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3 Best Chocolate Fondue Fountains – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Chocolate Fondue Fountain + Reviews


If you’re reading this only to discover the best chocolate fondue fountain, Grandma Jen is here to help you with a quick recommendation that will waste none of your precious time. The Wilton Chocolate Pro 2104-9008 is the model that appears to score the highest in consumers’ preferences at the moment. It is ideal for small parties and gatherings, as it can hold up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate so that all your guests can enjoy the special dessert you prepared for them. Another thing you will love about this model is that the removable parts can be cleaned easily by hand, or using a dishwasher. The bubble level mechanism helps with steadying the unit on any surface so that you don’t risk toppling it over. In case the Wilton Chocolate Pro 2104-9008 is out of stock, Grandma Jen recommends the Sportstorm 4 Tiers, a model that is almost just as good.



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Back in the days, only professional caterers could afford chocolate fondue fountains, and anyone who wanted to throw a fancy party had no other means but to rent one along with the other services offered by these companies. However, today, homeowners can turn their parties around by using a fantastic looking chocolate fountain as a centerpiece. Here are some tips on how to get the best chocolate fountain around.



Number of tiers

When you’re looking at models designed for home use, you may choose between two typical configurations: 3-tier and 4-tier units. This feature is important layout wise, as a 4-tier unit tends to be taller than a 3-tier one. It will also appear larger, so, if you are placing it on a table where it ends up dwarfing anything else around, that may not be such a great idea.

Other substantial differences cannot be spotted. It is evident that a larger chocolate fountain will appear fancier, but choose it only if that is something that will work for your setup.


Leveling mechanism

It may not always be easy to find the perfect spot for your chocolate fountain. Many of the chocolate fondue fountain reviews available insist on getting a unit that comes with some leveling mechanism. That includes adjustable feet that can be worked with when the table you want to put the chocolate fountain on does not sit exactly on flat terrain.

A bubble level will help you adjust the position of the chocolate fondue fountain so that no accidents will occur. After all, no one wants to attend a party when the main event would be that the chocolate fountain caused an accident.

Easy clean-up features

Once the party is over, you will have to get to the not so pleasant job of cleaning the fountain. That means that any possibilities to take some parts away and wash them separately are welcome. Choose a model that comes with a detachable base and has dishwasher-safe parts.



3 Best Chocolate Fondue Fountains (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Now that you are familiar with what kind of feature you should expect in a chocolate fondue fountain, it is time to meet the models that have, so far, managed to conquer buyers’ hearts through their outstanding performance and value.



1. Wilton 2104-9008 Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain


If you’re looking for a good chocolate fondue fountain, one of the first models to jot down on your shortlist is the Wilton Chocolate Pro 2104-9008. Hand-dipped desserts are made easy with the help of this beautiful chocolate fountain. The three tiers allow the chocolate to flow smoothly, creating a luxurious effect that will make many of the guests talk about your party for days.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to stabilize the fountain on a less even surface since it comes with adjustable feet that can be modified as the need arises. Along with the bubble level that shows you when you reach the perfect configuration, this simple features can save you a lot of headaches.

The maximum quantity of chocolate this model can hold is 4 pounds, and you will have to use only fondue chocolate, to avoid causing a malfunction. There will be plenty for your guests to enjoy, so you just need to think about what delicious bits would work best with the chocolate.

When you need to wrap the party up and start cleaning, you will have another pleasant surprise. Some parts can be removed for easy washing, and the best part is that they are dishwasher safe.


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2. Sportstorm 4 Tiers Commercial Stainless Steel


Among the chocolate fountains available for sale, you will find the Sportstorm 4 Tiers, a unit that is guaranteed to turn any party around. Equipped with four levels that will make the chocolate flow like a delicious, decadent tide, this model will help you make the most mundane buffet as fancy as possible.

For serving chocolate strawberries, or any other dipped desserts, this type of device is designed to make your job easier, and also offer guests the possibility to choose whatever they like best. The stepped cone of the fountain allows the chocolate to drip slowly, and the melted chocolate is kept warm inside the basin at the bottom.

From there, the chocolate is pumped, with the help of an auger, towards the crown, to make another loop. Don’t be surprised if your guests will love so much in love with it that they will start nagging you to throw another party.

This model is not just for home parties. Just as well, it can be used for in the entrance of a shopping mall, of a restaurant or a hotel. For weddings, and all kinds of other ceremonies, this chocolate fountain will work just like a charm.


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3. Nostalgia CFF986 4 Tier Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue


This 4-tier model can hold up to 2 pounds of chocolate, and it is designed to make your party guests relaxed and happy. You can either choose to use the fountain with fondue chocolate or with liqueurs, for an even more decadent effect.

As it is made from stainless steel, the fountain is safe for getting in contact with food. It is highly recommended to use only BPA-free food appliances of any kind because this dangerous plastic compound can be a hormonal disruptor and it can affect your health. There are no such issues to be concerned with when you choose this particular model.

The auger-style pumping mechanism helps the chocolate flow smoothly, for a guaranteed relaxed and pleasant effect. The base keeps the chocolate in a liquid state, and overall, the fountain is easy to assemble. The elegant design is bound to impress your guests, and its construction is sturdy and reliable.

When you need to clean up the chocolate fountain, you will find that disassembling is just as easy as putting it together. Being easy to clean, it will not be a bother even when the party is over, and that is a great plus.


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