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Can openers – Ratings & Informative guide


If you are determined to find the best can opener for the money, but you are running out of time, and you cannot do the research on the topic, we are here to help. After assessing the market by reading what previous buyers had to say on the topic, we have concluded that the Zyliss Lock N’ Lift is the model that you should consider investing in. This choice can lock onto cans of all sizes, and it is said to be easy to utilize as it features a stainless steel cutting mechanism. Plus, this device is comfortable as it includes a soft touch grip handle that can eliminate hand fatigue. Therefore, it can be used by those that have arthritis. If this option is unavailable, be sure to consider the OXO Good Grips as it has also received positive reviews from buyers that have tried it so far.



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A can opener is a handy kitchen tool that you don’t really think about until it is time to use one. Thanks to advances in technology today’s models are even easier to use, and some are designed to where you don’t even have to touch the lid. To help you find the best can opener on the market we have included the following tips in this buying guide.



These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a can opener:




According to the best can opener reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the type, and there are two to choose from. Manual can openers are generally inexpensive, and easily portable due to their smaller size. They are great for camping, hiking and fishing trips or to take with you when you travel. Since they don’t require electricity, a manual can opener is also a great addition to an emergency kit.

Electric can openers are larger and more expensive, but they often come with added features that can make them even more convenient to use. Since you only have to press a button or lever with an electric can opener, they are a good choice for seniors or arthritis suffers.



Can openers can come in a surprising number of styles and designs, which can make it easier for you to find the right one for you. Some are designed to be compact and easy to carry, while others can be mounted on a wall or underneath a cabinet. You can also find handheld electric models, and some are cordless so you have the advantage of power and portability. There are even side opening models that are ideal for use in cramped spaces. Can openers can also come in an array of colors so you can find one that matches your kitchen decor.


You can find can openers that come with several features, though this will depend on the type and your budget. Magnets will lift and hold the lid so you don’t have to touch it, and this also reduces your chances of cutting your fingers on the sharp edges. Rubber wrapped handles and knobs are more comfortable to hold and turn, and it can also prevent the can opener from slipping out of wet hands. You also want the can opener to be easy to clean, though it is important to dry it thoroughly to prevent rust from forming.



3 Best Can Openers (Reviews) in 2021



You can find a can opener to fit almost any need and most are designed to be easy to use. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best con openers in 2021 showcased below.



1. Zyliss Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet


2-zyliss-lock-nWhether you are looking for the best rated can opener for home or travel, you might want to consider this model by Zyliss. Its clean white color blends in seamlessly with any kitchen decor, and it also makes it easy to find in a crowded drawer.

Since it is a manual can opener it can be used almost anywhere, even on an overnight camping trip.

The handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hands, and provide a secure grip so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands. The soft grip also helps to eliminate hand fatigue, making this can opener a great choice for arthritis suffers. While you can’t submerge the Lock N’ Lift completely in water, it is still easy to wipe clean due to its simple design.

It comes with a magnet that smoothly lifts the lid off of the can, and it will hold it securely until you press the convenient “release” button. This effectively eliminates the need for you to touch the lid so your chances of cutting yourself are significantly decreased.


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2. Oxo Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener


2-oxo-good-gripsIf you are looking for the best can opener for the elderly or just want one that is easy to use and hassle free, the Good Grips by OXO might be the best choice for you.

This manual can opener comes in a sleek modern design and its black color looks great in almost any kitchen. Its compact size also makes it easily portable so you can take it with you when you travel.

The side knob is designed to be easy to turn, even if you lack strength in your hands. The knob and handles are wrapped for comfort, and to prevent the can opener from slipping easily out of your hands. So you don’t have to worry about touching the lid or cutting your hands on sharp edges, it is designed to grip the lid until you are ready to dump it in the trash.

The cutting wheel is constructed from durable stainless steel so it retains it sharp edge, and is resistant to damaging rust. This also makes this can opener extremely easy to clean.


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3. KitchenAid Can Opener Red


3-kitchenaidYou will love being able to choose from several fashionable colors so you can find a can opener that matches your kitchen or your gear. Its traditional design ensures that it is familiar to use, and since it is manual you can easily take it with you when you travel. It also makes a great addition to your emergency kit.

Thanks to the extra large knob, getting a good grip and turning the cutting wheel is a breeze. The handles and knob are also wrapped for comfort, and to ensure that the can opener doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Since the cutting wheel is constructed from stainless steel, it is durable, long lasting and resistant to corrosion. This has the added benefit of making the can opener easy to clean, though you still want to make sure that you dry it thoroughly.

Perfect for use at home or away, this manual can opener might be just what you are looking for.


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