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Best 2 slice toaster with retractable cord


2-Slice toasters with retractable cord – Ratings & Informative guide


If you are here just to find the best 2 slice toaster retractable cord, Grandma Jen recommends the Black & Decker TR1280S as it offers the best performance at a fair price. The countdown timer is a nice feature to have as it will let you know how much time is left for your toast to be ready. The durable construction of the housing is resistant to rusting and chipping, which means that you will be able to use this toaster for many years after purchasing it. You can use the bagel function for warming up your favorite breakfast pastries and enjoy more than just toast. The retractable cord keeps clutter to a minimum, and you will not hesitate to use your toaster each time you need it. If you can’t find the Black & Decker TR1280S in stock, your next best option should be the Hamilton Beach 22810 as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.



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When in the market for the best 2 slice toaster with retractable cord, it is important to know what particular aspects have to be considered more thoroughly than others to ensure making a good investment. There may be a full market for this type of product, but not all of the brands and models on the shelves can boast the qualities of the best ones.



These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 2-slice toaster with retractable cord:




As technology becomes more advanced for the best 2 slice toasters, consumers have also come to seek greater usability or functionality from their machines. This trusty kitchen appliance has to be able to do several other things aside from simply browning regular bread slices. Fortunately, many of today’s modern two-slice toasters come with the ability to reheat bread without over-toasting it, or to keep it warm so the user doesn’t need to eat cold toast.

Many models also have a Bagel function, which allows the user to put in a favorite breakfast staple (bagel) and enjoy it with the cut side nicely browned and the round side beautifully warm. A Cancel function enables the user to stop the toasting cycle before the cycle ends should the bread be cooked enough already.

A multiple shade selector enables users to enjoy customized bread cooking.



A LED display simplifies use by allowing the user to know what function is activated. Some models have a LED display that also shows a countdown timer, which enables the user to multitask while cooking bread.

A high lift lever simplifies putting in and removal of the bread. Many models are easily the best 2 slice toaster with retractable cord thanks to how the power cord retracts to simplify storage minus the clutter.



Many top selling two-slice toaster brands are designed for user safety. They have an auto shut-off feature so even when the user forgets to switch the unit off, the toaster automatically turns off. Some have an anti-jam function that also switches the machine off when the bread gets stuck in the carriage.



3 Best 2-Slice Toasters with Retractable Cord (Reviews) in 2021



We understand how challenging it can be to distinguish between the best two-slice toasters and the ones that are only a waste of money to buy. In order for more consumers to make the best purchase for this type of kitchen appliance, we present three great machines that are worth investing in thanks to their reliable performance and total quality.



1. Black + Decker TR1280S 2-Slice Toaster


1.Black-Decker-TR1280SThis silver stainless steel two-slice toaster is designed for years of use thanks to its amazing resilience against rust and chipping. It offers 1400 watts of cooking power to get the job done most efficiently. The LED display lets the user view the countdown timer for hassle-free bread cooking.

The countdown timer allows multitasking thanks to how it displays the time remaining before the toasting cycle is completed. The bread slots are wide enough to accommodate thick slices easily, even bagels.

The Bagel function ensures that your favorite breakfast staple is nicely warmed on the round side while being beautifully toasted on the cut side. Thanks to the frozen function, bread taken from the freezer can be defrosted and toasted using a single function, eliminating the need to activate two different cooking options.

The toast shade selector offers easy control every time, so users simply dial in their chosen level of cooking and just wait for the machine to do its job. The retractable cord enables clutter-free placement of the toaster on the kitchen countertop.


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2. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster


2.Hamilton-Beach-22810Able to keep toast warm longer, the Hamilton Beach 22810 2-Slice Toaster has a Keep Warm function through which the cooked bread is left in the slots longer until the user is ready to eat. The toast is kept warm without over toasting.

The two bread slots are designed extra wide to accommodate many types of bread and thick slices. The sides of the machine stay cool to the touch, ensuring safety during use. The bagel function ensures that bagels are cooked nicely with the uncut side warm and the cut side browned beautifully. When cooking frozen bread, there’s no need to use two separate functions thanks to the convenient Defrost function.

When the bread is cooked enough, the user can simply utilize the Cancel functionality without waiting for the cycle to get completed. The Toast Shade Selector allows the user to just dial in between levels 1 to 7 to enjoy customized bread cooking.

For easy storage minus the clutter, the toaster has a retractable cord that keeps the power cable out of the way when the appliance is not in use.


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3. Oster 6346 2-Slice Toaster with Retractable Cord


3.Oster-6346Compact at 12 ⅕ by 7 ½ by 8 ⅔ inches, the Oster 6346 2-Slice Toaster will not take up a lot of space on the kitchen countertop.

The extra-wide slots take in extra thick bread slices for easy toasting. The Oster model has seven shade settings that enable different users to enjoy custom-toasted bread just the way they want it. The Cancel function helps the user save time by allowing the cycle to stop when the bread has been toasted sufficiently.

The Bagel function ensures that your favorite breakfast staple is cooked well with the cut side toasted nicely and the round side warm and tasty. The dual auto-adjusting bread guides enable easy placement of slices into the slots so the bread is in contact with the heating element.

The Toast Lift ensures easy bread removal. Thanks to the anti-jam function with auto shut-off, the bread can be safely retrieved if it should get jammed in the slots. The retractable cord makes storage easy while the dishwasher-safe crumb tray simplifies clean-ups.


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