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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Cast Iron Pizza Pan + Reviews


A true lover or pizza needs to know which is the best cast iron pizza pan that will help you cook the perfect dish. Not to worry because Grandma Jen is here to help you and to make your life easier. Therefore, if you want a product that will meet your pizza expert needs then look no more because the A1 Chef Premium Pizza Pan has all it takes for making a delicious pizza with a nice crunchy crust. The product is made entirely from strong iron which accelerates the heating process and keeps the pan hot throughout the cooking process. Also, this item can be used for a variety of meals, from pizzas to biscuits and crepes and the non- slip bottom makes the cleaning afterward easy and effortless. If, somehow, the product is not available, check out the California Home Goods Pizza Pan, the second best in our list.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you know how good a pizza can taste, then you know how important is it to find a product that delivers great taste in a short amount of time. Therefore, we looked for various information from web reviews, previous customer feedback, and some useful expert ideas and we concluded with a short list of the most important features a cast iron pizza pan must have.


Strength and Durability

The main advantage a cast iron pizza pan brings to the kitchen is the fact that, with proper care, it will last longer because of the strength of the iron material. Therefore, when looking for the best pizza pan on the market, the first thing you must take into consideration is the durability and the resistance of the craftsmanship.

Because cast iron can be used even at higher temperatures without the risk of damaging the pan, you can be sure that a product like this won’t break if you drop it on the kitchen floor or if you expose it to sudden shifts of temperatures.

The great part of having a cast iron pizza pan is that you don’t need to preheat the oven nor the pan before placing the pizza and even if the dough is frozen the dish will still be ready in the same amount of cooking time.


Product versatility

According to the best cast iron pizza pan reviews, a multifunctional product will come handier among the kitchen appliances because you can use it for cooking a variety of meals and dishes, as your family desires.

So, when looking for the pans for sale, make sure to choose a proper pan size and you’ll see that you can place it on almost any heating source such as stovetops, BBQ grills and even over a campfire. Generally, a 14-inch diameter works great in order to serve it as a griddle for cooking diverse and tasteful dishes.

Besides cooking pizza, a high-quality cast iron pizza pan for sale allows you to cook roasted vegetables, eggs and bacon, pancakes, crepes, cookies, biscuits and even fish fillets.


Heating process

After you preheat the cast iron pan, the heat spreads evenly and maintained throughout the entire cooking time, therefore, the pizza will look uniform, without hot spots or burned areas and crusts.

Plus, even after you remove the an from the oven the pizza stays hot and the topping continues to cook for a few minutes, while the dish stays warm, ready for you to enjoy it.



3 Best Cast Iron Pizza Pans (Updated Reviews) in 2021



If you want to know which are the best cast iron pizza pans, you’ll find them presented below. Our selection was made after a careful reading of other reviews, and online testes and all models have the essential features we previously described in our buying guide.



1. A1 Chef Premium Quality Cast Iron Pizza Pan


Whether you plan to make pizza for the entire family or want to make a lovely surprise to one of your friends as a birthday gift, this cast iron pizza pan from A1 Chef is a fantastic choice given the top quality of the materials.

Made from strong and superior cast iron produced at high standards, the product aims to satisfy every client needs and to deliver the best pizza servings one could possible imagine. Plus, besides cooking pizzas, you can even bake desserts such as cakes, biscuits, pancakes and crepes and even heat the dinner leftovers.

Because this cast iron pizza pan heats in a few seconds, there’s no need to wait for the dough to defrost in order to place it in the oven. This item is ideal if you plan on having multiple servings for the entire family or friends gatherings.

Also, the fact that the pan is made from iron means that the heat will evenly cook the pizza, without the risk of burning the crust or having undercooked areas.

Once the pizza party is done, all you have to do is to pour some hot water over the pan and apply a little bit of cooking oil in order to prevent the rusting.



This cast iron pizza pan from A1 Chef is made from top notch materials that heat the item in a few seconds which means the pizza is ready to be cooked without the need of preheating the oven.

The product is quite versatile, and it can be used not only to cook pizza but also to bake cakes, biscuits or to warm some leftovers from previous dinners.

Also, the pizza pan distributes the heat evenly and cooks the pizza in the same manner worldwide famous chefs do.

Made from superior cast iron produced at modern standards, this pan delivers delicious meals in a safety manner thanks to its useful handles, placed on both sides.



Apparently, some customers complaint that, during the first usage, the cast iron pizza pan released a toxic smell, after being placed in the oven. Nevertheless, this issue is common for new kitchen items made from steel, but the smell only appears when heated for the first time. Afterward, it diminishes, and the pan is safety to use.


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2. California Home Goods Cast Iron Pizza Pan


A cast iron pizza for every pizza lover out there, this product from California Home Goods is made from great materials that will transform yours in the perfect gourmet chef that cooks delicious meals for the entire family.

Not only you can make pizza with this pan, but you can use it for grilling, for broiling or for frying meat and vegetables.  

Ready to use once you finish with the unboxing, this item comes with a pre- seasoned vegetable oil formula that allows you to start cooking any desired meal, including cakes, biscuits, and tortillas.

Also, because the heat is spread evenly throughout the entire pan surface, the pizza or any other dish will uniform cook and with a desired golden crust that any food addict dreams off.

The fact that the pan is equipped with two handles on both sides makes it easier to place it in the oven, to transport it to the kitchen table and even to store it around the house.

As for the cleaning part, once the dish is done with the cooking, simply grab the pan by the handles and dip it into hot water. You can leave it for a few seconds in order to remove the stains completely.



This cast iron pizza pan from California Home Goods delivers pizza servings with crunchy and golden crusts, just like the ones made of professionals top chefs.

Not only does this pan heats evenly in a matter of seconds but the cast iron material maintains the heat for a longer period of time.

Plus, once the pan is out of the box it can be used immediately thanks to the vegetable oil preseasoned formula.

Also, the handles placed on both sides makes it easier to work with and to store or to transport it securely.

After the pan is used, it can be easily cleaned by sinking it into warm water.



This pizza pan is made from great quality materials that are a must in order to achieve the standards of delicious cooking. Even though there were some reviews that claimed the pan is too heavy this is not a big issue because it makes the pan more stable and durable.


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3. Camp Chef CIPZ14


A must have product in every home kitchen, this cast iron pizza pan from Camp Chef is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a crispy and tasty pizza, made entirely in the privacy of their own home, but with gourmet standards.

The quality of the cast iron material keeps the pan warm even after you get it out of the oven and it continues to cook the meal because of the absorbed heat. You don’t need to preheat the oven nor to keep the pizza inside too much because the topping will get even a golden shade even if you switch off the fire.

Also, this pizza pan not only cooks pizza or fish and meat but is suitable for a variety of dishes such as cakes, biscuits, pancakes, eggs, bacon or fried vegetables.

The pan doesn’t have special requirements; once you unboxed it, you can start using in without the risk of having the food stuck to the pan.

After cooking the meals, you can easily clean the pan by picking it safely by the two handles, placed on both sides of the pan, and dipping into warm water. The food residuals will come off even better if you leave in there for a couple of minutes.



This pan from Camp Chef is fantastic for the simple fact that, compared to other similar product on the market, is sturdy but not too heavy.

Because the cast iron adds resistance to the product, once the pan is placed in the oven the heat will be evenly distributed, for a uniform cooking process.

Also, the size of the pizza pan makes this item ideal for cooking a variety of meals and even baking delicious desserts.

The ergonomic handles placed on each side of the pan makes it easier to grab it and placed in the oven or a griddle if needed.



Apparently, some buyers complained that the surface of the pizza pan doesn’t heat evenly other dishes such as pancakes. Just keep in mind that the pizza dough is different from the pancakes one. Therefore, you should place it in the center of the pan in order to achieve the desired fluffiness.


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