The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Black 4-Slice Toaster + Reviews


Are you on the lookout for the best black 4 slice toaster, but so far you could not find the time to properly search for it? Read the following advice written by Grandma Jen to find a model that offers both performance and decent pricing. The Cuisinart CPT-142BK Compact fits this description and it is considered by many buyers an excellent option. For a 4-slice model, this one is really compact, and it will fit on any kitchen counter with ease. The browning dial lets you choose from seven different shades and allows you to customize your toast as you see fit. The 1.5-inch wide slots accommodate thicker slices and even bagels cut in half. Is the Cuisinart CPT-142BK Compact out of stock? Grandma Jen recommends you the Westinghouse WT4201B, another great looking model that will help you make perfect toast.


A.2 Black 4 slice toaster

Projecting control and power, along with a perennially neat and unpretentious look, the best black 4 slice toaster makes perfect contrast to a clean and immaculately-kept kitchen with all the innovative trimmings of the modern age. Imagine what a black 4 slice toaster can do to enhance the looks of a contemporary kitchen equipped with a variety of premium appliances. To ensure that the wow factor of a black toaster never ends, here’s what to check out in the appliance.


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Easy Controls

What’s the use of owning the best black 4 slice toaster if it doesn’t have independent or separate controls for each pair of bread slots? Not everyone wants to enjoy toast cooked to the same level of doneness. The toaster should be engineered intelligently to cater to different toasting preferences. The knobs, levers and buttons should be straightforward and not complicated, simplifying the use of the machine. Labels should be easily readable. Some models even have indicator lights that show what the activated function is.

The knobs should give a decisive click when a setting is chosen.


Easy Use

The best 4 slice toasters have bread slots made wide enough to accommodate various types of bread and bread-based items. A Bagel function offers perfect toasting of this favorite breakfast staple. A Cancel button simplifies stopping of the cycle before it is completed, so the toast can be enjoyed immediately. A Reheat feature makes it easy to warm toast up when it has grown cold. A Defrost function proves handy when cooking frozen food items such as waffles, requiring no thawing prior to cooking. This saves time and energy.


Safety and Convenience

Multiple browning settings enable everyone in the family to enjoy their toast just the way they like, with no need to do multiple batches just to accommodate different preferences. Extra-wide slots enable easy removal of food.

An automatic Toast Boost ensures safety by lifting the cooked bread high to allow effortless removal without using a potentially hazardous kitchen utensil to take the toast or small items out. A Cool Touch housing prevents kitchen accidents and damage to other items on the countertop.



4 Best Black 4-Slice Toasters (Updated Reviews) in 2020



A black 4 slice toaster is very zen, aside from being cool and exciting as a kitchen appliance. With the number of available models for this type of machine, the consumer needs to have enough information handy to spot the difference between the quality ones and the lousy units. To make the shopping experience less of a hassle, check out these three fantastic machines.



1. Cuisinart CPT-142BK Compact 4-Slice Compact Toaster


1.Cuisinart CPT-142BKThe updated version of the classic toaster, the Cuisinart CPT-142BK carries a handsome design that should make it fit easily into any modern kitchen.

Built compact to meet the demand for space-saving appliances, this 4-Slice Compact Toaster has cool stainless steel accents that provide a stunning contrast to the black housing. Choose any level of doneness using any of the seven shade settings on the rotary dial.

The 1.5-inch wide slots fit regular size as well as thick slices of bread and bread-based items. Truly a smart addition to any modern kitchen, this four-slice toaster can be placed sideways or facing forward, so it can be positioned on the kitchen countertop easily.

The toaster accommodates two thick bagel halves plus two thinly-sliced breads at the same time. The controls offer independent setting of levels for the two pairs of bread slots. The carriage lifts high for effortless removal of toast from the slots, without having to use a kitchen instrument or utensil to pry small items out. This toaster has Reheat, Defrost and Bagel controls for custom bread cooking.



Its attractive modern design will make it a good fit for any kitchen. The cool, stainless steel silver accents provide a pleasant contrast to the black body.

Although it has a compact frame that takes little space on the countertop, the 1.5-inch slots will let it handle relatively large bread items such as bagels or even rye bread.

It comes with a large number of ease of use features. It has dual controls (so two sides can work independently at the same time) seven browning settings, a bagel setting and defrost that works well with both bread and waffles.

It’s easy to clean thanks to the sliding crumb tray.

It has a lifting carriage which allows easier access to the toast.



Some customers accuse reliability issues with the sliding mechanism, but this is somewhat alleviated by the three-year manufacturer warranty, a considerable amount of time for any electrical appliance.


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2. Westinghouse WT4201B 4-Slice Toaster Black


As one of the most reasonably priced options available for sale these days, many people might ask themselves whether they should consider the Westinghouse WT4201B or not. The fact is that a low price cannot be correlated with low quality, at least not in this case. The model boasts all the functions you need for amazing mornings and even better breakfasts.

The 4-slice capacity can ensure that you can toast as many slices as you want, but the really neat thing about the model is that it comes with dual controls. This feature can make it possible for you to utilize just half of the appliance if you’re only interested in making one or two pieces of toast instead of three or four.

As the housing of this appliance is cool to touch, you won’t have to worry about getting burnt while inadvertently touching the sides of the model. Also, the toast cancel function can ensure that you get everything right, as does the electronic variable shade control.

We all know how uncomfortable it is to try to grasp a smaller slice or a smaller bagel from a toaster that can’t seem to get them high enough. This won’t happen with the WT4201B as it comes with an extra-lift feature.



The WT4201B has separate controls for each two of its dual toasting components, thus allowing you to save a bit of power if you needn’t toast four slices at a time. The electronic variable shade control can ensure that your bread or buns come out perfectly every time.

The extra-wide slots come with centering guides, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of smaller or bigger types of bread, bagels, frozen waffles, and even hamburger buns.

The pull-down crumb tray that the unit has been equipped with can ensure that you don’t spend too much time cleaning it by trying to flip it over and get those pesky crumbs that might have stuck inside.

The cool-touch housing makes it possible for you and the rest of your friends and family members to avoid suffering from burnt fingers ever again.



Some owners argue that frozen waffles tend to turn out a bit too dark for their liking. Use a lower setting if this problem occurs.


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3. Proctor Silex 24622 4-Slice Toaster


Affordability is always something to consider when purchasing appliances for your kitchen, and here’s where the Proctor Silex 24622 is a winner. It doesn’t cost too much and will allow you to avoid breaking the bank. Aside from this advantage, it comes with a variety of useful features that you’re likely to enjoy.

On the one hand, safety of use is ensured by the fact that the 24622 boasts sides that are cool to touch. The auto shutoff feature is another benefit in case you forget all about your toast and decide to get to work or school faster.

There are two separate controls for each two of the four slots, which means that you’ll be able to use just as much power as needed. The cord wrap feature is also worth mentioning, particularly for those owners who feel like they need to save as much space as possible.

The crumb tray can be removed with ease, which means that you can clean the appliance both efficiently and conveniently, without having to turn it over. Thanks to the slots that this unit has been equipped with, you can enjoy anything from bagels to waffles.



If you need a relatively compact choice, this Proctor Silex one might be just the right one as it won’t take up too much room on your countertop. It’s easy to use and convenient and comes with a variety of functions.

The lever that the unit has been outfitted with can ensure that you can get a good grip on smaller slices and bagels if that’s what you’re interested in toasting at some point or the other.

Safety of use is one of the benefits offered by this appliance as it comes with an auto shutoff functionality and it boasts cool-wall sides. Unless you touch the top, the chance of any burnt fingers happening is moot.

There’s two separate shade selector for every two slots, so you don’t have to waste a lot of power in order to prepare just one or two pieces of toast.



This is not a strong toaster, so if you prefer your slices a bit on the burnt side, the 24622 might not be a good option.


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4. Hamilton Beach 24121 4-Slice Cool Touch


3.Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch ToasterEquipped with five browning-control settings, the Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster offers a fast and easy way of preparing breakfast toast, bagels and more.

It has wide 1.5-inch bread slots that accommodate thick bagel slices, waffles and hand-sliced bread in a pinch. The multi-toasting functions allow every member of the family to enjoy their toast exactly the way they like it.

The exterior of the machine stays cool to the touch, giving you peace of mind during use. The toaster has a Frozen Bagel and Frozen Toast functionality, simplifying cooking of food items from the freezer straight to the machine without the need to thaw them first.

The automatic shutoff feature ensures safety by switching the machine off when bread or small food items get jammed in the slots.

The toast boost automatically lifts the toast high up for easy removal from the carriage, protecting fingers from getting burned. The crumb tray automatically ejects to facilitate removal of bread crumbs and small bits of food in the toasting slots.



As the name suggests, this Hamilton Beach model has a cool to the touch body, greatly increasing safety while in use. Other safety features include an automatic shut-off mechanism which activates if something gets jammed in the slots, and an extra lift function to ensure that the user’s fingers are kept well away from the heating element.

It has an elegant design, a jet black body with chromed highlights which make it a handsome presence on any countertop.

It features all the special functions we came to expect from a modern product in its price range: five browning settings and frozen settings for both bagels and waffles, all on independent controls so it can handle two different tasks simultaneously.

The two crumb trays are especially easy to use since they are placed towards the front (instead of the back) which greatly increases access.



Some users complain the trays aren’t enough to keep the toaster crumb free for any significant amount of time. A couple of times a month you’ll need to turn it around and shake it to dislodge remaining crumbs.


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Unavailable products


Black & Decker T4569B


2.Black & Decker T4569BBuilt to North American Electrical Standards, the Black & Decker T4569B 4-Slice Toaster makes an elegant addition to any kitchen setup.

The 1400-watt toaster has four slots to accommodate twice the number of bread slices while cooking them in half the time it would take for a two-slice model to handle the same number of items. This means faster breakfast making for the perennially busy individual or homemaker.

The wide slots have a self-adjusting feature that ensures optimal centering of bread and other items in the bread slots. The Bagel feature delivers perfect cooking results for this breakfast staple, toasting the cut side well and warming the round side nicely.

The Frozen function reduces the cooking time of frozen items such as waffles by toasting them straight without requiring prior thawing. The Cancel function allows you to cut off the cooking cycle when you feel the bread doesn’t need to be toasted too long. This machine is equipped with six browning control settings, easily allowing each member of the family to enjoy their toast exactly the way they want it, ranging from light to dark.




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