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10 Best Cherry Pitters – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Cherry Pitter + Reviews


Here you’ll find out about the best cherry pitter out there, especially if you have little time on your hands to do some thorough research for yourself. After carefully looking at the quality and value offered by some of the most critically acclaimed products out there, our team has managed to come to the mutual agreement that the Oxo Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter is the one you should totally go for! This finesse product combines a splatter shield that protects the work area with some high-quality zinc construction and soft, easy-going handles that absorb the pressure on your hands. In the unfortunate events that all the cherries have been picked and this item is not available, you may want to take the Obecome Cherry Pitter into consideration as well for your daily needs of eating fruits that first require a pitter in order to be consumed in a comfortable, civilized manner.



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10 Best Cherry Pitters (Updated Reviews) in 2021



It’s bad enough that delicious fruits like cherries can only be eaten once in a blue moon but even then people have to pick out the pits out of each and every single one! This is why we took great care to select some of the best cherry pitters out there that will significantly reduce downtime and allow you to enjoy eating them more!



1. Oxo Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter


People looking for a very good cherry pitter will definitely be interested in what the Oxo Good Grips has to offer since it is a high-quality item that comes with non-slip, protected handles designed to take care of your hands, and a splatter shield to take care of the mess.

The die-cast zinc design is made for the long run and it is extremely unlikely you will require any other device for a long time. This design and material used also add a lot of strength to the tool, allowing it to better cast out the pits and leave more of the fruit intact for your enjoyment.

The included holder is nice enough to be able to accommodate small and large cherries and even other things such as olives, making for a very nice device that can serve more than one purpose.

The product also looks very sleek and can find its place without worries in a high-end kitchen stuffed with appliances.



At the end of the day, this is a very simple and easy-to-use item that goes a long way toward improving the traditional concept of a cherry pitter.

The non-slip handle benefits from the fact that it has extra protection for your hands, especially in places where people have to do this for a long time, every day.

Storage-wise, you should encounter no issues as the item locks very tightly and it is quite compact so it can fit pretty much anywhere.

Another bonus is the fact that this device is so good that is works for both large and small cherries, so no more using different pitters for different-sized fruits!



Unfortunately, one of the biggest downsides to this cherry pitter is the fact that it can only pit one cherry at a time. However, this does amount to more precision every time and more fruit left for you to eat.


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2. Obecome Cherry Pitter


Say hello to possibly one of your top choices when you are looking for an efficient cherry pitter to take care of multiple delicious fruits at a time! When you’ve got lots of them and you simply cannot wait to savor that sweet sweet flavor, a tool like the Obecome 6-plunger really shines brightest.

This wonderful device allows you to pit up to 6 cherries in one go and while you hurry to open it in order to taste the fruits (pun intended) of your labor, the pits are falling nicely into a container below that is easily removable and completely washable after every use.

The entire cherry pitter was manufactured to be dishwasher safe so bye-bye manual washing while the easiness with which you can assemble it and disassemble it will make life quite easy and fun.

Furthermore, the product locks tightly and compactly so whenever you need to store it or transport it somewhere, you should have no issues whatsoever.



This is a very good solution for people with a lot of cherries on their hands and in need of a fast and cheap fix, due to the fact that it can pit up to 6 cherries in one fell swoop.

When quantity trumps quality, this is the device to get due to how easy it is to use and pit a large amount of fruits in a short time.

The removable base is great for catching pits and juice so that not a single drop goes somewhere where it should not be.

Many cherry pitters offer half the pleasure because while cherries are delicious, cleaning them afterward is very hard, so this is where this one comes in.



While a very good product in its own right, this is still a plastic cherry pitter so one must exercise caution when applying pressure, in order to avoid breaking it.


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3. Lalafancy Heavy Duty Cherry Pitter and Strawberry Huller


This is a cheap cherry pitter that will work wonders regardless of the price since the manufacturer was quite careful to provide maximum quality regardless of how much the customer actually pays for it. The device can be applied with only one hand, so hand fatigue is a thing of the past that can be gone and forgotten.

Furthermore, you don’t have to assemble anything as you can simply unbox it and go to town on those cherries, without worrying about bruising and wasting fruits. Space was also an issue that was considered as many parts of the product, including the handle and the tail lock are able to be pressed down in order to save storage room.

The design offers the ability to hold fruits due to the silicone ring and pad so they won’t simply split away, which can save up quite a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the remains of the process.



This tool is so good that it can be used for a wide margin of things and a large number of fruits such as cherries, olives, grapes, Chinese dates, and so on.

The material was chosen with great care as the ABS plastic and stainless steel offer a terrific combination of brains and brawns that simply ensure the durability of your product, regardless of how much you use it.

The fact that it is easy to use but does not take up a lot of space when not in use makes this a very convenient cherry pitter that can find its place in any kitchen.



While this device is able to provide a flawless one-hand operation, the accuracy of the process means it is not able to process more than one fruit at a time so it can be quite inconvenient when dealing with large quantities.


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4. Prepworks from Progressive Cherry Pitter


Here we have a good cherry pitter tool that allows you to easily pit up to 4 cherries at once with little to no effort on your side, completely aligning with the “no stress or mess” concept promoted by the company.

If working on one task at a time is not your thing and you enjoy multitasking the pits out of your cherries, fear not as Progressive understands. This innovative product comes with a patent-pending design that is able to professionally and efficiently extract the stones from four cherries or even olives at once.

Dimensions-wise, you will receive a 7 inches x 2.9 inches x 2.2 inches product that, for a more visual reference, looks like a very wide stapler and, in fact, uses the same spring-action as your favorite paper-clipper.

The cherry pitter is available in two different color combinations, with a white lid that can go with a clear white base or a red one.



Purchasing this product will net you three separate pieces that assemble together beautifully: One top piece that comes with the attached zinc pikes, the actual tray you need to place the cherries on, and the bottom piece that will take care of all the residuals.

The device also has a non-skid base so moving around on the counter as you are working is completely out of the question.

For maximum efficiency, the fruits are placed in individual, concave spots while the reversible and removable tray has adequate places to fit both smaller and larger fruits.

The item is designed in such a way as to leave most of the fruit intact, leaving only a small hole or ‘’x’’ on the spot the seed was extracted from.



Since this is a plastic device and the amount of applied pressure is always an issue, it may not always extract every single pit from the first try.


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5. Leifheit 37200 Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher


The Leifheit 37200 is the product to get for people looking for a cherry pitter machine that can offer speed and convenience at the same time. This is a modern tool, it is fast, reliable, well-designed and the way it works makes sure to deliver a high level of convenience.

Customers will have a very easy time using this since the only action needed is to simply load up the cherries on top and then start a repetitive motion of pressing and releasing the plunger. This way, you will pit the fruits and the unused remains will simply fall into the included container while the cherries fall into a place of your choosing.

The product is also dishwasher safe and is able to process up to 25 pounds of pitted fruits per hour. Therefore, processing entire batches of them for things like baking or canning has just become a lot easier.



This is a quick and easy-to-use cherry pitter that comes backed by a 2-year warranty so you will be good to go for a long, long time.

The large pit catcher makes sure you won’t have to stop and empty it every time while the stainless steel plunger pretty much oozes quality and durability.

The dishwasher safe and cleaning-oriented system means that not only will you be able to process large quantities of cherries but the tougher part is not going to take ages either.

Get ready to enjoy an unlimited amount of your favorite fruit without worrying about pits or where you are going to dispose of them.



While the plunger is indeed made out of stainless steel, the rest of the device is pure plastic so users still have to take some care when applying force to it since this is not exactly the most durable material out there.


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6. ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter


This is a very good cherry pitter that was designed to be able to function with only one hand needed so it’s going to be quite convenient and fun to have it. You will be able to use this to quickly pit cherries and enjoy eating them without wasting too much time.

Furthermore, there is no complicated assembly process that is going to wait for you since you just need to unpack the product and you are good to go. This high-quality item ensures you will get fruits that are not bruised or wasted, regardless of the type you prefer.

The way this is built makes for a great pitting choice, regardless of the type of cherries. You can have Bing and Rainier ones, and any and all types of cherries out there and the machine will be able to properly take care of them.



This is quite well designed, to say the least, and it has a heavy-duty air about it that makes you think it’s going to last for years. For the building process, the manufacturer went with a zinc alloy coupled with a non-corrosive sleek finish that compliments everything really well.

The product is also dishwasher safe so cleaning will not be a problem, while the quality of the material ensures it is not going to discolor from any type of juice or substance.

The company has great faith in the product and it offers a very nice return policy, especially the part about the cherry pitter being replaced, no questions asked, if it breaks during the time the warranty is active.



This item seems to leave quite a gap in the fruits during the pitting process which is something that can bother a lot of would-be customers who enjoy eating their cherries whole.


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7. ProTensils Cherry Pitter Tool


According to cherry pitter reviews, this device is another popular offer due to the nice combination of price and efficiency that has drawn many a customer to it. Since cherries are small fruits, people typically like to eat them in bulk and this product helps a lot with that since it is able to process 6 of them in one go.

Something that is really unique about it is the fact that it comes with an instructional e-book that gets sent to the customers’ email. The refund policy is another pleasant thing to see and, even though it is made from plastic, it’s BPA free.

The low price draws a lot of looks since the cherry pitter looks good and seems to get the job done in a quick and efficient way, and what more could you ask for from such a simple yet quite complex device?



Any buyer will be able to use this to process hundreds of cherries in just a few minutes without worrying about the pits afterward.

The setup process is simple and straightforward as all one needs to do is press the device like you would a stapler and watch the pits graciously fall into the collection bowl beneath, ready to be disposed of in a moment of your choosing.

This tool does indeed offer the gift of speed and efficiency so it will always be attractive to people who need a quick and reliable fix when being tempted by the delicious fruits and don’t mind a little rough work.



As good as it is, this cherry pitter is made from plastic so it may not last as long as similar products that are made of metal. Furthermore, it’s not quite up there in the precision department either, so be advised.


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8. Locisne Revolutionary Cherry Pitter


This is another popular choice in the world of good cherry pitters since it is both well-priced and offers the convenience and efficiency of being able to process up to 6 cherries in one go. Since it is safer for children to eat fruits without pits, this is going to be a great addition to your house, especially since it’s made from Earth-friendly materials.

The spring-loaded mechanism makes the entire device very easy and intuitive to use, while the locks are able to be folded together in order to save space when you don’t need your favorite cherry pitter.

The non-skid base does a great job keeping the entire thing stable so that it does not move in a crucial moment and risk reaping away the rewards of your work. While it does this, high-quality zinc prongs push the pits through, completing the entire process in a fast and efficient manner.



This product will make eating fruits with pits easier and healthier as it allows you to get rid of the unwanted parts without making a mess everywhere.

The device is easy to press down and it will offer no hand fatigue, no matter how many times you are going to be pressing it when the crave for sweet fruits begins to haunt you (and we bet it’s going to be a lot!).

Once you’re done, the cleaning part should pose no problems either as the product is dishwasher safe, so nothing hard there. It disassembles quickly and neatly, allowing for fast cleaning and efficient storage afterward.



Since this is indeed made from plastic, things like frozen cherries or anything ice-cold that you might want to use for smoothies can potentially be a problem that’s going to make or break the entire process (literally).


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9. ILamourCar Portable Cherry Core Remover


Say hello to your next cherry core remover as this product is made of high-quality ABS material that will withstand the test of time and of removed pits, regardless of the intensity you are using it with.

The food-grade silicone is a nice addition to the ABS material while the spoon-shaped holder makes collecting cherries a breeze and eating them that much more of a pleasure. The handles add to the overall delight of using this item, while the splatter shield can do no wrong when it comes to protecting your surfaced in the face of threatening cherry juice.

This is also one of the cheaper cherry pitters out there so when looking at the price-to-quality ratio, you can really do no wrong buying it. For many people who enjoy eating small fruits but do not like to get messy, this tool can be quite a game-changer.



While many others claim to be so, this is indeed a device that is simple to operate since you only need to press the handle and push a little on the lock latch in order to unlock the machine, then pull it back in order to lock everything into place, removing all pits effortlessly.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the second part of the process as cleaning is just as easy since the entire product is dishwasher safe. If you’re into that type of stuff, it’s also okay to wash it by hand as well.

The perfect design makes this pitter very good not only for cherries but also for things like olives, hawthorn, and other similar fruits.



When dealing with ripe and juicy cherries, not even the extra lip is enough to protect the things around the user from being splattered with sweet, sticky juice.


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10. Kebley Cherry Pitter Portable


You can read one cherry pitter review after another and still be a little confused about which one to buy from the myriad of choices out there. If you like squishy fruits but do not like to get dirty, this crafty cherry stoner might just be the thing for you and it is worth to give it a try.

The Kebley cherry pitter comes with a longer-than-normal pit rod that allows the user to push through everything with comparable ease. Furthermore, the spoon-shaped holder is great for collecting the prepared fruits.

The manufacturer also took one step forward and tried to find an answer to a common cherry pitter issue, more precisely juice sprawling everywhere when extracting the pits from those squishy fruits. The lengthened splatter shield should do very well protecting your entire work area so you don’t need to worry about it ever again.



The product also comes with nice non-slip handles that aim to avoid tiring out your hand since you’ll only need one of them to use it.

There is no extra-assembly required as the tool can simply be unboxed and it will be ready to pit some cherries right away, offering a completely faster way to enjoy some fresh fruits when compared to the good ol’ pitting them by hand option that always seems to take forever.

This item is also lock closed to allow for some efficient and convenient storage since one need only press the handles in order to unlock it, and this can be helpful for cleaning it as well after the rest of the process is done.



Splatter shield or no splatter shield, a contained area in which to work is still to be preferred in order to avoid getting juice all over your cabinets, furniture or kitchen appliances.


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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Just in case we’ve reached this point in time and you are still not familiar with what it means, a cherry pitter is a God-sent tool that allows the removal of pits, or stones, from cherries and other similar fruits so that people with regular levels of patience can enjoy them without having to sit through the tedious process of pulling them out by hand.

Most such tools will be able to successfully accomplish this task without destroying the rest of the fruit in the process so they can come in handy whether you’re trying out that new, delicious recipe or you just want to enjoy a succulent cherry without fearing that tough pit at the end of your bite.

The market is so flooded though that the different styles and mechanisms make choosing one quite difficult for the inexperienced consumer. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks in order to choose the one that best fits you.



Handheld or countertop cherry pitter

While everybody would like an electric cherry pitter in their life, the major differences between the different types of these devices are related to their design, more specifically if they’re handheld or countertop pitters.

As the name points out, handheld ones require the use of one or both of your hands in order to get the job done while countertop pitters often boast a pair of rubber feet or another, similar mechanism that keeps them steady and secure on the table while you are working. You will then have to simply pull a lever to extract the pit and receive a delicious, empty cherry.

Keep in mind that while countertop pitters work faster and can take on a bigger workload at any given time, they are less precise than handheld ones so they’re probably not the choice for you if your cherry-pitting OCD is prone to start acting up.



Many manufacturers use a wide range of materials when it comes to this, ranging from plastic to stainless steel to durable zinc alloy and other, similar ones.

Therefore, it’s all about what you are looking to get out of your product. Plastic is definitely the more affordable one of them all but then it’s also the least durable and a bad choice can even make your cherry pitter-less after only a few uses.

When it comes to metal, you’ll get more of an “automatic cherry pitter” feel since the high-quality material will earn your trust from day one and win back the money you paid for it in the long run.



As we said, the widely different designs can net a lot of different results when it comes to how many you’re trying to get at one time and how efficiently you are pitting your fruits. While some products make a clean cut that is nice to look at, others aim for faster results and choose to lose some of that accuracy instead.

Again, it’s your choice whether you want to enjoy more cherries sooner or you’re able to wait a little while longer but receive perfectly-pitted fruits. Decide what is better and follow that course of action by looking at items that manage to fulfill it.