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Best bread cutting board


Bread cutting boards – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you are determined to get the best bread cutting board, but you don’t have the time to read the entirety of our article, Grandma Jen recommends that you consider the Oneida Bamboo Slotted as it is a high-quality option made from durable bamboo. The board is built entirely from eco-friendly bamboo, and it comes with a removable crumb tray for easy and convenient cleaning. The unit is perfect for slicing bread, but you can also use it to chop other ingredients or to serve sandwiches and other meals. The grill patterns will also help users to cut bread in straight lines. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to find our first choice available for sale but you still wish to get a good bread cutting board, we recommend that you consider the Danesco 3020215 Bamboo as it is a product that offers similar performance for a lower price point.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a bread cutting board


Finding the right bread cutting board for your needs can be a bit complicated, and not because this is a tricky product to get right, but instead because the wide range of options available can make buyers feel a bit confused.

Doing the necessary research can help you focus better, but unfortunately, this can be time-consuming. If time is short, you have come to the right place, as we have compiled a short list of the key-factors you ought to bear in mind if you wish to find the perfect option.


There are three popular types of cutting board material out there: wood, bamboo, and plastic. Wood options are the most popular since they are very durable with the downside of being the most expensive.

Bamboo boards are very similar to wood, both in their look and style but they have the advantage of being an eco-friendly option. Bamboo is also less porous than wood, meaning that it won’t absorb bad bacteria as quickly. Similarly, it is also more affordable than wood.

Plastic options are the most affordable and durable. They are dishwasher safe and non-porous. The downside of using plastic options is that they can get scratched easily and they can harbor bacteria in said scratches.



All of the three types of bread cutting boards presented above are quite durable, but when you have to choose between two or more similar products, it is advised to select the one that looks the sturdiest. So how can you identify which bread cutting board will last you the most?

Apart from reading consumer reviews, you can take a quick look at the thickness and the quality of the construction. For wood or bamboo boards it is important to make sure that the material is sanded correctly since there is nothing more painful than getting a splinter in the skin while cleaning the board.


Extra features

To help keep your kitchen crumbs-free, we recommend that you purchase an option that comes with a removable crumb catcher. You’ll then be able to either throw away the crumbs, or use them for soups, salads, or casseroles.

Similarly, versatility is another factor that might win you over. Some models that come with removable crumb catchers can be used as a serving tray once you remove the catcher. You may also find products that serve dual purposes, such as a bread box with cutting board.



3 Best Bread Cutting Boards (Reviews) in 2021



Below you will find some of the top bread cutting boards currently available on the market. These highly regarded products have earned favorable review scores, making them an excellent choice for anyone who seeks to purchase a high-quality product.



1. Oneida Bamboo Slotted Bread Board


The Oneida Bamboo bread cutting board is made from all natural, eco-friendly bamboo. The unit is very lightweight, meaning that you will have no problem moving it around the kitchen. The bamboo is also quite durable and is capable of withstanding heavy use without the wood splitting in half. It also looks much more expensive than it actually is.

The unit boasts a length of 14.5”, a width of 9.25”, and a height of 1.2”. The measurements make the unit a perfect choice for smaller homes as it will not take too much space on your counter or inside the cupboard when not in use.

To help make your kitchen a cleaner space, and to help you save some time, the unit boasts a removable crumb catcher. When you are not cutting bread, you can remove the crumb catcher and use the board as a serving and entertaining tray.

In case you are going through bread cutting board reviews looking for a high-quality and stylish purchase, we believe that the Oneida alternative is a great option. We were also happy to notice that the vast majority of owners had only good things to report about this model.


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2. Danesco 3020215 Bamboo Bread Cutting Board


With a bamboo construction, the Danesco 3020215 is made using only renewable resources so that you get an option that offers the quality and performance of a wood cutting board, for a lower price point and without hurting the environment. The construction of the unit is durable, and the item weighs only 1.5 pounds.

The board measures 15 x 9 x 1.5” (L x W x H ) which makes it the perfect size for cutting most types of bread. The compact size of this model makes it great for people who don’t want a hefty board that is hard to store when not in use. The design of the unit is also very simple yet appealing, and we believe that it will go well in most kitchens.

As is expected for a high-quality bread cutting board, the model comes with a removable crumb catcher to make it easier for users to keep the kitchen clean of crumbs while cutting bread. The unit can also be used for serving food or drinks.

Cleaning the board after each use is very easy, and the manufacturer recommends that you hand wash it since the bamboo can’t be placed in the dishwasher.


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3. Juvale Bamboo Wood Slotted Cutting Board


The Juvale option, just as the other options on our list, is made from high-quality, all-natural, and eco-friendly bamboo. The use of bamboo makes the board much friendlier for knives since it will not dull the blade. Similarly, the use of this material enables the manufacturer to offer this option at a very affordable price point.

The board is extremely light, weighing just 2 pounds. This is quite impressive once you consider the size that the unit boasts. Unlike the other more compact options on our list, the Juvale model measures 38 x 23 x 4 inches (L x W x H ) which make it capable of handling a wide range of uses.

The model comes with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, and once you remove this element you can use the product as a versatile serving tray. The tray can be used for serving breakfast in bed during the morning since the larger size of this unit makes it roomy enough to accommodate your typical breakfast meal.

We are also glad to report that customers had high praise for this option, with some owners claiming that their product had managed to handle years of heavy use without showing signs of wear.


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