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Who can resist delicious bite-sized cake pops? These sweets on a stick let you enjoy the delicious taste of cake in a convenient and handy size. You can make cake pops in a variety of shapes and designs as well as different flavors.

Cake pops


Start with a basic recipe.

For cake pops, you will need a fully cooled baked cake, some candy melts and cake frosting, and cake pop sticks. You can choose to drizzle your cake pops using a ziploc bag that has one of its tips snipped off very tiny.

You can choose to hand crumble the cake, but some people choose to use a food processor to make crumbs of the cake. This may be quicker, but as some cake pop makers have found out, can limit the quantity of cake pops you can make. The cake crumbs tend to come out too fine so the frosting gets absorbed into them instead of simply binding them together.

To the crumbled cake, you mix in some frosting. In this step, do remember that less is more. Even if you put in just a small amount of frosting at the onset, you can still add some more later, but you won’t be able to correct the texture any longer if you start with too much frosting. You want the cake mix to be moist enough to hold its shape when you squeeze it in your palm, which also enables easy rolling into a ball. You can mix some more frosting into your cake mix if a rolled ball starts to fall apart.

Use a cookie scoop to pack the cake mix, making sure the balls are tight and nice. The cookie scoop ensures that the cake balls are of consistent size. A rough-looking cake ball may be obtained when it is ejected from the cookie scoop, but you can make it smooth by giving it a few squeezes with your hand and rolling it into a ball. You don’t want to use overcooked cake, which can have overly hard edges and thus limits the number of fluffy cake pops you can make. Refrigerate the cake balls just enough to chill them, about ten minutes or so.

Do the chilling in batches so you can do successful dipping without the earliest ones getting soft as they are brought to room temperature. Melt the candy melts in the microwave, following the directions for doing so as stated in the package directions. You know you have the right consistency if the liquid flows smoothly from a spoon. Thick and clumpy melts are overheated, and you can repair this by mixing just a bit of cooking oil.


Take out the cake balls and stick cake pop sticks into every one of them.

Put some of the melted ingredient (candy melt) into a bowl. Dip each cake pop carefully into the melted candy and do this till all the cake balls are coated. Remove excess chocolate by gently tapping against the bowl. Let the cake pops stand on a specially designed cake pop stand or thick piece of styrofoam.

To decorate your cake pops, you can work with a different color candy melt. Fill the ziploc bag with the melted ingredient, squeeze all the air out and snip off a tiny piece from one of the tips. Drizzle the tops of your cake pops with the candy melt from the snipped off part of the ziploc bag.

Cake pops 2


Some important reminders:

As mentioned earlier, do not overdo it with the frosting. The frosting and the cake crumbs should be mixed by hand, to ensure even and smooth texture of the cake balls. You can opt to use a mini ice cream scoop if you don’t have a cookie scoop available. You also don’t have to do repeated chilling. If you plan to bag the cake pops or speed up the final setting time, go ahead and refreeze once.

Dipping into the candy melt should be carried out using a deep and narrow cup or bowl, which allows the melted candy or chocolate coating to be at a deep enough level to submerge the cake ball completely, minimizing the need to twirl it around.

A styrofoam holder can hold the cake pops while drying. It’s cheaper than a commercial cake pop stand, too!


Some great options:

The cake pops don’t have to be round. You can make heart-shaped cake pops using a heart-shaped cutter instead of rolling them into balls. You can also decorate the cake pops with sprinkles or hundreds and thousands in a rainbow of colors, use star sprinkles and sour straps. The only limit is your imagination! Protection Status