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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Automatic Can Opener + Reviews


Anyone on the lookout for the best automatic can opener will discover some great advice given by Grandma Jen in this short paragraph. Taking into consideration all the reviews left by users and experts alike, as well as sales figures, the conclusion reached is that the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch is the number one model to set your eyes on. When using this can opener, you don’t have to worry about sharp edges, because it will leave nothing but smooth surface behind, so that you don’t cut yourself. The lever is designed with ergonomics in mind, and that is why this utensil is so easy to use. You will enjoy the beautiful design, and you will quickly find a place for storing this particular model on your kitchen counter for easy access. If the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch is out of stock, the next recommendation on Grandma Jen’s list is the Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic, a model with almost the same features and advantages.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Automatic can openers have been around for decades and, when they first came out, they were not powerful. They did the job, but many people considered that a manual can opener was still the better choice. Things have changed a great deal from those humble beginnings, and now automatic models are just as desirable as manual ones. If you are looking for the best electric can opener, this buying guide will help you decide.

Safety issues

If there is one issue that not all manual can openers have addressed so far, that should be the possibility to cut through can lids without leaving sharp edges behind. This can be a safety issue, as getting cut in such a sharp edge is easy, no matter how cautious you usually are.

Most electric models have no such issues, as all the automatic can opener reviews can tell you. However, in this case, there is another thing to consider when it comes to safety. It is preferable that the model has some shut-off function as it finishes the cutting operation.


Overall ergonomic design

When considering various models on the market, you should pay attention to the overall design they have. The lever used for holding the can opener while in operation should be comfortable for the user. Otherwise, your fancy can opener will just end up forgotten in some kitchen drawer.

The knob should come with a soft grip for the same consideration. The more ergonomic a kitchen utensil is, the more likely it is to be used more often.



Any kitchen utensil is a small investment, and, like any other investment, you don’t want it to go to waste. An automatic can opener should have a sturdy construction so that it does not break only after a few uses.

Search for models made by companies with an excellent reputation for making kitchen utensils. This way, it will be possible for you to pick, without fail, an automatic can opener that will not let you down.



3 Best Automatic Can Openers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Are you ready to find the automatic can opener that will make your kitchen work more accessible? The following models score high in consumers’ preferences, and they are an excellent choice, no matter which one you opt for.



1. Hamilton 76606ZA Beach Smooth Touch


The Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch is an automatic can opener for sale that qualifies for the top of the list without a doubt. Standard size cans, as well as cans equipped with pop-top lids, will be no issue for this can opener, so bear in mind that with others, the utensil may not work just as well.

Safety issues are taken into consideration adequately by this manufacturer. The cutting mechanism makes sure that the top of the can is easily removed while leaving nothing but smooth edges behind. This safe operation feature qualifies this model as an excellent recommendation for anyone searching for this type of utensil.

The lever is created to provide excellent comfort during operation, so you will find it easy to hold. It is essential that using an automatic can opener is effortless since, otherwise, such a utensil may have nothing over a manual model.

The beautiful design is another plus of this model. You will not be ashamed displaying it on the kitchen counter, and you will be able just to grab it, open a can and put it back without any issues. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for this model.



This automatic can opener is compatible with standard-size cans and cans with a pop-top lids mechanism.

Once the can is opened, the device leaves smooth edges behind so you can safely enjoy your snack.

The top of the can is completely removed so you won’t be annoyed by any remaining parts.

It is very easy to be used by anyone since the lever offers you great comfort while operating the device.

Using this product, opening cans is effortlessly from now on.

It also has a stylish design that matches your kitchen.

While using this product, you will avoid any mess caused by a usual can-opener.



The cleaning process is a bit difficult as the blades are not removable so you will have to clean it by hand with the blades incorporated.

It doesn’t work with rectangle cans as well as it works with round cans.


Buy from for ($29.85)





2. Hamilton 76380Z Beach Classic


Automatic can openers have the reputation of not being easy to clean. The Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic wants to make a dramatic change in this regard, by coming equipped with a cutting unit that is easy to remove and wash. It is essential that all the kitchen utensils you use on a regular basis can be cleaned with ease, to avoid accumulation of bacteria.

The SureCut technology used ensures perfect results every time you use the utensil. Several features offered with the product will convince you that this is the can opener you want to purchase. For instance, a knife sharpener is included so that you can sharpen the cutting unit.

Also, the automatic shut-off function comes in handy, as the can opener will not use any more electrical power than it should. Attention to detail is superior in this particular model, as the convenient cord storage adds even more to its appeal.

Whenever you need to open juice or food cans, this can opener will prove to be a reliable kitchen helper. Easy to clean and easy to operate, it is the kind of unit you will want around the house.



The highlight of this product is the fact that the blades are removable so you can easily wash it.

Making the cleaning process easier, the accumulation of bacteria is avoided.

It comes with a knife sharpener so you’ll have your device work at its finest for a long time.

This can opener is very economical as it has an automatic shut-off function to prevent the unnecessary consumption of electrical power.

It is very easy to operate by anyone so you won’t have to ask again for help when it comes to opening cans.

The cord storage is another great advantage that makes this product worth it.

It has a stylish design that would make your kitchen look better.



The extra-tall design doesn’t make this product suitable for all types of kitchen furniture, especially if you have problems with the space you have.

Some customers have claimed that the construction of this can opener feels cheap.


Buy from for ($18.39)





3. Proctor 76370P Silex Plus


The Proctor Silex Plus 76370P is an excellent option if you want a solution for opening cans fast and easy. This step required for meal preparation can become a breeze if you depend on the help of this kind of product. A nice important feature of this model is the magnetic lid holder. You will keep the lid in place, and the blade will cut through the metal, making sure to provide perfect results.

There is a definite advantage in having a magnetic holder like the one described above. You will not make a mess, and the can will open without spilling food around. Another excellent aspect of this model is its extra-tall design. This means that you can use it for various can types without a problem.

The knife sharpener included is a nice touch. You will be able to sharpen the blade anytime you see fit, and you will continue to use the can opener for as long as you want.

When you finish the task, you can detach the cutting lever and clean it. Because it is so easy to wash, it is one step over other models on the market, and it may be just the aspect that will convince you to buy this particular one.



With this can opener, you save a lot of time and energy when you want to eat something fast in the morning.

The magnetic lid holder is one of the important features of this product as it makes it more efficient as the lid is kept in place.

Using this product, you will have perfect results and even edges.

This can opener helps you avoid the mess caused by spilling the contents of the can that occurs when manually opening it.

It also comes with a knife sharpener to use this device properly as long as you can.

The cutting lever is detachable for easier and faster cleaning.

There is also a cord storage to protect it when not used.



You may need an extension cord as the main cord may be too small for your kitchen.

The handle may need some adjusting in time.


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