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3 Best Coffee Containers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Container + Reviews


Identifying the best coffee container to help you keep your favorite coffee in the best of conditions might prove daunting, given all the expensive and cheap coffee containers available for sale. To simplify your shopping experience, Grandma Jen has examined some of the most popular products in this line and customer feedback and concluded that the Cooks Standard 02553 is the first option you might want to consider. The set includes four stainless steel canisters that are ideal for coffee and dry food storage. The items are BPA, paint, and phthalate-free, so you can rest assured that using them is safe. Moreover, the glass covers are heat and shatter-resistant and the canisters are sealed perfectly thanks to the wide rim with silicone gasket. The containers come in various sizes to meet different needs. In case this product is no longer in stock, you might want to try the Coffee Gator Canister.


Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Prime quality ground and whole coffee beans may not be that affordable, therefore it makes sense to store them properly in order to keep their freshness going. A good coffee container will keep flavor-destroyers at bay and your coffee ready to do its magic whenever needed and please your senses with its rewarding flavor. Here are the main features to take into account when looking for a quality coffee container.


Humidity and air blockers

Once you open your bag of coffee, the ground coffee and beans in it start to lose their aroma and freshness. Here’s where a completely sealed container comes into sight. Considering such a model will help you make sure that no air or humidity reaches your coffee when the lid is closed.

Humidity is one of the factors that will make coffee beans spoil. If you want your coffee to preserve its flavor and freshness, pay attention to this feature. Opt for a model that prevents exposure of the coffee to moisture, heat, light, and air as all of them will affect the way your coffee tastes.

Still, it is not enough for the canister to be airtight. It should also sport a CO2 escape valve. This way, the gas coffee naturally gives off will be let out and thus won’t harm the ground coffee or coffee beans.


Container material and size

As is the case with other coffee products, be it a percolator coffee maker or a new professional French press for coffee, the materials used for the container you’ve set your eyes on count a lot when it comes to how long your coffee freshness will be preserved.

The ideal coffee canister features glass or stainless steel. The market now also offers units that are made from non-reactive metal substances that have been appreciated for their ability to keep coffee fresh and flavored.


Compact design and date wheel

Don’t overlook the size of the container you intend to buy. Think of how much coffee you usually buy and how often you do that. Then, consider the room you have at your disposal. Plus, a good coffee container should be easy to use, clean, and handle.

An extra feature that proves quite useful is the date wheel. Many modern containers boast one in order to track the coffee’s freshness. You just need to put the expiry date in and then let it do its job.


3 Best Coffee Containers (Updated Reviews) in 2021


Based on product specs, ratings, and customer feedback, Grandma Jen has selected and reviewed below some of the most popular coffee containers available. Check the coffee containers reviews for a more informed decision.


1. Cooks Standard 02553 4 Piece Canister Set


Designed to preserve all those things you love about your favorite coffee, this container is what we consider to be the first option you may want to take into account. The flavor and freshness of your coffee are the ones the canisters in this set will protect thanks to the materials they use.

Including four containers that are also ideal for dry food, this 4-Piece Canister Set from Cooks Standard will cover many of your storage needs while adding a stylish touch to your kitchen. The items come in various sizes so you can store as much coffee as you need.

Made from premium stainless steel, the canisters are also BPA, paint, and phthalate-free. This renders them perfect for other dry foods you need to store. The glass covers are resistant to shatter and heat. Due to the wide rim with silicone gasket, no flavor-destroyers will reach your coffee when the lid is closed.

The steel canisters are dishwasher safe whereas the lid should be washed by hand as heat may deform the silicone gasket. If you want to keep the canisters shiny, wash them by hand and dry them immediately.


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2. Coffee Gator Canister Coffee Gator Stainless Steel


Committed to keeping your coffee fresher than fresh, this canister from Coffee Gator takes coffee freshness preserving to a whole new level. Created to deliver the airtight seal you need to make sure your coffee beans won’t lose their aroma and freshness, this unit will provide protection from flavor-destroyers while complementing your kitchen.

The canister comes with valves that will release the flavor-attacking CO2 and lock taste-destroying oxygen. Light can also strip flavor, and the unit offers protection from light’s ability to do so. Not to mention moisture, a total coffee-killer. With this item, you won’t get to experience that.

The canister features a rugged, stainless steel mounted lid that will lock flavor as well as a tough, surgical stainless steel body that will not only last but will make sure the best of your coffee stays inside the container ready to please your senses whenever needed.

What’s more, you get a date wheel to track optimal coffee freshness. You just have to set the date of purchase or expiry date and let the thing do its job. You will thus reduce waste and avoid throwing precious coffee. The rubber seal is 100% BPA-free and the stainless steel bail clasp allows fast sealing.


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3. Mixpresso Coffee Vault Container Airtight


Keeping coffee freshness is what this model from Mixpresso is great at. Made from premium quality stainless steel, the product will keep your coffee fresh for longer while preserving its flavor. Storing up to 16 ounces of coffee, the airtight canister will make sure stale coffee will not be part of your experience.

The product sports a vent valve that won’t allow CO2 to mess with what you love about your coffee, its flavor. The gas will be released yet, thanks to airtight vacuum sealed design of the unit, oxygen won’t reach your coffee beans or grounded coffee.

In order to help you reduce waste and stop discarding good coffee, the canister boasts a built-in date wheel that is located on the lid and that will allow you to track the freshness of the coffee you store. This way, you will know when it’s time to get fresh coffee.

The canister is available in three colors: Black, Silver, and Red. You can thus choose the one that best suits your kitchen décor. The practical design and the premium stainless steel will not only ensure durability and keep your coffee’s flavor and freshness intact but will also add to your space.


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