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Best 4 slice toaster for tall bread


4-Slice toasters for tall bread – Ratings & Informative guide


A 4 slice toaster for tall bread is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a nice breakfast with the entire family. There are many advantages such toasters offer, but you need to learn a few things about the best 4 slice toasters before you decide to make a purchase. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A.1 4 slice toaster for tall bread


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 4-slice toaster for tall bread:



Browning levels

One thing that everyone loves about toast is that brown shade that instantly reminds you of the crisp, scrumptious taste toasted bread is known for. The latest models offer a wide variety of options when it comes to getting the right brown shade for your toast. These are preferred by buyers and you should look for one, too.



It’s always a great thing to have a few interesting options on your toaster. The best out there now come equipped with a Frozen option, so you can defrost your favorite pastries brought from the store.



Toasters are highly functional items to have in the kitchen, but this does not mean that they should lack in style. Stainless steel models are preferred because they fit well in any kitchen layout, and they simply look great on the kitchen counter.



3 Best 4-Slice Toasters for Tall Bread (Reviews) in 2021



Are you looking for the best 4 slice toaster for tall bread? We have three options to present you; they are all highly popular and people everywhere love them, because these units help them cook breakfast in record time for the entire family. One of them may be exactly what you are looking for.



1. Kenwood TTM610 Persona Collection Toaster with Adjustable Slot


If you are prepared to invest in a high-end long-slot toaster, it might be a good idea to check out the specs of this alternative. The TTM610 can serve you as best as possible, and that’s because it can be used with most of the specialty breads available for sale nowadays.

Besides, the user-friendly design even enables you to get the most of it by using paninis, croissants, as well as sandwiches. The model has been equipped with four presets in this sense, so you won’t have to fiddle with any of the controls to get perfectly toasted bread or bagels.

Furthermore, the unit is a winner when it comes to convenience and versatility as it can give you the freedom you may have been looking for. You can control the browning as you deem fit, and even cancel the process if you have no time to wait. The illumination controls might also be enjoyable, especially if you tend to get up early in the morning and might be bothered by the artificial lighting in your kitchen.

Since this unit has not been constructed using plastic components on the outside, there have been buyers who have reported that there’s no nasty smell coming out of the appliance, even when you use it for the first time.



You can use this toaster for many varieties of bread, for sandwiches, and even for pastry, as the wide and long slots can accommodate almost anything.

Besides catering to people who like to vary their breakfast options, the unit also has settings for bagels, Panini sandwiches, and tasty croissants.

A special cage is installed for toasting your sandwiches evenly so that you can enjoy a perfect taste.

You can adjust the level of brown, or use the cancel function when you decide that your toast has already reached the desired shade.

The controls are illuminated, allowing you to find them with ease, and they are easy to use.



It seems that this toaster makes the bottom browner than the rest and that can be a real issue with people who like their bread to be evenly toasted.


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2. Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster


Breville is one of the world-known manufacturers of reliable and perfectly functional kitchen appliances. As such, it comes as no surprise that this particular model has also been constructed with the needs of modern consumers in mind. The 4-slice capacity allows you to utilize any type of bread, be it longer or shorter.

Besides, the unit boasts a 1600-watt element, which means that your toast will be cooked evenly and in a timely fashion. Mornings can be difficult, so it’s often that you may find yourself in a hurry and have little to no time for breakfast. That’s precisely where the BTA830XL can come in handy.

Another important detail about this model is that it has been outfitted with a LED indicator. What this means is that you can keep track on how the process is progressing and know when you can expect your toast to be ready.

The Cool Touch die-cast metal body of this alternative is also reassuring as there won’t be any accidents involving burnt fingers. What’s more, the slide-out crumb tray is undoubtedly convenient and will enable you to clean the appliance with ease. Thanks to the overall design of this product and the fact that it comes with a concealed cord, it will be a nice fit for your kitchen.



The bread slices you put inside can be of any thickness and shape, as this versatile unit will manage to brown them evenly.

You will be able to set the sound alert level on high, low, or to mute it all together, depending on your preferences.

The body of the unit is made from brushed die-cast metal that remains cool to the touch while in operation, thus preventing unpleasant accidents.

The crumb tray can be removed and washed for easy maintenance.

The unit comes with a LED display for showing the progress of the toasting process, something that many people appreciate.



Getting the desired brown shade can be tricky, since the selector employed in this unit is based on time and not shade, so you will have to run some tests to get it right.

The mechanical lift could have been better, as some reviewers notice after using the toaster for a while.


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3. Breville BTA730XL The Bit More 4-Slice Toaster


1.Breville BTA730XLThe first thing you will notice about the Breville BTA730XL The Bit More 4-Slice Toaster will certainly be its stylish looks.

Nonetheless, your heart will be stolen by the possibility to toast your bread as you like it, down to the minutest details. The manufacturer takes pride in offering users the ability to add half a minute extra so you can have your toasted bread well done, just as you like it.

This toaster is made of stainless steel and it looks perfectly chic on any kitchen counter. It also comes equipped with a bunch of options, so you can really have fun with it, while preparing breakfast in the morning. The Lift &

Look lever allows you to raise and lower the carriage so you can look at the bread without having to stop the process. The high lift option lets you raise the carriage so you can remove smaller toasts or pastry, like English muffins.

If you’re not yet convinced, we must also mention that this item comes with settings like Bagel, Frozen and Cancel.



The stainless steel housing makes the toaster look stylish, and also easy to clean.

The Bit More function helps you add more time to a toasting cycle, in case you are still not satisfied with the shade of brown you have achieved so far.

The unit has a Lift & Look lever that lets you check your toast from time to time, but without stopping the machine from doing its job.

Use the bagel function to toast bagels to perfection, or defrost your favorite pastries with a simple push of a button.

The sound alert can be adjusted on high, or low, or it can be set on mute in case you don’t want to wake up the entire home.



This toaster tends to be on the larger side, so it can feel bulky and not that great a choice for people who have little space at their disposal.


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Unavailable products


Oster TSSTTRDFL1 Designed for Life


2.Oster Designed for Life 4-Slice ToasterConsistent toasting and browning are readily provided by the Oster Designed for Life 4-Slice Toaster. The brushed stainless steel body will make you fall in love with it from the very first glance. Its seven different shades of browning will make everyone in your family happy, since each member can choose how brown they want their toast to be.

The extra long slots make this model the best 4 slice toaster for tall bread for many, especially those who love a bit of variety in the types of bread they want to consume in the morning for breakfast.

Artisan breads and bagels are a good fit in this toaster, so you will really enjoy your morning meals from now on.

The automatic shut off function is more than welcome, since it prevents nasty kitchen accidents. The Anti-jam feature comes in handy, as do the Warm and Cancel settings. Offering the best convenience and customization options around, this is the type of toaster you should consider purchasing next for your family.





Waring Commercial WCT704


3.Waring Commercial WCT704Built of chrome plated steel, the Waring (WCT704) Toaster is quite a looker. It comes equipped with two extra long slots that can be used for tall bread and other artisan varieties, and it can accommodate four slices at the same time.

The self centering bread rack is really helpful for the times when you want to toast very thinly sliced bread. Warming up bagels is a breeze, and all in all, this toaster is a great addition to your kitchen utensils.

The easy touch controls come in handy, and the LED indicators let you know what options you are using. You can defrost frozen pastries, reheat those that are no longer warm or cancel the process if you changed your mind.

Choosing the desired brown shade is easy, thanks to the easy to use rotary dial, and you will also appreciate the quickly removing crumb tray. The toaster is easy to use and easy to clean, so it is, indeed, a great recommendation for anyone who loves having toast in the morning.