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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Cocktail Shaker Set + Reviews


If you’re here to find the best cocktail shaker set, Grandma Jen recommends the Mixologist World Cocktail Shaker Bar Tools set as it comes with everything you need to get started. All of the pieces in the bartending kit are made from quality materials. Besides, despite its highly affordable price, this alternative will enable you to create drinking masterpieces for you and your friends and family as it includes a drink mixer, a double jigger, as well as a mixing spoon. In case you have little to no experience when it comes to mixing drinks, you can rest assured as this utensil and gadget set also comes with a recipe guide. What’s more, since the shaker is made of 18/8 stainless steel, it has a good chance of withstanding the test of time. If the Mixologist World option is no longer available, we suggest the next best choice, the Cresimo Pro Stainless Steel.



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3 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Given that there are so many cocktail shakers for sale, we thought we might give you a hand in selecting the right one for your needs. We’ve showcased three of the most sought-after options we came across while doing our research. Give them a shot if you haven’t made up your mind just yet.



1. Mixologist World Cocktail Shaker Bar Tools


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this set is one of the most popular ones available these days, and that’s because it comes with most of the things you need to get started with your mixing drinks adventure.

The Boston tin has a 24 oz capacity, which means that you’ll have the right amount for preparing two drinks or more, depending on the type you are mixing. You have the freedom to use the product with the lid, which boasts a built-in strainer, or you can utilize it with a pint glass, as some bartenders choose to do.

Probably the neatest thing about this set is that it comes with a plethora of accessories that range from a double jigger to a mixing spoon.

Finally, if you’re not feeling overly sure that you can handle the task of mixing drinks, you can rest assured that everything’s going to be fine as this choice is accompanied by a recipe guide. The illustrated booklet will undoubtedly give you a hand with creating scrumptious liquid masterpieces.



The professional mixology set comes with a 24-ounce cocktail shaker bar set containing a Muddler, a mixing bar spoon, an ice tong, and a double size measuring jigger tool.

Moreover, you will also get an illustrated guide for the cocktail set recipe. This plus all the accessories will ensure you impress your guests at any party.

What is more, the pieces are made from high-quality stainless steel with a mirror finish. Furthermore, they will not rust or leak and you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

This set is easy to use for both beginners and experienced bartenders. You will be able to prepare great drinks such as Mojito, Margarita, Bloody Mary, Pina Colada, and many more.

Another thing you will appreciate about this set is the fact that it comes covered by a five-year warranty.



The shaker does not have interior insulation and your hands will get cold when mixing with ice.


Buy from for ($25.99)





2. Cresimo Pro Stainless Steel


This Cresimo option is another one you should take into account, as it also comes with a lot of extra items that can assist you in perfecting your skills so as to mix your drinks as efficiently as possible.

Much like other choices we’ve come across, this one comes with a recipe guide that can take you through the steps you need to make to come up with perfect cocktails and mocktails.

As is the case with the Mixologist World choice, this one is made of 18/8 stainless steel. This particular detail is essential if you are looking for a cocktail set that can last a lifetime and preserve its shine.

The set includes a measurement jigger tool, a bottle opener, ice tongs, a Hawthorne strainer, as well as the actual shaker, which has a 19 oz capacity.

If you are to compare the Mixologist World unit with this one, it’s easy to see that the Cresimo has a lower capacity, and is, therefore, better at making shots instead of bigger cocktails. This aspect might be a drawback for some people.



This product is a complete cocktail shaker bar set made of premium stainless steel.

It contains a professional cocktail shaker, a muddler, a bar spoon, a Hawthrone strainer, a double size jigger tool, a corkscrew and a bottle opener, as well as ice tongs.

Besides the multitude of cocktail tools, you will also receive an illustrated cocktails recipe book that will help you prepare amazing drinks.

The quality materials used for this set ensure they are all rustproof and durable. Moreover, they are also dishwasher safe so you will not be spending too much time cleaning them.

For convenient storing, the set comes in a stainless steel storage rack which allows you to keep all the accessories in one place and in perfect order.



A few customers mentioned that the edges are a bit too sharp, although not many comments were made in this sense.


Buy from for ($26.95)





3. dbwares Premium 10 Piece Rotating Glass Rimmer


As one of the most generous sets in this line, the dbwares bartender kit is also worthy of your consideration.

Sure, it might be a tad more expensive, particularly when compared to some of the other units we’ve showcased in our selection. Nevertheless, it does really come with everything you might require to learn the craft of bartending.

For example, the dbwares Premium comes with as many as ten pieces, which automatically makes it stand out from the crowd. You can safely rely on any of the included tools, be it the muddler, double measuring jigger, or mixing spoon as they are all made of quality materials. The shaker set is manufactured from stainless steel, which means that it has a good chance of standing the test of time.

Something else that we have to note in relation to this product is that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While this detail might be less critical for some prospective buyers, it is unquestionably a reassuring aspect to bear in mind as you will be able to replace the pieces you’re dissatisfied with.



Just by looking at this product, you will notice that it is a professional bar toolset. It comes with all the necessary tools to prepare delicious mojito, martini, and other cocktails.

The kit contains ten pieces including a cocktail shaker, an ice bucket, and a glass rimmer. You have everything you need to make excellent alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

All the pieces in the set are made from high-quality stainless steel. For this reason, you can rest assured that the taste of your drinks will not be altered in any way. 

Moreover, due to their construction, all the pieces are very easy to clean, and they are also durable.

With this set, you will definitely be able to entertain your guests, but you can also make someone happy by offering it as a gift.



It would have been better if the ice bucket was insulated as some comments were made in this sense.


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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Purchasing the best cocktail shaker these days can be quite challenging, as there are many options available out there. With so many choices at your disposal, you might end up feeling a bit baffled as to which one best suits your needs. To make everything a little easier, we’ve put together a short guide that should take you through the essential aspects you need to consider. Check it out below.



What are the pieces made of?

When it comes to assessing the reliability and durability of such a set, the first thing you should look at is the material that the pieces have been constructed of. You’ll notice that cheaper products aren’t made of stainless steel or that the type of steel they were manufactured of isn’t specified in the product description.

People who have ever bought dinnerware know that not all stainless steel is made the same. It’s usually depicted with two figures. The first represents the chromium content while the second refers to the nickel content. It is a good idea to go for 18/8 stainless steel cocktail utensils because the chromium will give the tools corrosion-resistance properties while the nickel will ensure that they shine.

Lower quality tools can be made from 13/0 stainless steel, therefore suggesting that their chromium content is lower and they have no nickel for shine. So such tools and flatware can rust, at some point.


What does the set contain?

Many cocktail shaker reviews recommend choosing generous sets, especially if you’re only starting to learn how to mix drinks. The more utensils you’ll have at your disposal, the higher the likelihood of you wanting to experiment with them.

While some options can be more or less expensive compared to others, they will often include things like an ice bucket, a pair of tongs, a glass rimmer, a bottle opener, as well as a mixing spoon. In actuality, all of these items can add up to a lot of money if you were to purchase them separately, and the best thing about a set that comes with everything you need is that they all have the same shine and design.


Type of cocktail shaker

If you’re a home user, perhaps you have little to no knowledge when it comes to the design of the actual cocktail shaker, but believe it or not, there are three design types you ought to consider. A cobbler Shaker is simple and good for the novice, and it comes with an integrated strainer.

The Boston shaker doesn’t come with a strainer, but it is very easy to utilize, and since it has fewer parts, it’s even easier to clean. Finally, the French cocktail shaker is more expensive and more difficult to find, but it’s stylish, simple, and an excellent choice for beginners. Protection Status