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2-Slice toasters with warming rack – Ratings & Informative guide


Any two-slice toaster offers basic bread toasting functions, but the best 2 slice toaster with warming rack typically comes with a few more extra features to provide value for money. Purchasing a two-slice toaster is not that easy, as there are so many brands and models on the market to befuddle even the most seasoned buyer. Know what to look for to ensure a great investment.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 2-slice toaster with warming rack:



Extra Value

As stated before, any two slice toaster can cook bread, but only the best 2 slice toaster with warming rack offers extra value with its cool bread warmer. This component may be integrated on top of the bread slots or be removable, letting you display the toast on the table so anyone can just take one and enjoy it. Although this feature is not an essential consideration, it may prove to be handy when you just want your toast warmed while preventing over toasting.

A Reheat feature lets you do more breakfast preparations while ensuring that the toast stays warm. A countdown feature also lets you maximize the waiting time by multitasking.


Useful Features

Taking the guesswork out of cooking frozen bread, a Defrost feature lets you forego defrosting the bread first before switching to the toasting cycle, saving you time and effort.The cut side of your bagel gets browned on the cut side so it’s crispy while the uncut side is nicely warmed for optimum enjoyment with a cup of coffee. The best 2 slice toasters have an extra-lift feature that facilitates extraction of small items in the bread carriage.


Versatility and Slot Size

A premium quality toaster allows you to cook not only regular white bread slices but also crumpets, bagels, homemade bread, artisan bread and many other items. The slots should be deep and long enough to take in large bread slices. They should have enough width to accommodate various bread sizes as well. The heating elements should be of enough size to ensure top-to-bottom consistent browning.



3 Best 2-Slice Toasters with Warming Racks (Reviews) in 2020



It’s not quite easy to find a good two-slice toaster that offers extra value with a warming rack, so buyers may need to do their bit of research to find a great product. We have three highly recommended products below that you can choose from for convenient and effortless shopping.



1. Krups 7211002013 KH442D Control Line 2-Slot Toaster


If you’re looking for a toaster that looks as great as it performs you might want to consider this model by KRUPS. Its brushed stainless steel finish gives it an elegant appearance and ensures that it blends in beautifully with your other high-end appliances. Adding to its modern appeal are the bright LED indicator lights.

There are plenty of functions and browning options, so toast, bagels and English muffins turn out exactly how you like. You can defrost frozen items before toasting to prevent soggy centers and black edges, and even reheat toasted items without burning. There is also a function that allows you to cancel a setting before it is finished. There are even 6 adjustable browning levels. Simply turn the dial to select the right one for you.

The integrated bun warmer is a convenient extra, along with the high lift that makes it easy to remove items without burning your fingers. This is a great feature to have if older kids and teens are going to be using the toaster. You will also appreciate the removable crumb tray that makes cleaning up afterward a breeze.


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2. DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster Blue


2.DeLonghi-Kmix-2-Slice-ToasterThe DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster boasts a long-lasting and tough die-cast aluminum exterior that can withstand the punishment of continued use through many breakfasts for years. Made of high-quality materials, the toaster also comes with expert craftsmanship that serves as your assurance of total quality.

The toaster enables easy serving of bread thanks to the cordless operation that eliminates the clutter of cables. The detachable base allows easy cleaning out of crumbs and bits of bread to make the unit ready for another round of cooking. The toaster is available in a range of colorful design options so you can choose the best one that fits your kitchen decor.

The adjustable thermostat offers optimal shade setting control. The warming rack is removable so you can serve the toast straight from the machine or use it to enjoy a muffin or croissant. The Cancel button allows you to stop the toasting cycle before it’s completed if you think the bread is cooked enough. The Defrost feature lets you toast bread direct from the fridge without using two different settings.


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3. Panasonic NT-ZP1V Breakfast Collection 2-Slice Toaster


3.Panasonic-NT-ZP1VPresenting a fusion of form and function, the Panasonic NT-ZP1V 2-Slice toaster is part of the iconic Breakfast Collection. It has a sleek yet solid finish that ensures years of use. The stainless-steel trim, graceful curves and stylish glass combine to give a simple yet sophisticated appearance that will really look good on any kitchen countertop.

The toaster has extra-wide bread slots that take in a wide range of bread sizes ranging from regular white bread slices to homemade artisan bread, bagels, English muffins and sliced whole wheat. The bread-centering feature provides end-to-end uniform browning, and is complemented by the seven browning levels that let you enjoy the level of doneness from light to dark.

For handling frozen waffles, use the time- and energy-saving Defrost feature. The Reheat feature lets you re-warm bread that has been previously toasted without overcooking. The high-lift lever lifts small items high up for easy removal from the bread slots. The stainless buttons work well with the ergonomic side handles to enable effortless use and hassle-free selection of settings.


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Products that aren’t available anymore:




1.KRUPS-KH754Part of the Silver Art Collection, the KRUPS KH754 2-Slice Toaster comes with an exclusive and elegant design that impressively combines chrome, stainless steel and wood optics to create a remarkable-looking countertop appliance that can last for years.

The toaster is equipped with 8-level adjustable browning controls that allow you to choose which doneness level you will enjoy in your toast. The Toast function is supplemented by other features including Defrost, which lets you cook frozen bread using just one setting instead of two, eliminating the need to thaw the bread with a separate setting first.

The bagel feature warms the round, uncut side while toasting the cut side to your desired level. The Reheat setting ensures that bread is kept warm and is never over-toasted. For easy removal of the cooked bread, the toaster is built with a high lift that pushes the bread high enough for effortless retrieval. The removable crumb tray facilitates hassle-free cleaning out of bits of bread and crumbs. The included warming rack enables convenient displaying or serving of muffins, rolls and bread slices on the dining table.




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