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Bamboo kitchen utensils – Ratings & Informative Guide


With so many concerns regarding food safety, it can be quite comforting knowing that you can use kitchen appliances that are healthy and safe. If you want to get the best bamboo kitchen utensils but don’t know where to start your research, let Grandma Jen give you some pieces of advice. Because she knows best, she’s confident that you’ll like the Modernhome 11 Piece BKT-624 because it could bring quality in your kitchen without costing too much. The set contains 11 pieces made of pure bamboo wood that you can use for your daily cooking activities. Besides the slotted and flat spoons, you get spatulas, tongs, a turning fork, and a pasta scoop. This way you can rest assured you won’t cause any damages to your pans and your food is free of bacteria. If the Modernhome 11 Piece BKT-624  is not available, make sure to check the Bamber Wooden 6 Piece US-BKSB06P.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a bamboo kitchen utensil


For a while now, people have been trying to find ways to improve their overall health by using products that are made from natural and harmless elements. As far as eating habits go, the change should be done not only to the quality of food we eat but also to the utensils we use. A healthy and improved alternative is the bamboo kitchen utensils that are eco-friendly and provide many benefits for the user. You can purchase these types of eating tools yourself if you take into consideration the buying guide showcased below.


Bamboo is an interesting type of wood that has gained popularity due to its biodegradable and sustainable properties. The reason we get to see so many products that have bamboo in their composition is that this is an easily forested wood that doesn’t require special treatment in order to grow.

Because bamboo is actually more of a plant than a tree, after the cutting process it continues to grow. Basically, it provides enough material without having to use pesticides.

When in the market for great bamboo kitchen utensils, you should check the label to see if they are made of pure bamboo. This way, you can be certain that the items are antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and waterproof.

A top-notch bamboo set of kitchen devices can be used for a longer period of time without having to worry about damaging. Plus, your pans remain intact because these products are safe with non-stick cooking surfaces and don’t scratch.

Besides the rest of your pots and pans, bamboo tools are outfitted with a smooth finish and don’t have rough or porous surfaces that wood items generally have.  



Everyone knows how frustrating it is to have your kitchen utensils broken exactly when you’re in the middle of cooking a delicious and perfect meal.

Most people opt for bamboo kitchen equipment because they are suitable for home use as well as for picnics, camping or outdoor events.

Also, these items are incredibly strong and sturdy. It might surprise you, but bamboo is a strong wood that can’t be easily broken. Moreover, utensils made of bamboo are quite light and flexible and more durable than wooden and plastic ones. These features come in handy for every chef to be.



Professionals know the importance of having a good grip when holding a knife, a spoon or a spatula. So make sure the utensils have a perfect size or an ergonomic area where you can hold them without putting too much effort.

Since bamboo is heat resistant, you can use them for cooking different types of food plates because they won’t burn your hand. And the fact that they are easier to clean is definitely a plus.



3 Best Bamboo Kitchen Utensils (Reviews) in 2021



In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve made a selection of bamboo kitchen utensils that might catch your interest. These products have gained some major appreciation according to most customer reviews and sales figures.



1. Modernhome 11 Piece Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set


Having a full set of kitchen utensils is a bliss especially if all tools are made of 100% pure bamboo. This type of wood is known for its antimicrobial benefits and durability.

If you need a sophisticated set that you can use for cooking any kind of food, then this 11-piece set is indeed an excellent choice for your home.

So many people have praised them because they include all the important instruments that you need for preparing your favorite recipes, such as flat and slotted spoons, flipping tongs, a tuning fork, and a variety of spatulas. No matter what dish you want to cook, you have everything included in the set if you want the process to go smoothly and in complete safety.

You can say goodbye to your worries regarding the durability of your cookware because these bamboo tools won’t scratch the cooking surface of your pans or pots.

Each utensil is built from high-quality bamboo wood so you can rest assured none of them will break anytime soon. Furthermore, all tools from the set measure approximately 11.5 inches in length.

After you’ve finished using them, simply wash them with soap and warm water. The material is stain-free and completely waterproof. Afterwards, store them in the bamboo kitchen utensil holder.



The set includes 11 different pieces that are perfect for cooking and other specific kitchen jobs. It consists of spatulas, flat and slotted spoons, a pasta scoop, and turning fook, each item making your life easier in the kitchen.

All products are made of 100% natural bamboo wood that won’t stick or damage your cooking pots.

This set of utensils is delivered in a bamboo wood storage box that will allow you to easily store the products on your kitchen counters so they’re easy to reach.

The items are durable, providing years of use without breaking or changing their color.



Some of the customers who used the products, in the long run, claimed you might encounter chips, splits or even splinters, especially if you’re not paying close attention to the way you use the tools.

Also, in order to increase their resistance, it is advisable to wash them manually, using mild detergents and lukewarm water.


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2. Bamber 6 Pieces Wooden Spoons for Cooking Wood


This set of premium beech utensils is a great choice if you want a pack of 6 tools that you can use daily, without having to worry about durability.

Given the amount of positive reviews, it’s no wonder the benefits you achieve if you decide to buy this product. You’ll most likely be impressed by the sleek and elegant design and the smooth surface.

Because of the lightweight construction and the perfectly flat exterior, these wooden pieces are easy to clean and to handle. Compared to other types of wood, beech utensils are extremely durable thanks to the non-stick and heat-resistant properties. Furthermore, these tools have been treated with a food-grade coating applied on the top that prevents bacteria growth especially if you use them on a regular basis.

The set contains all the important utensils that you need for cooking several dishes. Inside the product package, you’ll find 1 slotted spoon, 1 non-slotted spoon, 1 single hole mixing spoon, 1 rounded fork, 1 turner spatula, and 1 slotted spatula.

Due to the solid wood manufacture, you don’t have to worry about splinters or small gaps between fibers that are responsible with the germs spread. After using the tools, just clean them with mild soap and water and make sure you let them dry thoroughly.



The set comes with six different kitchen tools that will certainly help you with your cooking and ensure your food is tasty and perfectly done.

All the tools are made of top-quality wood covered and burnished three times to ensure a gorgeously sleek and durable surface. Thanks to this, your items will last longer and you won’t encounter any splinters or gaps, even after intensive use.

The cooking spoons are made of European beech wood which is even safer than bamboo. It’s sturdy, compact, and anti-microbial, meaning that it’s a better investment for you and your family in the long term.

The long handles ensure an easy and firm grip and can be hung anywhere thanks to their hanging holes.



Before ordering this set make sure the tools are right for your cooking needs. Some customers said that these items are not meant for stir-frying or flipping due to their curved edges.


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3. Oceanstar Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set


This bamboo set of utensils has seven important pieces that would make any kitchen lover die for. Thanks to the durable bamboo construction, the tools are shock-resistant and prevent the spread of bacteria even if you use them for cooking more than one dish daily.

Each tool is extremely lightweight and provides a strong and secure grip. Besides, you can clean them fast and easy after each usage using a mild detergent and water. Just keep in mind that the products are not suitable for dishwasher use.

The best part of owning a set of kitchen utensils made of bamboo is that these tools won’t break easily and they are completely waterproof. Also, it’s practically impossible to get stains on them due to the bamboo wood which is known to have special oils in its composition that prevent this issue from happening.

The set includes all the mandatory kitchen instruments that you need in order to cook delicious food. In addition to the bamboo spoon, you also receive a turner spatula, a single hole mixing spoon, a rounded fork, a slotted spatula, and a slotted spoon.

The cooking set benefits from a good-looking bamboo utensil holder where you can safely store the utensils. The holder has a compact design and an ideal capacity so you can sort and organize the instruments more efficiently.



The set is equipped with all necessary tools to help you with your cooking and other kitchen chores. It includes a rounded fork, a slotted spatula and a slotted spoon, a turner spatula, a bamboo spoon, and a matching holder.

All products are made of top-quality bamboo wood that reduces the environmental impact. Bamboo is known for being durable and, thanks to its antibacterial properties, the entire cooking process will not only be delicious but also safe.

We also liked the holder’s ideal dimensions to keep all your kitchen tools together and easy to reach at any time.

All items are durable, solid, and completely waterproof so they will last you a long time from now on.



Some customers complained about the products being poorly made and unfinished, which could lead to splinters that can affect your health. Also, it was said that the spatulas were quite thin so they couldn’t hold too much food at once.


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