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3 Best Bamboo Cutting Boards – Comparison & Reviewsq


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Bamboo Cutting Board + Reviews


You’ve decided to purchase a new cutting board, and after putting things into balance, you concluded that you prefer a bamboo cutting board? Are you having issues in finding the best bamboo cutting board? Have no worries because we are here to help you make a decision that you will not regret. Our first option is the Breville BOV800CB Bamboo which many buyers believe to have great characteristics. This cutting board will help you maintain your kitchen both clean and safe thanks to its natural antibacterial properties. Also, one of the greatest advantages of bamboo cutting boards is that they resist pretty well to moisture. And, if you were not able to find our first choice for sale, you should take into consideration the Totally Bamboo California State cutting board. This is a board in the shape of the California state which has multiple uses, from cutting your ingredients, to being used for serving or display.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


We all have our own opinions and preferences when it comes to choosing a bamboo cutting board. But we can all agree that research of the market is mandatory if you want to be happy with the choice you make.

We care about your time, and that is why we gathered all the information you need to know in order to be able to choose a bamboo cutting board that will do the job in any type of situation. Before you look at our bamboo cutting board reviews, you should check out these essential characteristics you should pay attention to when buying one of these.


Many people do not knot know how to care for bamboo cutting boards. And even if it might scare you, bamboo cutting board care is something that can be easily learned and it is not difficult at all. If you want your board to last for a long period of time, don’t forget to clean and oil it accordingly.

Make sure you don’t soak your board in water and never forget about bamboo cutting board oil, which will hydrate your board and help keep the excess water out.



We all know how important is the size of your cutting board. Most people have multiple cutting boards in their kitchen in various sizes. Sometimes it feels more comfortable to cut, slice, or dice on a larger cutting board. That is why we recommend you go for a large bamboo cutting board which will do the job in any demanding situation.

For sure that there are people who prefer a smaller cutting board, and we do understand them especially if they don’t have much space in the kitchen. Also, if you are used to cooking only for yourself, a small cutting board will be the best option for you since you don’t have large quantities of ingredients to cut.  



It is only a matter of preferences when it comes to shape. Some people really care about appearances and they opt for bamboo cutting boards which have more interesting shapes. They want to use their cutting board for multiple purposes, not just that of cutting and chopping on it.

There are cutting boards that can be hanged on the walls or which can be used as a platter for different foods.



3 Best Bamboo Cutting Boards (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Check out our selection of the most popular bamboo cutting boards. Below, we will present you three bamboo cutting boards which have received positive reviews and many users declared themselves satisfied with them.



1. Breville BOV800CB Bamboo Cutting Board


With the possibility to be put on top of your Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven, this cutting board offers you the advantage of saving some precious space on your counter. And even if the oven is in use, you can still deposit the board on top of it. The rubber feet will not allow the board to heat up.

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, this cutting board is your perfect ally against any potentially dangerous microbes. Another important feature of this cutting board is the fact that it is made of bamboo, a material which is very resistant to moisture.

Some wood cutting boards absorb a lot of moisture, but this is not the case with the bamboo models such as this one. Also, it has proved to be very practical thanks to its handles. Now, you can move your cutting board anywhere you need it.

Bamboo cutting boards are more resistant, and the knife cut marks that you could easily notice on your other cutting boards are very unlikely to be noticed on this one. Now you can chop your ingredients without worrying that your board will slide. It is equipped with silicone feet which make this cutting board very stable.


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2. Totally Bamboo California State Shaped Bamboo


It is time to have some fun in the kitchen. The Totally bamboo cutting board has an interesting design which will be admired by all your guests. Those California lovers will definitely appreciate your cutting board, because – you guessed – it has the shape of the California state.

The advantage of this great material, bamboo, is that it is so much easier to clean than other cutting boards from different materials. The trick with cleaning this board is to avoid soaking it in the sink or in the dishwasher. Also, it has proved to treat your knives better than other cutting boards.

Thanks to its unique shape, this cutting board can be a cute decoration for your kitchen wall. You love California, and now is the time to show it. It even comes equipped with a hanging tie so that it is easier for you to hang it on your walls.

This cutting board is not only a perfect board for all your mincing, chopping, and dicing but you can also use it as a serving platter. Whether you use it when you are with your family or whether you use it when you have guests over, your fancy snacks will look very good on this interesting cutting board.


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3. Fred and Friends Obsessive Bamboo Cutting Board


We know how difficult it is to find a cutting board that can help you achieve those perfect cuts. We have all experienced disappointment with various products that we have bought. If you’ve always been interested in cutting your ingredients in specific ways, we strongly believe that you will be very satisfied with this cutting board.

With a multitude of guidelines engraved on it, this cutting board will help your cuts be as precise as possible. You want your food to be both tasty and appealing. Thanks to this unit, it became easier for you to achieve complex culinary knife cuts like julienne and fine julienne, small or medium dice, brunoise, and many others.

And, very important is the fact that these guidelines will not fade too easily. The manufacturer had the amazing idea to engrave these lines onto the board, to ensure a longer resistance in time. This cutting board is very easy to handle, and it is made of strong environmentally sustainable bamboo.

Also, it has proved to be very easy to clean. If you were looking for a gift for your friends who are so passionate about cooking, this cutting board might be a great idea.


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