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3 Best Bread Slicers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Bread Slicer + Reviews

If you are interested in getting the best bread slicer for the money but you are not sure what model to select, this paragraph should come in handy. After doing the legwork by reading what the specialists had to say on the topic, we have concluded that the Bamboo Foldable Bread is the unit that is worth your time and attention. This product is fitting to your needs because it can help you cut slices of bread uniformly. In fact, the device allows the user to select between four slice thickness options so that you always get the perfect dimensions. Moreover, this BPA free product can reduce mess by catching the resulting crumbs in a special tray. If this unit is out of stock, please consider the Ironwood Gourmet 28155 as it is an equally reliable model that you might also like.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding fresh-cut pieces of bread in the bread bin is something that makes everybody feel at home. Yet, as we all know it, purchasing the best slicer for bread is quite tricky, as there are many aspects one has to consider before placing an order. To help you out, below you can find a list of crucial features that you should not overlook.

Durable and easy on your knife

When deciding what model to buy, one of the first aspects that you should not ignore has to do with the durability of the product. According to the specialists, the device that you end up acquiring should have a sturdy construction that does not come undone or unglued.

Because it is difficult to assess the durability of a product just by looking at online images of it, we recommend that before you make a purchase, you read what current users of the device have to say about its reliability. A significant advantage of doing so is that you can understand whether or not the slicer has drawbacks that you might not have been aware of.

Moreover, a good bread slicer should be made from a type of material that is not likely to affect the blade of your knife. From this point of view, it might be best that you stay away from models made from cheap plastic.



Similarly to when scouring the net for a great bread maker to buy, the task of finding a reliable device means that you have to research info about the stability of the model. When you slice bread, you have to use a sharp knife. Therefore, the slicer has to be steady so that you can successfully avoid accidents.

Usually, dependable models have a non-slip base or small feet that keep them in place during the slicing process. By investing in such a unit, you can be sure that your safety is guaranteed.


Ease of use and longevity

Furthermore, bread slicers reviews suggest that the product that you acquire is easy to use. To put it differently, the device that you purchase should be easy to set up and take apart once you are done using it. Besides, you should not struggle to fit the bread into it.

Longevity is also a feature that is worthy of consideration, as you should not pay money for a product with a defective construction that will not pass the test of time. However, there are plenty of models up for sale that are highly efficient.



3 Best Bread Slicers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



To make this task even simpler for you, we have gathered a short list of units that have received many positive reviews from former buyers. So, read ahead and pick a model that suits your needs and preferences.



1. Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer Cutting Guide


If you like classic-looking bread slicers and you want to buy one for yourself; we suggest that you take a meticulous look at the Foldable Bread slicer made by Bamboo. This model was designed in such a way so that the loaf of bread that you intend to cut remains in place during the process.

What is more, the product can fit any type of bread, regardless of its structure or size. As a result, you can even use it to slice a cake. To operate the unit, you have to place the loaf inside the device and then expand or retract the slicing board in accordance with your needs.

Another feature that recommends this model is the fact that it has a built-in removable tray where all the crumbles that result after the slicing process are collected. Because of this, the product is very practical, as it is can help you keep your kitchen table clean at all times.

The device was made from bamboo, a type of wood that won’t damage the blade of your knife. On top of that, the model is BPA free, and it contains no chemical substances that can harm you. The same cannot be said about plastic models.


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2. Ironwood 28155 Gourmet Avignon Baguette Miter


If you want a product that can be used when cutting and serving a baguette, the Gourmet 28155 from Ironwood is the device for you. This model has a very beautiful design, and it features shimmering colors that make it stand out. Consequently, this unit is ideal when used during get-togethers and family dinners. On top of that, this Canadian product is made from Acacia hardwood.

When you are not using the product, you can hang it on display by utilizing the stainless steel grommet that is also featured in the design of the product. After you are done cutting bread in it, the manufacturer recommends that you manually wash it with soapy water.

Moreover, it is advisable that you let the model air dry. If you want the device to maintain its rich colors, it is prudent that you cover it in a special type of oils that can prevent the cracking of the wood.

The product should not, in any case, be washed in the dishwasher. Overall, the model measures 26″ x 3.75″ x 1.75,” and it is considered a stylish accessory. Besides, the model can be easily gifted to those that appreciate neat-cut breadboards.


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3. Mixier Bread Toast Bread Slicer Toast


Another product that you should have in mind is the MIXIER Bread Toast. This device is made from high-quality resin, a material that is both delicate looking and sturdy. The model is considered a daily-use accessory that allows its buyers to cut bread in four different thickness levels.

The device is foldable and effortless to store once you are done utilizing it. Furthermore, this model contains what the manufacturer calls a crumb catcher. As its name suggests, this catcher can hold together the resulting pieces of bread that are produced during the cutting process.

The bottom part of the model has an anti-skid design that gives the model extra stability. As a plus, because of it, you don’t have to worry about the device not staying in place as you cut the bread.

To clean the unit, you simply have to rinse it with water. However, it is worth pointing out that not all the buyers of the model were happy with their purchase. Some of them have argued that the device is a bit flimsy because the supporting board is not long enough for to hold an entire loaf of bread. Still, many users consider this model a good investment.


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