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8 Best Coconut Water Brands – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Coconut Water Brand + Reviews


In this article, you will read about what the best coconut water products on the market are. Looking for the right one for you can be overwhelming because everywhere you look on the internet there are all sorts of coconut waters that promise to give you all sorts of health benefits. We have analyzed the ingredients and the manufacturing process as well as buyers’ reviews and we have concluded that the coconut water you should buy is the Bai Coconut Flavored Antioxidant Infused. It is low in calories and has low amounts of sugar as well as antioxidants like polyphenols and vitamin A that help you keep a healthy body. It also contains a healthy amount of caffeine and electrolytes, helping you rehydrate quickly. Its containers are filled at low temperatures and are BPA-free, limiting the number of unhealthy chemicals from the plastic bottle that enters your drink. However, if this product is not available, the Zico Natural Coconut Water Drink is also a great choice.



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8 Best Coconut Water Brands (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Coconut water is one of the healthiest drinks out there. That’s why we have gathered some of the most appreciated products on the market that provide the most health benefits. We have analyzed their content and how buyers have reviewed them over time and made a list of pros and cons to make your choice easier. Here you will find some of the best coconut water reviews.



1. Bai Coconut Flavored Antioxidant Infused 


If you are looking to stay hydrated for a long time and, at the same time, to enjoy the taste of an exotic beverage, this coconut water from Bai is a wise choice. Its taste is rich but it does not come with the extra sugar and calories that sweet beverages usually provide.

If you are planning on cutting off sugar, you do not have to be deprived of great taste. This drink, being a highly appreciated coconut water right now, will allow you to get that extra mood boost, as well as the healthy antioxidants from the coconut water itself as well as from the caffeine it contains.  

Bai tries to make its products as healthy as possible, as well as safe, and that is why this coconut water has erythritol inside to give it its sweet taste. This ingredient also makes this product have a low glycemic index. The flavored coconut water is made of healthy non-GMO ingredients and it is vegan and gluten-free. 

The bottle is not filled while the product is hot and the plastic it is made of is BPA-free. It contains 50 mg of polyphenols, which are great antioxidants, and 4.5 grams of vitamin E that help you keep a healthy body.



The presence of erythritol in this coconut water is a healthy choice for people who want to reduce sugar or for diabetics who are not allowed to eat sugar at all. It is a healthy substitute for sugar that puts this product in the low glycemic drinks category.

The fact that the bottles are never filled at a high temperature is a great asset. As you might know, plastic, while heated, can produce some unhealthy chemicals that can harm your health. 

This healthy property of this drink is also given by the BPA-free feature of the bottle, as well.

Polyphenols and vitamin E are some of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet that prevent the deterioration of the cells. Even the retina, a tissue that we have to protect from oxidation the most, is best protected by these ingredients. 



To be honest, we didn’t find any cons for this product. Maybe the fact that it comes as an 18 bottle package might be a minus, as not everybody wants to buy that many at once, but, despite that, there is not much to say against it.

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2. Zico Natural Coconut Water Drink 


The Zico Natural 100% Coconut Water is considered by the enthusiasts one of the high-quality products that are a must-try for everyone who wants to keep healthy. It is made 100 percent of coconut water and it has no added sugar or flavors. 

Zico is one of the most reputable coconut water brands and it makes the bottles of this product BPA-free and the coconut water 100 percent vegan and non-GMO. It contains 9 grams of sugar, but this is natural sugar, not added sugar. So you might say that it contains as much sugar as you would get if you would drink it directly from a coconut.

Some of the buyers think that it is not sugary enough compared to other coconut waters and that it tastes best when it is cold. It is gluten-free and it comes in packages of 24 bottles. It is a great choice for athletes to rehydrate after an intense workout and for anybody who wants to benefit from the electrolytes this water contains.

This coconut water is not a cheap coconut water and has only 50 calories per 100 grams and it has zero fat. It provides you with 13 percent of the daily recommended dose of potassium, 4 percent of magnesium, and 2 percent of sodium. This is calculated at a daily 2000 calorie intake.



This coconut water is an awesome choice for people who want to go 100 percent natural. It has no added sugars and no added preservatives. 

It provides you with the perfect and genuine taste that you get from drinking fresh coconut water directly from the coconut.

Because it has no added sugars, it is a great choice for diabetic people and for those who want to give up on artificial sugars. 

It is GMO-free and it is not made out of coconut concentrate. Coconut concentrate is not a healthy choice, you can read all about it in our buying guide.

Overall, this is a great product that contains 100 percent coconut water from young coconuts. The fact that is has no preservatives is proof of that, because water from young coconuts is the only one that does not need them.



The only minus some people think it has is that it does not have such a sweet taste, but we find that it is a plus because of the lack of artificial sweeteners.

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3. MOJO Pure Coconut Water 


What can we say about the Mojo Pure Coconut Water? Well, it really gets your mojo working and we will tell you all about it. This too is a 100 percent natural product that has no preservatives, meaning that it is made of green coconuts. Therefore, the nutrients are plenty. As we have said in the buying guide, green coconuts mean that there’s no need for preservatives. 

It has no artificial or natural added sugar and it is made of non-GMO coconuts. The pure coconut water is naturally low in sodium and it has no gluten. It is a 100 percent vegan drink that can be used by people who are gluten intolerant or diabetic because its low natural sugar levels do not give the drink a high glycemic index that could influence blood sugar levels.

The container has 11.1 fl oz and it contains good electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and calcium in the healthiest amount possible for maximum hydration. It does not contain any coconut concentrate and it has no added flavors, it keeps the natural taste of fresh coconut water which is a little bit sweet and a bit nutty, perfect for coconut water enthusiasts.



We can not say which the biggest plus of this product is, because they are equally important. The low sodium content is very good for the body because, nowadays, everything we consume contains sodium, even bread, so it is a good idea to lower the consumption.

Furthermore, the fact that it has no preservatives assures us that this beverage is made of 100 green coconuts that provide the highest content of natural nutrients that our body needs.

No added sugar means no added unhealthy chemicals and healthy blood sugar levels for the one who drinks it on a regular basis.



As with other 100 percent natural drinks, a minus could be considered the fact that, because it has no added flavors or sugar, it does not taste as rich as other coconut water products on the market, so for those who want that it might not be the best choice.

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4. Thirty-Two Degrees Organic Kefir Coconut Water 


This coconut water from Thirty-two Degrees is different from what we have talked about previously because it is fermented coconut water. It is made of green coconuts and probiotic cultures and it is a great alternative to kefir for vegans. The probiotic cultures are made of 15-30 billion CFUs per 2oz, making it a great drink for the health of your intestines.

Coconut kefir is a great way to keep healthy and research says it can boost your immune system and it can help keep a healthy liver and brain. For people who want to buy low-calorie products, this vegan coconut water kefir is a great choice because it has only 12 calories per serving.

It is a natural coconut water and it is also 100 percent GMO-free. It doesn’t have any preservatives or added sugar, making it a product to appreciate, especially if you want to opt for a replacement to kefir made of cow milk. It is dairy-free as well as gluten-free.

It is really important to know that it has no added flavors, it is not made of coconut concentrate and it is also an organic product, making it a great choice for people who want to go all-natural and avoid products that have chemicals in their composition.



This product has so many pluses, it’s amazing. One of its essential features is that it is made of organic young coconuts, which means that it’s full of nutrients and it does not have any preservatives. 

Also, it is fermented, which offers the product a large range of probiotics which are a great help for your gut. As you may know, the gut is directly related to your brain and it is known that probiotic consumption helps you boost your good mood.

Since this product is organic, you don’t have to worry about chemicals and other undesired compounds in the beverage.



The only minus it comes with is the fact that you have to pay attention to keep it cold even after you purchase it. Being raw, even through transportation the manufacturers make sure that it is kept cold. This is also an indicator that the product is natural and healthy so it is not such a flaw, some may consider it a plus.

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5. Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water with Watermelon 


Who doesn’t love watermelon? This product from Thirsty Buddha is a great combination of coconut water and watermelon juice that makes your mouth say ‘Wow!’. Like the other coconut waters we have talked about, it is a natural product that contains all-natural coconut water and natural watermelon juice.

Having said that, the product has no added sugars so it will have a natural taste, great for people who enjoy the fresh flavor of natural products. It is full of electrolytes that make this coconut water a great hydration drink. One cup of this coconut water has 20 percent of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C.

It also contains 440 mg of potassium and 60 mg of sodium, providing your body with the proper amount of minerals needed for optimum hydration levels. It comes in 33 oz containers that are BPA-free. It is best that you drink it within two days after you have opened the container and that you always keep it in the fridge.

It is a great option for people who are health-conscious and are looking for healthy alternatives to hydrating beverages, giving you the mood boost of a tropical taste. It is cholesterol-free, as well as gluten-free.



This coconut water is full of electrolytes and is a great choice for people who engage in intense physical activity that can dehydrate them, as well as for people who live in very hot environments that make them sweat a lot and lose minerals.

The containers are big enough to last for the whole day without having to carry around multiple bottles and they are BPA-free.

The coconuts used for this coconut water are young and the beverage contains a high amount of vitamin C, essential as an addition to your everyday diet.

Many people enjoy the watermelon taste and the combination between the coconut and watermelon taste can make you feel like there’s a party in your mouth. It is a fortunate taste combination.



Besides the natural watermelon juice, this coconut water also contains watermelon flavor. However, the manufacturers say it is natural as well so it is not such a great minus after all.

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6. Coco Vio Coconut Water 


Coco Vio comes with a good competitor to the coconut waters we have presented before. It has 100 percent young coconut water and it does not contain any preservatives. It has no added sugars or added flavors, even though consumers say that its taste is so rich that you might think it does.

The Coco Vio coconut water is an amazing choice for people who engage in intense physical activity, who drink it after a workout or for people who want to benefit from a great taste combined with healthy nutrients and electrolytes, especially because the coconuts used are young, so they provide you with a nutrient-rich drink.

It is a non-GMO product that is rich in electrolytes and vitamins. It comes in 32 fl oz bottles that ensure 32 percent of the daily recommended dose of potassium and 61 percent of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C, based on a healthy diet of 2000 calories per day.

It has no added colors and it doesn’t have any cholesterol. It is low in sodium – a 32 oz bottle has only 261 mg of sodium. It also comes with only 240 calories per bottle, making it a great choice for people who do not want to put on extra weight.



One of the most important pros this coconut water has is that it is made of 100 percent pure coconut water. That gives it a naturally sweet and nutty flavor that makes you feel like you are drinking coconut water directly from a real coconut.

Being made of green young coconuts assures you that the coconut water is rich in nutrients and it does not need any artificially added preservatives.

The high content of vitamin C makes the product healthy and you can be sure that you are adding enough vitamin C to your diet. You can never get too much vitamin C, but you can always get too little.



The product doesn’t have as much magnesium as other products do, but it is compensated by the fact that, unlike other coconut waters on the market, it contains iron, an important ingredient that the body needs to keep your tissues healthy.

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7. Twenty-Two Degrees Organic Coconut Water Mango and Pineapple 


Twenty-Two Degrees amazes us again, this time by adding organic mango puree and organic pineapple juice to its organic coconut water kefir. As we have told you before in the review for its flavorless organic water, it uses 100 percent young green coconuts for coconut water production.

This means that the nutrients are at their maximum amount and, this time, by adding pineapple juice and mango puree they have taken their vegan coconut kefir to another level of nutrient richness. The product is still low in calories and has 12 calories per serving.

This vegan coconut kefir contains between 15 and 30 billion CFUs per 2 oz and helps you have a healthy gut bacterial culture that improves the immune system as well as your brain’s health and it is a great choice for vegans who want to enjoy the benefits that kefir has while drinking a dairy-free product.

This coconut water kefir is low in sugar and it is enriched with high-quality probiotics, but it also has a wonderful taste that will make you love drinking this healthy nutrient-rich beverage. It is also a non-GMO product that is a great choice for vegan and non-vegan people who want to benefit from a healthy diet.



The organic coconut water is now enriched with the flavor and nutrients of the mango puree and pineapple juice that are also organic and natural, making it a great choice for people who want to provide their body with healthy vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal hydration.

The taste is also a plus because when you drink it you feel like you are drinking a tropical cocktail.

The probiotic cultures it contains are an awesome alternative to dairy kefir and they keep your gut’s bacterial cultures at a healthy level, providing benefits to your entire body.

It is a non-GMO product and it has no artificial added sugars, keeping the product in the low-calorie beverage category.



You have to keep it refrigerated and to make sure that when you transport it, it is kept in cool environments. However, the manufacturer ensures that transportation upon online order is made in cool environments.

Buy from for ($39.99)



8. NutriVsta Pink Natural Coconut Water 


The NutriVsta Pink coconut water is considered one of the high-class products on the market right now because the coconuts it is made from are from reputable sources. It is made of young green coconuts, that is why the color of this coconut water is pink. That is how you know that the coconuts it is made of are very young.

It is an amazing drink for highly active people like athletes because it is high in nutrients, having 5 essential electrolytes that are necessary for optimal hydration. It contains 30 mg of calcium, 380 mg of potassium, 15 mg of magnesium, 30 mg of sodium and also phosphorus, an important mineral that helps you stay hydrated.

This coconut water does not contain any added artificial sugars or preservatives, nor does it have any artificially added colors. The pink color is all-natural. It is gluten-free and cholesterol-free and it comes with only 60 calories per 8 fl oz. 

It is an amazing choice for people who want to get the maximum amount of nutrients from their coconut water and also for people who want to go all-natural. This product has no artificial ingredients.



Some of the coconut waters on the market, due to the low quality of the coconuts they are made of, contain only 2 or 3 electrolytes needed for optimal hydration. However, this coconut water contains 5 minerals that assure you that you can benefit from almost instantaneous hydration.

The coconuts used for the production of this coconut water come from a special coconut tree found in Thailand.

It is an affordable coconut water that doesn’t have any preservatives or artificial ingredients, which is great for people who want to purchase an all-natural product with awesome hydration properties.



The only minus that we could find was that for people who are accustomed to drinking coconut water with added sugars or flavors, the taste of this coconut water might not seem that rich, but we assure you that you will get used to it quickly.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When you go online to search for the best natural coconut water, you are bombarded with a lot of products that seem the same and your choice might get overwhelming. For every product we’ve talked about, you can be sure that you got the best coconut water review you can find.

That is why we have gathered some essential information that will help you choose more wisely and prevent you from buying spurious products so you get the best tasting coconut water.

First of all, you should know what coconut water is. Coconut water is a clear liquid that is contained by the coconut fruit and it can be found in the center of young coconuts. You shouldn’t confuse it with coconut milk, which is a fatty drink made from coconut water which is mixed with the coconut pulp.

You should also know that even though coconut water is a natural product, it is fresh only when you drink it directly out of freshly-cut coconuts. Otherwise, for it to keep its properties and taste, it has to undergo some procedures that preserve it. In the production process, the coconuts have to be sterilized before the water is taken out in order to keep the water safe.

Is pasteurization bad for your coconut water?

You may have heard of pasteurization before because it is a process used for cow milk as well. It is a process that uses heat to kill bacteria. As you probably know, coconuts are perishable food, so everything related to heat will deteriorate their quality. Therefore, the best way to keep their properties is by keeping them cold. Coconut water needs the same conditions.

Some companies use pasteurization to kill bacteria that might form inside the coconut water, but others use an alternative process called high-pressure processing, also known as HPP, that uses pressure instead of heat. This is a great way to keep all the nutrients inside your coconut water alive.


Try to avoid preservatives and added flavors

As we have said before, it is pretty tricky to keep coconut water at its best because coconuts are perishable food. But if the producers extract the water from green coconuts, preservatives won’t be needed. However, if the coconut water has been extracted from mature coconuts, you will definitely see preservatives on the label and may want to check a coconut water review or two regarding that specific product.

Coconut water extracted from mature fruits will not have the same nutrients present in coconut water extracted from green ones. Mature fruits are preferable when buying coconut milk, but when it comes to coconut water they are a big no-no. That is why it is important to look at the color of the water. In this case, the greener it is, the better. 

Also, if you are looking for the best coconut water to drink but which is also healthy, you should go for products that are more or less flavorless. You should feel the sweet and nutty coconut flavor, but if the drink is too sweet or if you can feel a pronounced coconut taste you are definitely dealing with added flavors and sweeteners.

An ingredient that you should stay away from is high-fructose corn syrup, a sweetener that researchers have found to encourage the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Also, food dyes and sulfur dioxide are not good for your body so that’s one more reason to go for the best organic coconut water.


Why you should avoid coconut concentrate

Coconut concentrate, like any other concentrate, is a syrup made of the fruit’s pulp and it’s making process usually involves pasteurization. Coconut water that contains coconut concentrate is usually the syrup diluted in normal water, so it is far from what you want to purchase. 

It is cheaper for companies to put coconut concentrate inside your coconut water bottle and the coconut water might be cheaper as well, but you should always consider what you want from your coconut water: the taste or the nutrients it provides. If you just want the taste, the ones containing coconut concentrate are still an option, but an unhealthy one.


The way the coconuts are stored is important

You should know that the best brand of coconut water does not just take the coconut of the coconut tree and produce the coconut water on the spot. They have to transport coconuts to a factory where all the magic happens. This transportation process can take a few hours or a few days. 

That’s why some producers might store the coconuts in an unhealthy manner. It has been reported that some of them use sodium metabisulphite or formaldehyde in the process. 

Coconuts are dipped into these chemicals for preservation during transport and if they are kept long enough in the tanks these chemicals might penetrate the pulp and be present inside the coconut water as well. That’s why it’s important to only get products from the best coconut water brands so you don’t risk drinking all those harmful chemicals.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can I drink coconut water every day?

Coconut water is very popular these days because it contains electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium. It is well known that electrolytes help with rehydration and may even prevent dehydration, that is why some athletes use it after exercise. However, there are no studies that say how much of it you should drink. 

Even though it is a natural product, you should know that, because of its rich nutrients, you should consider your existing conditions. If you have none, you can probably drink it every day, but if you have high potassium levels, for example, you might want to avoid it.

In general, you should not worry if you want to drink it daily, but, as with any other food and drinks out there, moderation is the key. There can be such a thing as too much of a good thing, so you should always keep a balance between great taste and a healthy dose.

Q: Is there sugar in coconut water?

The answer is yes. There are 2.6 grams of sugar in 100 grams of fresh coconut water. But here we are talking about the coconut water that you drink directly from a freshly cut coconut. As we have previously mentioned, some coconut waters also contain added sweeteners and, before you buy it, you should read the label.

If you are a diabetic you might think that you should avoid coconut water but you should know that a study made on diabetic people concluded that coconut water might not be such a bad choice for diabetic people. However, the added sugar might be the problem and you should always consult your physician if you are not sure.

There are many brands that do not add any preservatives or sugar into the water. Sugar is a good preservative and that is why it can be found in some coconut water products present on the market these days.

Q: Does coconut water increase weight?

The answer to this question is: it depends on how you use it. If you drink fizzy and sugary drinks on a daily basis, switching to coconut water might have the opposite effect, it might help you lose weight. But this happens only if you choose to consume coconut water that has no added sugars. If it does, the switch will not make a difference.

However, if you are not eating sugar and you start to drink large amounts of coconut water a day, this might lead to some weight gain. But this situation happens only if you drink coconut water that contains added sugars. The other nutrients present in coconut water will not lead to weight gain.

As we have previously said, it is a matter of moderation. Do not forget that coconut water comes from fruit and fruits usually contain fructose. Depending on your lifestyle, coconut water can have different effects. Protection Status