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3 Best Carving Knives – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Carving Knife + Reviews


A nice dinner with friends and a delicious roast can certainly go terribly wrong if you do not have the proper tools to cut it, by serving your guests’ unappetizing meat slices. You can prevent this from happening by acquiring an appropriate carving set. We recommend the J.A. Henckels International Classic Forged 2-Piece. The product received very good carving knives reviews, because of its high-quality. This is one of the most effective knife sets as it comes with a flat tine carving fork that makes slicing your roast, filet mignon or ham look like children’s play. The fine-edge blade, made out of stainless steel, was designed for durability and long-lasting sharpness. If you want to have a fully equipped kitchen, this type of item should not be missing. In case the J.A. Henckels carving set is not available, another option worth looking into is the  Mercer Culinary Genesis 10-Inch.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding the best carving knife that can help you slice your dinner roast or poultry into appetizing slices is not the easiest of tasks. The market has plenty of options to offer.

There are some things that you should consider when making such a purchase, such as the features of a razor-sharp blade, the shape, weight and texture of the handle, or the blade material, and edge type.


First of all, we never recommend going for a cheap carving knife. The price itself should not be the most important factor. If you find an item that you would really like, but do not want to spend all that money, we suggest you wait and see when there are carving knives for sale and go with the purchase from there.

A good carving knife should have a blade in the range of 8 to 15 inches. The blade should be thinner and narrower at the tip. As the main purpose of the knife is slicing meat, a good one should be designed to cut very thin and accurate slices.

In short, a reliable carving knife should have a long, narrow, sharp and robust blade, from stainless steel or high carbon stainless steel.



As important as it is for the blade to be sharp enough, the handle matters just as much. The first thing you should check is that the handle is ergonomic, properly fastened and riveted. The knife should also have a handle that boasts a tang half-way down.

When having a few options in mind, you can also check if the knife is NSF approved. NSF is a global provider of public health and safety-based risk management.



As mentioned before, the market is full of options when it comes to pretty much any type of item. That is why it is very hard to make a decision. Also, the advertising can lead you into believing that a certain product is the best that can be, even if there are so many others that are far better.

You can read the reviews for a specific item, or you can easily search online for general reviews on the topic.

Therefore, we believe that before making any type of purchase, you should also look at the recommendations of the product. These are opinions from people who already have and used a product, so you can get an accurate idea if that commercial you saw on TV was honest or not.



3 Best Carving Knives (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Below you will find some of the most appreciated carving knives available. They got high review scores, and they can come to your aid in making the decision of what carving knife to purchase.



1. J.A. Henckels International Classic Forged 2 Piece


This item actually comes as a set that includes an 8-inch carving knife and a 7-inch carving fork. This set can definitely ease your carving experience.

This product is recommended as one of the best carving knives, that can help you slice and serve the meat beautifully.

The carving knife features a handy micro-serrated edge for a precision cut. Also, there is little maintenance required, as the blade does not need sharpening. The knife has a high-quality German stainless steel construction which is odor, stain, and rust-resistant.

The knife’s fully forged construction offers balance as the traditional triple-rivet handle maintains tireless cutting, with a smooth transition from the blade to the handle.

Henckels International is a known manufacturer of essential kitchen tools. They produce a wide range of items, from steak knives to spatulas.

All in all, this long-bladed carving knife is definitely a handy kitchen tool, perfect for slicing roasts, ham, poultry and, why not, vegetables. When the carving knife is used with the carving fork, you can easily cut prime rib into appetizing slices, you can carve meat into succulent slices, or you can slice the ham smoothly.


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2. Mercer Culinary Genesis 10 Inch


Mercer did it again with this product. The carving knife has an ergonomic handle made of Santoprene, that provides a comfortable, non-slip grip, even if your hand is wet.

Exposure to kitchen oils does not break down the knife, which is also capable of tolerating hot and cold temperatures. The bolster offers the knife strength, durability and also a great balance for easy handling when slicing food. This product is available in a short bolster.

The blade is made of non-stain, high-carbon German steel which is able to resist corrosion, rust, and discoloration. The construction was forged with precision, in order to offer the knife durability and strength.

The taper-ground edge provides stability, long-lasting sharpness, increased efficiency when chopping or cutting, and easy honing. The tang adds great balance.

Mercer Cutlery is a supplier to the majority of cooking academies, and they offer the Genesis Collection of kitchen knives in order to provide high-quality to the home chef. The black, ergonomic handle makes the Genesis carving knife comfortable to handle, improving efficiency and safety in the kitchen.

This product is NSF approved and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is definitely an option worth taking into consideration when browsing through carving knives.


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3. Top Chef 2 Piece Carving Set


This carving set officially licensed by Topchef will allow you to grill like the professionals. The manufacturer produces a various range of kitchen tool products, from 20 pieces cutlery sets, to barbeque sets or paring knives.

The carving set includes a carving knife which features ice-tempered stainless steel, with a hollow ground in order to reduce sticking. The handle is full steel, with seamless polished and bonded bolsters and a non-slip surface laser etched “Top Chef” logo.

The set also includes a carving fork, that will assist you in slicing roasts or poultry in a professional manner.

We have previously advised you not to go for the cheapest products, as you might end up spending even more than initially planned. Well, besides the quality of this product, this is also a cheaper item than the other two from our top 3 carving knives, especially if you get in on a deal, so it can become compatible with all budgets.

If you take a look at the reviews of this Topchef product, you will notice that most of them are positive, with a lot of customers that are very pleased with their purchase.


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