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If you are here just to find the best 2 slice toaster, Grandma Jen recommends the Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact as it offers the best performance at a fair price. The compact design allows you to accommodate this model on any kitchen counter, and its overall appearance is sure to make a statement in any kitchen layout, due to its elegant lines and stainless steel accents. Choosing the shade of brown you desire for your toast is easy, as you will only need to fiddle with a dial. A crumb tray is supplied for easy maintenance and easy cleaning; the tray slides out, making it simple for you to take it out and empty it after several uses. If you can’t find the Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact in stock, your next best option should be the Hamilton Beach Cool Touch as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.



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Having the best 2 slice toaster on your kitchen countertop ensures that you won’t have to eat stale or cold, even frozen bread, on days when you need something substantial in your tummy for breakfast. A toaster has always been a basic appliance that all kitchens should have, to cook various types of bread and bread-based food by browning one or both sides. Of course, like any other modern appliance, a two-slice toaster has to be bought only after doing a decent amount of research to ensure you’re getting a good product that offers the features to make toasting always an exceptional experience.

Many two-slice toaster models now come with a variety of features that make bread toasting more than just about browning bread and making it come out crispy and crunchy to the bite. We now have models that let you cook egg while toasting, helping you prepare a complete breakfast using just one appliance and with only a single setup. This eliminates the need to separately use a frying pan and stove.


Top Features – An overview


What makes the best 2 slice toaster in 2020 stand out from a machine built with four slots? Well, for one thing, a two-slice unit uses considerably less space (maybe even less electricity) than one with four slots for four slices of bread. When kitchen countertop space is an issue, a two-slice toaster is ideal. Four-slice toasters are broader or longer than conventional two-slice machines, making storage and countertop placement a problem if you don’t really have that much kitchen space to begin with.

Two slice toasters are also generally less complicated to operate than a four-slice unit. There are fewer knobs or buttons, and the controls are generally straightforward to ensure hassle-free use. A two-slice toaster makes it easier to monitor the progress of the toasting process, effectively preventing burnt bread results. You only have to wait for two slices to cook anyway, so how difficult can that be? Check out models that do not make the slices pop out like flying saucers, though. It can be quite a bother to have to stand ready with a plate till the bread is done so you can catch those flying slices.

Cleaning is also simpler with a two-slice toaster, with fewer components to clean up and a smaller body to wipe clean. Most two-slice toasters come with a slide-out crumb tray that you simply remove to clean out small bits of bread and bread crumbs. It can be a hassle to have to flip over the entire unit just to clean the dirt and debris out. A slide-open hinged crumb tray is less convenient than one that actually slides out for removal.

Both two- and four-slice toasters have evolved from being just simple metal boxes. However, 2-slice units have been more popular items than their 4-slice counterparts due to their sleeker and more compact build, which is usually nicer in appearance when taken with the wide range of exterior finishes they come in, including brushed metal, copper, metal and silver combinations, chrome and color or combinations of both.

If you want consistency in results and more effortless use, a two-slice toaster always makes a better choice compared to a four-slice machine. You also have more choices of two-slice toaster brands and models, as well.



When looking for the best 2 slice toaster from Amazon, you will need to consider more than the function of browning a piece of bread that the appliance provides. A basic toaster may be all that you need if that’s the case. However, some models offer a BAGEL function as well, helping you enjoy nicely browned bagels with the cut side nicely toasted and the outside just warmed to perfection. Some two-slice models are equipped with a lever that operates both slots, but some more versatile models activate just a single slot at a time. With separate levers, the settings can be different while both levers are being used. This allows different members of the household to get their bread cooked just the way they like, whether lightly browned or as dark as can be.

You will appreciate a FROZEN/DEFROST function when you have to bring frozen waffles and bread to a warmer temperature while toasting them, all in just one cycle. Without this feature, a toaster may need a second cycle to do toasting to a satisfactory level. A Reheat feature warms toasted items without additional browning when they’ve gone cold. A larger opening accommodates thick bread and bread products, so you won’t have to eat the same type of food each and every time.

best rated 2 slice toasters

Ease of Use

What is the best 2 slice toaster? It’s the one that offers ease of use, of course.

A Toast Lifter is helpful when working with mini bagels, rye toast and half slices of bread, as it helps such shorter items get properly elevated after the toasting cycle is complete and they have popped up, preventing injury to your fingers. This means you won’t have to pry the toast loose from the still-hot slots with tongs or your fingers, since it gets raised sufficiently to a nice level for easy retrieval. Some models have an Auto shut-off signal that alerts you when the cycle is complete and the toasted bread has popped up, allowing you to multitask. You won’t have to come running back to the toaster when the cooking cycle is over just to ensure that the bread won’t get overcooked.

The STOP/CANCEL button discontinues the toasting process midway, helping you control the results when the bread smells burned. Centering the bread slice from side to side to avoid inconsistent toasting is made possible through bread guides. Some models have auto centering while others have bread guides you can adjust manually.

Some models have a countdown timer so you know how much time is left before cycle completion. With a countdown timer, you can also do other things since you can view how much time remains, helping you do more breakfast preparation tasks as well.


Convenient Controls

With the top 2 slice toasters compared, would you go for one with a rotary numbered dial or one with electronic touchpads? The truth is, the choice of the kind of controls on the toaster really depends on which is more convenient for the user. Digital controls may be easy to read and quite convenient to activate, but manual controls offer more exactness for some people. Choose the type of controls that you believe will work best for you. A dial can be hard to make out if it has unlabeled symbols, and this becomes even more so considering the number of symbols that could be used by different toaster makers.

A shade dial is less exact, since you don’t have a more-or-less concrete idea how brown a certain shade is and how different it can be from another. Shade of browning can be a subjective thing at times.

With LED lighting features, the control panel is illuminated when the toasting process is underway. Electronic LED indicators tell you which special features are currently activated, such as Defrost, Bagel, Reheat and the browning time.

2 slice toaster reviews

Performance, Cleaning and Storage

You want the toaster to offer a wide range of doneness, varying from very light to very dark. A consistent color across all the slices in one toasting batch should be guaranteed, so every slice comes out the same shade every time.

Most toaster models are equipped with a crumb tray that catches loose bits of bread and toast. Simply pull out the tray to empty it of the collected crumbs. The crumb tray can be hinged or removable. The hinged variety lets you drop the tray open over the sink or trash can for effortless disposal. Detachable crumb trays can simply be removed from the machine’s bottom then emptied.

The best stainless steel 2 slice toaster should be easy to maintain, but take note that not all stainless finishes are the same. The finish should resist fingerprint smudges. Some models provide onboard cord storage by letting users put the coiled power cable into a slot at the bottom or sides of the unit.

A toaster cover prevents dust, debris and tiny fingers from getting into the slots. This can be bought separately in a variety of patterns and colors to suit the kitchen decor.



7 Best 2-Slice Toasters (Reviews) in 2020



1. Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact


1. Cuisinart CPT-122 CompactThis Cuisinart 2 slice toaster is engineered to fit into any modern kitchen where space -or the lack of it- is a primary consideration. It is made with a compact design that easily fits onto any kitchen countertop with ease. The sleek design also makes the toaster easy to store in any available cabinet space, or simply left on the countertop for effortless use every time. The Cuisinart CPT-122’s space-saving design enables sideways placement, as well. The compact design of the toaster is complemented by stainless steel accents that give the appliance an updated, modern look.

The Cuisinart CPT-122 also comes with Defrost controls that enable you to take frozen bread or waffles from the fridge for heating and toasting using a single cycle. The Reheat function warms toast to a sufficient level after it has already gotten cold, so you can enjoy it like it’s been freshly toasted without getting it overly browned. The Bagel controls allow you to put in bagels for nicely warmed results on the outside and with the cut side beautifully toasted and browned. The 1.5-inch wide toasting slots accommodate thicker slices of bread. The Cuisinart CPT-122 has a seven-setting shade dial that lets you set the controls to the level of browning you want for your toast.

The slide-out crumb tray offers easy cleanups after use.



This versatile toaster can be used for a variety of bread sizes, including bagels. It includes a seven-setting dial to help you adjust the shade and crunchiness to which you want your bread slices to be toasted.

Its elegant design easily blends in with your other kitchenware. This model will deliver high-quality services, including functions like defrost, reheat and bagel. It has anything you could want from a toaster.

The crumb tray will help you clean your product a lot faster. Simply take out the tray, wash off the crumbs that have fallen, put it back in, and your toaster is ready to use.

The custom controls will help you get the toast exactly in the shade that you want it, every time.



Some customers have hinted that this product may not have such a long lifespan as it is advertised. However, this depends on how well you preserve it.




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2. Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster 22121


2. Hamilton Beach Cool TouchThis Hamilton beach 2 slice toaster is equipped with wide 1.5-inch slots that accommodate waffles, thick bagels and hand-sliced bread. You can put in slices of your favorite bread for browning and warming evenly with great results. The Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster has multi-toasting functions, eliminating the guesswork. Choose the precise browning level you want for your toast. The toaster provides Frozen Bagel, Bagel, Frozen Toast and Cancel functionalities. Take frozen breads or waffles from the fridge and get it warmed to a higher temperature while toasting it at the same time.

The Bagel Function allows you to have bagels nicely warmed on the outside with the cut side crispy and nicely browned. The Frozen Bagel allows you to defrost, heat and toast bagel that’s just been taken out of the freezer. The Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster has a cool-touch exterior that ensures the outside of its housing stays cool to the touch while the toasting process is in progress. This also ensures that anything that gets close to the exterior of the toaster during the toasting process will not get burned, such as fingers, or melted, such as plastic items. The automatic toast boost raises the toast up and high enough for easy removal from the slots.

The convenient crumb tray ensures effortless cleanups.



This alternative is easy to use for everyone and is flawlessly designed. It incorporates many functions that can be activated with the touch of a button, in order for you to get your perfect toast every morning.

This stylish toaster comes in classic black and has a design that will nicely fit in with your other kitchen appliances. It also has a cool-touch exterior, so that you don’t accidentally get burned when reaching for your toast.

The toast boost function helps you raise the contents of the toaster upwards, thus removing any danger encountered when collecting the results.

Let us not forget about the crumb tray, an excellent feature to make cleaning faster and easier.



Some clients have complained that the toasting process takes a long time. You should consider this detail if your mornings are spent in a rush.

Also, depending on the function you choose, there have been some complaints stating that this toaster fails to cook bread evenly on both sides.




Buy from Amazon.com for ($29.67)





3. West Bend Toaster with Egg Cooker


3.West-Bend-TEM500W-Egg-and-Muffin-ToasterThe West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster is a versatile and revolutionary piece of kitchen equipment that is sure to broaden your culinary skills twofold. It is built with a unique egg cooker to poach, scramble or boil eggs, helping you prepare a complete breakfast in no time. Enjoy a different way of preparing eggs with your toast, without having to boil water, take out the frying pan and using cholesterol-laden oil. The West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster is also equipped with a meat tray that enables you to heat pre-cooked items effortlessly.

The revolutionary multi-use toaster lets you save time, effort and money on having to use multiple kitchen tools to have your breakfast ready when you want, as you want. The West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster has a high toast lift that boosts the finished toast up so you can easily take it from the slots without injuring or burning your fingers. It is engineered with light to dark control settings, enabling you to choose the precise browning level you want for your toast. The West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster has an Auto shut off feature that ensures safety and a perfect toasting result every time, with no danger of burnt toast.

The Cancel button allows you to stop the toasting cycle midway through the cycle.



This particular toaster is equipped with a lot of useful functions many other products don’t have.

For example, the controls are a bit more complex, offering you the option to choose how crunchy you want your toast to be, from light to dark, and also adding an auto shut off button.

If you’re a fan of the typical English breakfast, this is the product of your dreams. The toaster includes an egg cooker that you can use to poach, scramble or boil eggs and then serve them alongside with your freshly made toast.

The egg cooker can be used with the meat tray also including in the package, useful if you wish to reheat items that have already been cooked.



Various customers have stated this product is prone to malfunctions, especially the element that heats the egg cooker.

Also, it appears that the elements have to cool properly before being used again, so it might be difficult to use it for two sandwiches in a short time span.




Buy from Amazon.com for ($99)





4. Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster Purple TSSTTRJBP1


4.Oster-TSSTTRJBP1-Jelly-Bean-2-Slice-ToasterThe Oster TSSTTRJBP1 is undoubtedly the best 2 slice toaster from Oster. With it, you can start your day right with toast made your way, thanks to the seven toast shade settings. The toaster eliminates the guesswork by giving you precise settings to cook your bread just the way you like. This state-of-the-art appliance is engineered to toast bagels, breads and other bread-based food to your taste. It is equipped with advanced toasting technology that ensures consistent results every time. The technology works well with the light to dark settings to ensure perfectly cooked bread.

The two-slice toaster provides the perfect shade and texture of English muffin, waffle, bagel or toast, giving you nicely warmed and crisp bread to go with your morning coffee and eggs. The Oster TSSTTRJBP1 is built with a sleek design and metallic finish, which will surely brighten up any modern kitchen. The compact frame enables easy placement on the kitchen counter, and also ensures easy storage after use. The toaster is built with extra-wide slots plus dual, auto-adjusting bread guides to accommodate any size bread, so you can cook the bread you want in the size that you prefer. The Bagel function enables you to cook bagels just the way you want.

The Warm function cooks bread without getting it overly browned. The removable crumb tray ensures easy cleanups after use.



This is pretty much the basic toaster you can find available these days, with a few added functions to increase its functionality. For example, aside from the typical shade settings control, you have a toast or bagel function.

Not only does it lift the toast when it’s done so you can easily reach for it, but it also automatically shuts off if it senses you accidentally touch the inside elements while in the process.

This product features extra wide slots that can fit any type of bread, to ensure you have a healthy, balanced, and varied diet.

Its sleek design will easily fit in on your kitchen counter, while the metallic finish adds a nice, stylish touch.



Some customers have reported that the bagel setting toasts both sides of the product, instead of just one size as it is traditionally performed. This is mostly a matter of personal preferences.




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5. Dualit 2-Slice Toaster Chrome


5.Dualit-2-Slice-ToasterEasily the star in an impressive line of Dualit 2 slice toasters, the Dualit Classic NewGenToaster represents the successful fusion of perfection and simplicity in an innovative small kitchen appliance.

The toaster has extra-wide, 28-mm slots that accommodate a variety of bread products, enabling you to insert different sizes of bread slices for toasting to perfect levels every time. The toaster is engineered with award-winning ProHeat elements that provide increased toasting efficiency and long life of the components. The elements are built with a protective armor-plated layer enveloping the filament, making the components virtually indestructible.

The toaster is hand built in the UK, with fully reparable and replaceable components to bring you a toaster that will really last a lifetime. The toaster has an ejector system that keeps the toast warm till the ejector level is pushed up. This component ensures that your bread is always nicely warmed without getting burnt. The removable crumb tray allows easy cleanup after use, so you can just take it out and empty it of crumbs. The adjustable rear foot ensures secure and easy placement on the kitchen countertop.

The adjustable Warming Rack works with any Dualit Classic Toaster while being exceptionally useful for warming items without need to put them into the toaster. The revolutionary switch-system controls the degree of browning to the exact levels.



This revolutionary toaster uses award-winning Proheat elements to deliver the most delicious and crunchy toast. Aside from its boosting efficiency, you will also notice the product’s lifespan will be increased thanks to this technology.

It features an ejector system that not only helps you avoid unpleasant accidents while taking out your toast but also keeps the contents warm until you decide you want them.

Every toaster has a crumb tray to help you clean it faster, but this one raises the bar by adding an adjustable rear foot, for increased comfort and usability.

The wide slots fit any type of bread, so you’re free to choose your favorite variety.



Some clients have complained that this product doesn’t rise up to their expectations, especially considering the high price.

Another significant problem seems to be the fact that the user’s manual includes too many limitations and requirements, thus making the cooking process rather slow and inefficient.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($203)





6. KitchenAid KMT223 2-Slice Toaster with One Touch Lift / Lower 


6.KitchenAid-KMT223CU-2-Slice-ToasteWhat is the best 2 slice toaster from KitchenAid? It’s the KitchenAid KMT223CU. Built with extra-wide 1.5-inch slots, this toaster can accommodate large slices of bread. Its all-metal construction ensures long life for the toaster.

The metal housing is attractive enough to display on the kitchen counter, making the toaster a lovely addition to any modern kitchen. The Bagel button allows you to enjoy nicely warmed and toasted bagels that you will love biting into every time. The Defrost function allows you to toast bread direct from the freezer using just one cycle without the need to pre-warm.

The toaster has an LCD display with digital progress bar to enable you to know how much time is left in the toasting cycle so you can do other tasks while waiting for the bread to cook. The One Touch Control raises and lowers the bread as needed, even in the middle of the cycle. This is convenient when you think you don’t need to complete the toasting cycle any longer.

The KitchenAid KMT223CU comes with a space-saving design that enables easy placement on the kitchen counter, as well as easy storage when it’s not in use. The toaster comes with a one-year limited warranty, serving as your assurance of product quality and reliable craftsmanship.

The Shade Selector enables you to customize the level of browning to your preference.



The all metal construction makes this an elegant item to display on your kitchen counter, as well as a long-lasting product that’s bound to serve its function flawlessly for as much time as possible.

The LCD display is definitely a revolutionary feature when it comes to toasters. The digital process bar lets you know exactly when your toast is going to be ready. It also contains a function that remembers your last options, allowing you to make your toast just the way you like it just by touching a button.  

This product features all the classic functions this type of appliance generally has. The commands are extremely easy to activate, with one button designated to serve each function.

This sleek and stylish appliance also comes with a lot of useful extra features. For example, it can raise or lower the bread on command, even in the middle of the cooking process, all at the touch of a button.



There have been a few complaints about this toaster saying that it fails to toast evenly on both sides.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($149.99)





7. Sunbeam 3910-100 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster Black


7.Sunbeam-3910-100-2-Slice-Wide-Slot-ToasterThis Sunbeam 2 slice toaster offers the same features as a high-end toaster minus the expensive price. The Sunbeam 3910-100 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster is built with a bagel button that ensures perfectly toasted bagels every time.

This means your bagels are nicely warmed on the outside and with the cut side all toasty and nicely browned. The Sunbeam 3910-100 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster is built with wide slots to accommodate a variety of breads, so you can put in slices of your favorite bread and bread-based items and are sure to enjoy great bread cooking results. The Cool Touch housing ensures that the toaster will not heat up even during operation.

The Cool Touch housing ensures safe use while keeping items near the toaster also safe from getting burned or melted. The Toast Lift Lever ensures that it is always easy to retrieve cooked bread from the slots, without the need to use implements or to be in constant fear of burning your fingers during removal. The crumb tray is removable and dishwasher safe, so cleanups are always easy and simple.

The dual auto-adjusting bread guides adjust to the bread thickness while ensuring uniform toasting. The seven toast-shade settings ensure perfect levels of browning, making it possible choose the toasting level you want.

The anti-jam feature switches the toaster off automatically when bread gets caught in the bread slots.



This toaster is particularly easy to clean, featuring a crumb tray to help you remove the bread crumbs that fall off during the process. Also, it’s dishwasher safe, so you can avoid the hassle of having to wash it manually.

It is very safe to use by any member of the family. It features a lever to help you raise the toast when it’s done. It also maintains a cool surface even during the cooking process, to avoid accidents.

The design includes a bagel designated button that will help you obtain crunchy and tasty bagels, cooked to perfection every time.

Another interesting feature that helps you perfectly cook your toast is the auto-adjusting bread guide, which will adapt the heat according to the thickness of the slice in order to toast it evenly.



Apparently, the cord provided is too short and you might find it difficult to reach the outlet, as it extends from the front face of the toaster.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($21.12)





What is a good price for a 2 slice toaster?


You might be able to buy the best 2 slice toaster under $30 that offers reheat, defrost and bagel functions like any other pricier models. A good toaster sells anywhere from just $15 to $50 dollars. Do keep in mind that when going over 2 slice toaster reviews, you may want to check out how each of the units are constructed and what the track record of the brand is in terms of reliability. You may also want to think about the warranty period and whether you have the option to go for an extended service contract.

There are toaster models with extra functions that sell as high as $250.




Usual issues with 2 slice toasters


Some people who buy the best 2 slice toaster with egg cooker bemoan the fact that when the egg/toast option is chosen, the toaster just switches off once the toast is done but will not eject the bread fully. The residual heat from the cooking eggs is supposed to keep the toast warm, but users have found the heat is not sufficient to keep the bread warm and not just dried out.

Others want the food slots to be longer so they can accommodate larger bread loaves, necessitating that some types of bread have a little strip removed before toasting. Some users also would like some toaster models to lift the toast higher. There are users who say they have to use toast tongs to remove standard-size English muffins and shorter bread slices when extricating small types of bread.

Another issue users find is that dark settings on their toasters do not really provide the desired shade.




Popular brands


Hamilton Beach

Surprisingly, the Hamilton Beach brand for the leading distributor of small kitchen appliances in the US does not carry the name of the company’s founder. In April 1910, inventor Frederick J. Osius founded the company in Racine, Wisconsin. Instead of adopting his own name for use as his company’s trademark, Mr. Osius decided to use the name of the two men he hired for his firm: the new advertising manager, Louis Hamilton, and a mechanic, Chester Beach. The company history reveals that the founder didn’t care to use his own name so he simply paid the two men $1000 each to obtain the right to use theirs.

Hamilton-Beach was acquired by Scovill from Frederick Osius. The two men paid for the use of their names to identify the brand had left the company prior in 1913 to put up their own, which they called Wisconsin Electric Company.

Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company has expanded its product lines from those Osius himself invented and obtained patents for. Currently, the firm manufactures and promotes its own air purifiers, blenders, clothes irons, coffee maker, deep fryers, electric kettles, electric knives, fans, food choppers and food processor, hair dryer, indoor grill, induction cooktop, juicer, hand and stand mixers, ovens, pizza maker, slow cookers, steamers and toasters. The Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. now has a separate division for the original company, Hamilton Beach®, along with a string of famous brands in American, Canadian and Mexican households and restaurants including Eclectic®, Proctor Silex® and TrueAir®.



The Cuisinart brand of food processor has been hailed by culinary experts including Julia Child and James Beard, and this certainly testifies to the label’s enduring legacy of excellence in innovation. Founded by Carl Sontheimer in 1973, the widely renowned brand has certainly come a long way from the revolutionary food processor introduced to America by its founder. Since 1989, Cuisinart has been managed by Conair Corporation and continues to hold global popularity while being endorsed by culinary experts including Hubert Keller and Jacques Pepin. Helping more people from all over savor the good life, Cuisinart offers a full range of products that have become favorites among chefs and homemakers alike.

The Cuisinart brand carries: bakeware; blenders, can openers; coffee makers and grinders; cookware; countertop cooking appliances; dinnerware; food processors; slow cookers; toasters and toaster oven broilers, to name just a few. Cuisinart has also supported culinary education in a big way by sponsoring public TV series of renowned culinary connoisseurs and chefs, putting up a unique app for home cooks, introducing interactive Facebook games, coming out with an ebook, and many more.


Black & Decker

Whether it’s power tools, lawn and garden equipment, home cleaning gear, small appliances or batteries and accessories, Black & Decker has the perfect product for everyone. Consistently focused on customer needs, the brand has established a solid reputation for value, ingenuity and quality. Black & Decker is a fulfilment of the dream of two young men, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker to make a difference in the lives of people. Alonzo Decker and S. Duncan Black launched a machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland in 1910. They manufactured machines for candy dipping and making milk bottle caps. In 1916, Black & Decker laid the foundation for modern power tools through the ½-inch portable electric drill.

The company purchased the small household appliance division of General Electric Company in 1984. Currently, Black and Decker’s roster of small appliances include toasters, food processors, electric kettles, coffee makers, convection oven, pizza oven, choppers, blending systems and more, along with a large selection of tools and equipment for the home and the jobsite.



Breville Group Limited used to be known as Housewares International Limited. It began as a small importer of basic homeware products in 1957. Having grown by leaps and bounds, the company bought the US-based Metro Marketing in 1997. In 1999, it got listed on the Australian stock exchange. Housewares International Limited purchased the Breville firms in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia in 2001, along with a substantial 50% interest in Anglo-Canadian Housewares. Housewares International adopted Breville Group Limited as its brand name in 2008.

The company has grown substantially from the day it was founded in 1932 by radio salesman Bill O’Brien and engineer Harry Norville, who both scraped together 500 pounds to put up Breville Radio amidst Australia’s worst economic depression. John O’ Brien, Bill’s son, put up the Breville research and development division in the 1960s, with the main purpose of designing and producing its own products. This resulted in the development of some of the most widely popular Australian kitchen appliances including the Breville kitchen wizz food processor and the Breville snack n’ sandwich maker. The company has distribution rights as well for Philips, Ronson, Kambrook, Sage by Heston Blumenthal, along with its own kitchen products line under the Breville name.



Dualit is a company built on a clear set of values, which include an unwavering focus on high quality, intelligently engineered products plus an award-winning reputation among generations of professional chefs. The Dualit Company continues to grow, perpetually inspired by a genuine spirit of invention that has made it a household name 70 years after it was founded in 1945. The Dualit toaster line has been recognized for multi-patented, reparable and replaceable components, along with value, reliable durability and convenience.

Over the years, Dualit has steadily maintained product innovation at the forefront of what it provides to customers, offering safe and premium quality products to the modern kitchen.



KitchenAid has come a long way from its introduction of the iconic Stand Mixer to crafting an entire kitchen of state-of-the-art appliances, all carrying the same highly recognizable attention to detail, premium workmanship, timeless design and versatile technology. KitchenAid is the only appliance brand that makes products exclusively for use in the modern kitchen and still continues to push the envelope so users can achieve perfection in the things they create in their kitchens.

KitchenAid has sponsored a number of music, food and fine festivals, including the Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival, by providing completely outfitted kitchen stages for demonstrations by celebrity and local chefs.



In 1924, the Oster brand was born when John Oster saw a viable marketing opportunity for a hand-operated hair clipper. Four years after that, a new motor-powered clipper was brought to the market and eventually, The John Oster Manufacturing Company came to be recognized as the manufacturer of choice for professional grooming tools. In 1946, the company diversified from the creation of grooming equipment to small house electrical appliances, and bought Stevens Electric.

The brand has become a symbol of quality and style in the small electrical appliance industry, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sunbeam Corporation in 1960. Oster came out with its line of toasters in 2000.



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