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3 Best Citrus Presses – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Citrus Press + Reviews


If you are interested in the best citrus press, but you do not know what products to consider, we’ve got you covered. After evaluating the market by looking at what the experts had to say on the topic, and after going through the feedback comments left by previous buyers, we have concluded that the Bellemain Premium Quality is the product that might suit your needs. This manual juicer has an ergonomic design and, thus, it can also be used by those that suffer from arthritis. What is more, this unit is comfortable in the hands of the user as it has silicone-bonded handles that won’t slip from your hands. Because of its sturdiness, the seller argues that the model can be used for years on end before it needs to be replaced. If this device is out of stock, feel free to consider the Rainaco Anti Corrosive Manual as you might also like it.



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It is common knowledge that citrus juice is packed full of vitamins and other nutrients and it is always better when it is fresh. Squeezing fruit by hand is time consuming and requires a lot of hard work that can be easily avoided if you own a citrus press. To help you find the best citrus juice press we have included the following tips in this informative buying guide.



Our Comprehensive Buying Guide




The best citrus juice press reviews state that one of the first factors to consider is the type. There are three main types of citrus presses, manual, electric and commercial. Unless you are making juice daily for hundreds of people, chances are you only need to decide between a manual or electric model. Manual juice presses are the least expensive, but it does take a little longer. Electric juice presses are faster, but they do come at a higher price.



Most manual juice presses are designed to resemble two spoons placed together, and these basic models are inexpensive and capable of making fresh, sweet tasting juice. Other models are designed to sit on the countertop and come with a handle that you press down on to squeeze juice out the sliced fruit. If you have limited storage space, you will probably want to choose a small handheld citrus press.  Electric juice presses are designed to sit on the counter, and they can take up a lot of room. You can find these large juice presses in a variety of styles so it is possible to find one that matches the other appliances in your kitchen.  


Other considerations

Squeezing fresh juice can be messy and the citrus press will get sticky. This means that you will want to choose one that it easy to clean. Manual presses are typically the easiest to clean, since they come with fewer parts and most are designed to be dishwasher safe. Manual presses that come with non slip handles are always appreciated, especially when your hands are wet.Others  are designed to absorb some of the pressure you apply during pressing, this can make these models more comfortable to use and eliminate hand fatigue. Citrus presses constructed from stainless steel are durable, rust resistant and usually designed to last for years.



3 Best Citrus Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2021



It is easy to have fresh fruit juice every day with a citrus press, and there is probably one that is perfect for your needs. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best citrus press in 2021 showcased below.



1. Bellemain Premium Quality


1-rated-bellemain-premiumThere are several reasons why this is often considered the best hand citrus press. It comes at a price that will fit anyone’s budget, including college students who just want to stay healthy while they’re away at school. Bellemain designed this citrus press to be easy to use. Even if this is your first time squeezing your own juice, you won’t have any problems with this press.

The bowl has been designed to be the optimal size so you can easily press everything from limes and lemons to larger oranges. The sturdy hinges are reinforced for added durability and the levers are designed to withstand heavy pressure without bending.

Since this handheld citrus press is constructed from stainless steel it is resistant to rust, and easy to clean. Simply drop it in the dishwasher and it will be clean and ready to go the next time you want to press juice.

The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and to provide a secure grip. Since they are constructed from stainless steel and silicone bonded they can last for years.


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2. Lemon Squeezer Sliver Lemon Juicer


2-raniaco-lemon-squeezerIf you are looking for the best rated citrus press you might want to consider this model by Rainaco. This manual citrus press is designed to be easy and convenient to use so you will want to make fresh juice every day.

Its sturdy construction can withstand plenty of pressure so extracting juice from lemons, oranges and other citrus fruit is never a hassle. Its stainless steel construction also means that the press is easy to clean, simply drop it in the dishwasher.

The bowl measures 2.8 inches making it the optimal size for holding a variety of fruits. This gives you more options on what kind of juice you want to extract. This press is also designed to leave the seeds and rind before so your fresh juice is smooth without lumps of pulp.

The wide handles are comfortable to grasp and since they are textured the juice press won’t easily slip out of wet hands. Perfect for making smaller amounts of juice, this citrus press might be exactly what you are looking for.



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3. Oxo Good Grips Citrus Squeezer


3-oxo-good-gripsOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is the design of the citrus press. The handles are designed to be comfortable to grasp, and to relieve some of the pressure you apply. This effectively eliminates hand and wrist fatigue so you can easily press fresh juice every day. The intuitive design also ensures that the handles won’t slip easily out of your hands.

Whether you are squeezing a small lemon or larger orange, this citrus press can handle almost any fruit. This makes it easy for you to press everyone’s favorite juice. You can even create your own unique flavors by blending different juices together once they’ve been pressed. Since it is constructed from die cast aluminum you know that this citrus press will last for years.

For added durability and to make it easier to clean, the press is covered in a non-stick finish. This also makes it easier to rinse clean. So you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product this citrus press is recommended by America’s Test Kitchen.


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