes, or cupcakes since it includes 4 icing tips that will let you get even more value out of this nifty choice. 



The manufacturer recommends to hand wash the unit and for seniors and people with disabilities, this is a big disadvantage.

It comes with lots of extra accessories but it lacks a storage case to keep them all in one place.


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4. Earth’s Dreams Cookie Press Gun Kit


The Earth’s Dreams stainless steel cookie press is made using premium quality materials and it is designed not to compromise durability and usability. You can use it to create stunning spritz cookies at home and you can then use one of the 8 metal icing tips to decorate them so that you can achieve professional results.

While the entire body of the press is made with stainless steel, the trigger uses a high-quality plastic construction which provides a better grip without compromising durability. All of the materials are non-toxic and odorless which makes them safe to use in the kitchen.

Another advantage of this model is without a doubt its ergonomic design that is comfortable and easy to use so that you can prepare large batches of cookies without your hands getting tired. All you need to do to get consistent and fast results is fill the barrel with dough and then press the trigger. 



The package includes 20 stainless steel disks that you can use to mold cookies in incredible designs and 9 icing tips that can be used to decorate cookies, cakes, churros, and more.

You get superior quality with this model since the press gun is made with stainless steel with only the trigger being made of plastic and even there the plastic used is very strong.

Clean up is not an issue for this model since the entire product can be disassembled easily and the manufacturer includes a free cleaning brush and a microfiber cloth as a bonus gift.

The manufacturer is confident in the quality of this model which is why it offers a lifetime warranty. 



The unit can make a clicking noise every once in a while and even though it doesn’t appear to affect its performance in any way, it might become an issue in the future.

It is one of the most expensive options on our list.


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5. Ourokhome Cookie Press Maker Machine


If you’re looking for an affordable cookie press, this option offers a lot of value for the money since its versatile design allows it to be used for both making and decorating cookies. The package includes 16 disks and 6 icing tips so that you can prepare cookies for any occasion.

The design of the model reflects its price since it uses BPA-free plastic for the body with the only exception being the trigger which is made of metal. Even so, the plastic construction is still very durable and since the materials are food-grade, you won’t have to worry about contaminants reaching the dough and changing the taste of your cookies.

Cleaning the product is as easy as it can get since every part of the product is fully detachable so that you can clean the entire unit in just a minute. It is also available in different colors. 



It is a versatile product that includes 16 disks so that you can make all the cookies that your family enjoys and 6 icing tips to make them even more enticing and tasty.

You can customize the look of the unit since the manufacturer offers three different colors at the same price and you can choose between green, red, and yellow.

The tube is quite large and it has a height of 8.86 inches which means that you won’t have to add dough frequently.

It is very easy to clean since all the parts of the cookie press are detachable which allows the water to reach every corner of the unit. 



The cookies it makes can sometimes be a bit stiff and the results are not always consistent.

Because it is made of plastic, this model should only be cleaned by hand since the high temperatures in the dishwasher may deform it.


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6. Handrong Cookie Press Gun Kit


This model has an ergonomic design and it is made of high-quality ABS plastic which helps keep the cost of the unit down without sacrificing the durability and performance that customers expect from such a product. The cylinder is made of clear plastic which lets you see the remaining dough and it will also facilitate cleaning.

Customers have also praised the ergonomic design of this choice since the comfortable handle with a soft-grip trigger makes it very easy to press the dough through the disk with minimal effort. The base is also non-slip which will allow the unit to remain stable while you’re squeezing the dough.

Included in the package you will find 16 sturdy plastic disks that can be used to create unique and beautiful cookie patterns that will impress your guests and family. You can also use the unit for decorating and the manufacturer provides 6 plastic icing tips to make your baked goods look even more enticing. 



This versatile option includes all the accessories you need to make unique cookies and you can then decorate them using the included icing tips.

Every part of this product is detachable and that makes it very easy to clean by hand without wasting too much time.

The plastic construction helps keep the price down without sacrificing the durability of the product.

It has an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to grip the handle and pull the trigger with minimal effort.

It has a simple design so that even kids can have fun using it as long as they are under adult supervision. 



Due to the plastic construction, this model is not dishwasher safe and this can be a deal-breaker for people who can’t wash kitchen tools by hand, such as seniors.

The plastic disks are a bit flimsy and they may break with repeated usage.


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7. Zulay Kitchen Classic Cookie Press


What’s most impressive about this cheap cookie press is that it manages to provide premium performance and build quality with very few compromises. This nifty choice is crafted to stand the test of time and it features a classic design made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum that will go well in any kitchen.

While looks can help a product stand out, it is the performance that matters the most and this model does not disappoint in this area either. It has a user-friendly design which makes it very easy to use.

The ergonomic lever provides comfort during use and the dough chamber is large enough to dispense 35 to 40 small cookies or 20 to 25 large ones in a single batch. It includes 20 stencil disks that you can use to make unique-looking cookies and 4 icing tips that are perfect for decorating your favorite sweet and savory pastries. 



This model comes with 20 seasonal disks to help you craft delicious cookies and 4 icing tips that you can use to decorate cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and all your other savory sweets.

It has a large dough chamber that can dispense up to 40 cookies when using the small disks or up to 25 when using the large ones.

The unit is built from durable materials and it is sturdy enough to handle even thicker dough without needing to apply an excessive amount of pressure.

It is very easy to use and clean which makes it ideal for amateur bakers, especially once you take the affordable price point into account. 



The disks are very thin and when working with thick dough it can cause them to bend after a few uses.

The handle could use some improvement since applying too much force can bend it or cause it to break altogether.


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8. LokiLux Household Cookie Press Gun Machine


This affordable option can craft up to 16 different cookies in no time and it can also be used to decorate cakes thanks to its versatile design and the included extra accessories. It is a perfect choice for beginners since the press gun is designed to be easy to operate even by kids as long as they are supervised by an adult.

You can use it to make cookies for every occasion since the included disks provide a lot of variety. As mentioned above, this press can also be used to decorate cakes or cookies and it will save you money and storage space since you can have one product that can be used for multiple functions.

As if that wasn’t enough, you get even more value for the money since the package also includes one silicone spatula for decorating cakes or for filling dough into the cookie gun and a silicone brush to spread sauces, butter, or oil onto foods. 



This model is perfect for beginner bakers since it is very easy to operate and make cookies together with your kids or family.

Included in the package you will also find two bonus utensils, a versatile and durable silicone spatula, and a silicone brush both of which can work in temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tool is made of plastic and stainless steel which makes it lightweight and compact so that storage won’t be an issue.

Because each part of this tool is detachable, you can clean easily even the areas that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

The plastic construction is BPA free and it won’t affect the taste of your cookies. 



The trigger sends a preloaded amount of dough or cream through the disk which means that it is a bit tricky to use it for decorating cookies or cakes.

The plastic construction looks a bit cheap and while this is not an issue for now, things may change in the future.


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9. Complete Kitchen Stainless Steel Cookie Press Gun Kit


This premium product is made with high-quality materials that can take your baking to the next level. It includes 20 commercial grade stainless steel disks that you can use to create perfect-looking cookies. Furthermore, you can also use this model to decorate your baked goods with the help of the 9 icing nozzles that come included in the package.

The cookie press has an adjustable size setting which lets you choose to make either small or large cookies depending on what you intend to achieve or the preferences of your family. The results are consistent and they can handle the scrutiny of even the most hard-to-please bakers.

Another area in which this product excels is the performance of the handle which can manage even the thick dough with ease. Furthermore, the unit is also corrosion-resistant so you won’t have to worry that it will become susceptible to cracks. 



This unit can extrude firm dough so that you can craft cookies and other treats without having to cut or roll the dough.

It comes with 20 stainless steel disks that can be used to craft perfect-looking cookies with each pull of the handle.

It has an ergonomic design that is very easy to use even by amateur or young bakers which means that the entire family can join in and bake the perfect cookies together.

The press can also be used for decorating your favorite pastry since included in the package you’ll find 8 icing nozzles.

The unit is made of stainless steel and aluminum which guarantees superior durability and performance for years to come. 



Unlike other similar models, there are no feet under the nozzle and that makes the dough stick to the end of the nozzle which can be frustrating.

Despite the stainless steel construction, no parts of the tool are dishwasher safe.


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10. Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie Press


This model offers exceptional ease of use thanks to its construction that is shaped like a gun to make the process of making the cookies feel more natural and reliable. The unit comes along with 18 unique disks that can be used to make cookies in beautiful shapes and designs and 6 decorating tips so that you can decorate your baked goods.

It is a perfect choice for beginners since making your favorite cookies takes just a few minutes and each cookie will resemble the other thanks to the consistent performance that this nifty model provides. In the package, you’ll also find a small recipe booklet that will guide you in preparing various types and flavors of cookies.

Even though it has a plastic construction, the materials are sturdy enough to handle the high temperatures of your dishwasher which means that you won’t have to worry that you’ll need to clean it manually as it the case with most plastic cookie presses. 



The design of this product makes it very easy to use with minimal effort since the process of squeezing the trigger feels very smooth.

This model comes with 18 disks for shaping your cookies and 6 decorating tips that can also be used to fill deviled eggs, pasta shells, and all your favorite pastry.

Included in the package you will also find a recipe booklet that is perfect for beginners since it can help teach anyone how to prepare flavorful cookies.

Every component detaches quickly so that you can toss them in the dishwasher.

It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 



The part of the unit that ratchets has very sharp teeth and it can cut flesh easily, so it is best to be careful when using this model.

It is designed to be used with soft dough and using a thicker dough will make squeezing the trigger much more difficult.


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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding a good cookie press is not an easy task since there are plenty of models available on the market. With so many choices, it can become difficult to focus on what really matters. Proper research is mandatory if you want to get the right product for your needs but we know that very few people have the time on their hands for such an endeavor.

This is why we have done the homework for you and compiled the buyer’s guide below. In it, you’ll find what the most important features to consider are whether you’re looking for the best electric cookie press or you want to get a manual cookie press.



Electric vs. manual cookie presses

There are two main types of cookies presses and both the electric and the manual variants have pros and cons. Manual cookie presses are more popular because they are cheaper to buy and since they are so ubiquitous, there is a greater variety on the market which makes it easier to get the one that works best for you.

You also won’t have to worry about cords since all the power comes from your hands. This is where the disadvantage appears since unlike an electric cookie press, manual models won’t give you results as consistent as the electric variant.

This makes the electric model better suited for continuous pressing where it can deliver better results and save you time over a manual option. Similarly, electric presses can handle thicker doughs and batters. The main disadvantages are the price and the lack of portability.


Ease of use and maintenance

Whether you’re getting an electric or a manual cookie press, ease of use matters a lot for different reasons. When choosing an electric cookie press the product should have a user interface that is very easy to use and understand since too many buttons can make even turning the unit on become an adventure.

On the other hand, with manual presses, you’ll need to consider the comfort that the unit provides. Since you’ll interact with it much more than with an electric model you will need to make sure it feels comfortable in the hand. As such, it needs to be made of grippy materials and the process of squeezing the dough shouldn’t be too tiring for your arms.

All of the parts that come into contact with the dough should be detachable so as to make cleaning and maintenance easier for the user. If the unit is dishwasher safe that’s even better but keep in mind that you won’t usually find this feature in models that are made from plastic.



Durability and versatility

After reading plenty of cookie press reviews we found that both plastic and metal models can provide more than adequate protection and durability. What’s crucial is to choose materials that are not prone to corrosion since it is very difficult to get all the dampness out of every groove after washing the unit.

Most models on the market can also be used to decorate with icing and if you want to get more value out of your purchase we recommend to get a model that comes with a good assortment of both disks and pastry tips.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How does a cookie press work?

This nifty tool is used in the kitchen to make some of the cutest and most uniquely shaped cookies and the results you’ll get will rival the products you find in your favorite pastry shop. Models available on the market are either manual or electric.

The way they work is very similar, the only difference being that one uses a motor and the other the power of your hands. The main component of a cookie press is the barrel or shaft, which houses the batter or dough.

Once full with dough, the turning handle or plunger system will press out the dough right through your preferred disk. The disks have holes in them that dictate the shape and size of the dough that exits the shaft. Most models come with plenty of accessories so that you have a disk for any occasion including icing tips that you can use to decorate your cookies.



Q: How do you use a cookie press?

The first step is to use only cookie press recipes since the consistency of the dough is crucial. You might be tempted to grease the cookie sheet but the dough needs to adhere to the sheet in order to form properly, so avoid using parchment paper and get a bare baking sheet instead.

Next, fill the press with dough, batter or icing and as you add the content you should press down to ensure that there are no air bubbles. After you’ve added the dough in the shaft, you should hold the cookie press flat on the baking sheet and squeeze on the handle or plunger system. You should avoid tilting the press since that won’t help you get good results.

It is also important not to overload the cookies since even if they may not look as presentable, once baked they can turn into full and great-looking cookies. Make sure to allow space between the cookies and let them cool on the baking sheet before placing them on a cooling plate or rack.


Q: How do you clean your cookie press?

Cleaning your cookie press should not be an issue as long as you’ve purchased a model that can be disassembled easily. The first step when cleaning your press is to take it apart so that you can get access to all of the parts of the product, especially those that come into contact with the dough.

Keep in mind that each product has a different design which means that disassembling the unit may require different steps. If you are not certain of the way your cookie press needs to be taken apart, you should take the time to consult the user’s manual.

Once you’ve unscrewed all the components with care, you should wash them all with soap and warm water and then reattach to the cookie press in the same order. If the unit you have is dishwasher safe than your task is much easier since you can simply toss the detached pieces in the machine.