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3 Best Ceramic Knives – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Ceramic Knife + Reviews


If you are in the market searching for the best ceramic knife, we recommend Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series. The Revolution series is suitable for both professional and home cooks. These knives are well-known for a variety of uses, easy handling, and low weight that generate less stress on your wrist, and give you comfort when cutting, chopping, or slicing. The ceramic blade is ten times more durable and sharp than the traditional steel knife. You can use this tool to cut thin slices of vegetables and fruit, for example. The ceramic blade is ideal for daily home cooking and can be used for boneless meats, fruits, and vegetables. In case this particular product is not available, you can also try the Cook N Home 9-Piece Ceramic Knife Set, containing five pieces for various uses: santoku chef’s, utility, fruit, paring knives with sheaths, and a peeler.



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In case you are considering acquiring a new knife, a ceramic one is a good option, as such models are very light, affordable, and also really sharp. However, before going forward, you ought to consider what you need the knife for, as a ceramic blade is not an all-purpose tool. Nonetheless, if you want to complete your knife roll with a resistant edge, capable of slicing and dicing with accuracy, a ceramic knife is an excellent addition.




Ceramic knives are not simply named this way; they are really made from ceramics. You might wonder, how can a blade be useful if made from the same material as a coffee mug?

Well, the element used for these type of knives is zirconia or zirconium oxide. It is notably much stronger than carbon steel or stainless steel. It also does not rust, nor it absorbs odors.



Even though ceramic knives look like elaborate plastic cutlery, they are actually really sharp. They are resistant, and if you handle these types of knives with care, they will maintain their sharpness for much longer than steel blades.

One thing you ought to know, though, is that when they go weak, ceramic blades are complicated to sharpen at home, so it is best to reach a professional.



One of the first features you will notice when you get your ceramic knife is probably going to be its weight. They are very, very light, in contrast with a traditional steel knife.

For this reason, ceramic blades can be handled with less difficulty and effort. However, if you are going to use it daily for a lot of cutting and slicing, your arms will feel tired, as they are doing all the work, in case the knife is too light.


Ceramic knives are great because they are much lighter and sharper than traditional ones; however, they are also very fragile. If not handled with care, the blade can get chipped easily. You need to be very careful, not to use the ceramic knife for anything like trying to cut through bones, seeds or pits.



Again, it is necessary to know how you can use a ceramic knife, what for, and for what you shouldn’t. Ceramic blades cannot substitute a chef’s knife. They are perfect for certain things and even better than traditional ones. For example, they are the best choice for cutting cold butter.



3 Best Ceramic Knives (Updated Reviews) in 2021



A good ceramic knife can be a headache to find as there are so many options available. As always, we do not recommend cheap ceramic knives to be the first filter of your search, but we can help you in recommending three kitchen knives under 100, to choose from.



1. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic 


Kyocera brings on the market the Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series, and the product in question is the 7-inch Professional Chef’s Knife. It has an elegant design with a black handle and white blade.

This knife is appropriate for mincing, chopping, and dicing. The blade was ground by diamond wheels with microscopic accuracy, for superior sharpness.  

The ceramic material is entirely invulnerable to juices, oils, acids or other factors, and, unlike the traditional steel blade, it does not rust.

When it comes to management, the Kyocera ceramic knife is very well stable in the user’s hand, and also very light. Tiredness is reduced during repeated cutting, due to its ergonomic handle.

If you are wondering about maintenance, this ceramic knife should only be washed by hand. For sharpening, the manufacturer recommends using the Kyocera electric sharpener or mailing it to Kyocera for a free sharpening.

Kyocera is a renowned name in the cutlery industry, and they definitely have other products that we can recommend, such as carving knives, sharpeners, or knife blocks. In case you were planning to spend even less on a ceramic knife, we can suggest waiting for it to go on sale.


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2. Cook N Home 9 Piece Ceramic Knife Set


As we mentioned, ceramic knives are not appropriate for all-purpose use. However, acquiring a ceramic knife set can be very helpful.

Cook N Home presents this 9-Piece Knife set, including sheaths. The multicolor collection contains a 6-inch santoku chef’s unit, a 5-inch utility model, a 4-inch one for fruit, 3-inch paring knives, and also a peeler.

The knives are sharp and tougher than traditional steel, with a rare requirement for sharpening. The ceramic blades offer the food’s original taste, as they are non-reactive with it. Also, there will be no metallic taste slicing fruits and vegetables.

Regarding maintenance, they are easy to clean. It is recommended to hand wash the blades. Apart from looking nice, these ones are also hygienic and balanced. If you have no need for new knives, the Cook N Home ceramic knives set, can make a very nice gift, as well.

The ceramic knife reviews for this set are positive. Generally, customers offered high scores, and the opinion is that the price-quality ratio is a fair one.

If you are in the market searching for a multi-purpose knife or knife collection and do not want to spend a lot of money on it, the Cook N Home 9-piece ceramic knife set can be precisely what you need.


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3. Cuisinart C59CE-8CF Elements Ceramic


The Cuisinart Elements Chef’s knife is a long-lasting, stronger and sharper product especially compared to stainless-steel blades. The knife is also break-resistant during food preparation, providing superior quality. However, the edge can break or chip, in case it is dropped on a hard surface.

Because of the new and advanced blade technology, the edge maintains its sharpness for a more extended time than traditional steel ones, and it also resists rust. The blade is 8-inch long, suitable for using it on fruits, vegetables, and even boneless meat.

The handle is designed ergonomically, therefore offering outstanding comfort, but also strength when handled.

According to customer reviews, the item is worth every cent, and the general opinions are quite positive. One of the most sought-after features of this model is its blade sharpness, which is indeed superior and long-lasting compared to that of its counterparts requiring sharpening more rarely than steel blades.

Since we are talking about a ceramic knife, you ought to be careful when managing it. It should be hand washed instead of cleaning it in the dishwasher, and you should also be careful not to drop it, hit it or use it to cut hard things, such as bones, or you might end up with a chipped blade.

You should also know that the item comes with a five-year limited warranty.


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