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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best 2-Slice Toaster with Bun Warmer + Reviews


Many people sometimes want to enjoy other bread types or bread-based items aside from regular bread slices for breakfast and the best 2 slice toaster with bun warmer offers greater cooking versatility to handle them all. Buns are anything-but-basic breakfast fare that will have everyone jumping out of bed in breathless anticipation of a perfect day. Not all 2 slice toasters with bun warmer are built equal, however.


Our Comprehensive Buying Guide



Good Construction

The best 2 slice toaster with bun warmer makes a great investment that should last for years. Some models use a combination of stainless steel, chrome and wood optics that makes the toaster a study in elegance and durability. Resistant to chipping and corrosion, stainless steel models are made for lasting use. Other models have a tough rubberized exterior that prevents the formation of dents. There are models with a long-lasting and durable die-cast aluminum exterior that gives the unit a lightweight profile while ensuring adequate strength to the toaster.



The best 2 slice toasters offer a little extra to make them worthy investments that ensure easier breakfast preparation. A bun warmer and toast rack enable enjoyment and displaying on the table of other items for breakfast aside from ordinary bread slices. A peek and view function lets the user take a look at the bread any time without canceling the cycle completely. A number of toasting levels enables one to choose the exact setting to enjoy their toast, perfectly browned and crispy to accommodate individual preferences.

To enable easy accommodation of various thicknesses of bread, adjustable bread slots simplify placement of items in the carriage. Other convenient features include Defrost for quick cooking of frozen bread, Bagel function, Reheat function and Cancel feature. A removable crumb tray ensures easy cleanups.



A high-lift lever allows problem-free removal of cooked bread from the carriage, raising the toast high up to eliminate the need to use a kitchen implement for extraction. A footed base ensures stability on the kitchen countertop. Variable temperature settings ensure that the right (read: safe) heat level is provided at all times.



 5 Best 2-Slice Toasters with Bun Warmer (Updated Reviews) in 2020


A huge variety of kitchen appliance makers have come out with their own lines of two-slice toasters. Consumers have never found it harder to choose from a large selection of models and brands to complete their kitchen gear collection. We recommend the following models that make a good addition to any modern kitchen.



1. Krups KH3110 Savoy Toaster


The KRUPS model has garnered the widespread appreciation of those who have bought it as it is a dependable choice that can help you enjoy your mornings a lot more. One of the notable benefits provided by this alternative is excellent versatility.

Thanks to its wide slots, you can utilize it both easily and efficiently with a variety of bread, bagels, buns, and other specialty pastry.

You can even toast frozen waffles by using this appliance. What’s more, it should be noted that, unlike other products that are limited in this sense, the KH3110 comes with as many as six browning settings. What this means is that you’ll be able to enjoy loads of freedom and set the device as you deem fit and in accordance with the preferences of those who will consume the toast.

Given that it also boasts a reheat mode for warming, you can consume your toast even if you’ve forgotten all about it and have started running other errands. In case your bagels or buns are smaller than the usual piece of toast, you don’t have to worry about anything as you can rest assured that you’ll grab hold of them thanks to the high lift lever.


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2. Limee TR0113 2-Slice Toaster 


Despite being one of the most budget-friendly alternatives available for sale these days, the Limee makes it possible for you to enjoy your breakfast as much as possible. You can utilize the product for a variety of purposes and for a wide array of bread and specialties. As it is to be expected from an appliance in this line, it comes with a bun warmer.

Some of the features you’re likely to appreciate in this product consist of a precise browning control that allows you to choose from as many as seven shade settings and a high-lift lever that can let you grab even smaller buns and bagels.

What’s more, the model features a pull-out crumb tray that you can conveniently make use of if you have no intention spending too much time cleaning your appliances. The under-body cord also makes it possible for you to store the unit or just hide the power cable if you’re not keen on seeing it all of the time.

Most of the owners who have written reviews about this product say that it’s worth the money and that it does what it’s supposed to. Some say that it even looks good on their counter.


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3. Bodum 10709-01US Bistro 2-Slice Toaster


3.Bodum-10709-01USThe Bodum 10709-01US Bistro 2-Slice Toaster is a 900-watt machine that offers adequate power to cook bread just the way users like it.

This stainless steel toaster is resistant to chipping and corrosion and has a unique rubberized exterior that withstands the punishment of everyday use while ensuring that the housing stays cool to the touch and tough enough not to develop dents on impact. The bread slots have an adjustable width to accommodate various thicknesses of bread.

The built-in pop-up warming rack can take in a variety of bread items such as buns while enabling the user to display the food on the table without the need for an extra plate.

The bread slots are adjustable to hold a variety of bread and bread-based items easily. The Defrost button makes cooking of frozen bread less time consuming. The Cancel button is convenient to use when the user thinks the bread is toasted enough without having to complete the cooking cycle. Thanks to the machine’s variable temperature and browning settings, different individuals can cook bread the way they prefer.


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4. DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster


1.DeLonghi-Kmix-2-Slice-ToasterConstructed with a long-lasting die-cast aluminum exterior, the DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster is designed for reliable durability.

The housing can withstand the rigors of everyday use. This toaster does more than just brown bread and give it a crispy texture, as it also has a bun warmer and toast rack that enable enjoyment of perfectly warmed buns for breakfast and also allow display of the toast on the table.

In a hurry to enjoy frozen waffles and other types of bread straight from the freezer? This model has a Defrost function that eliminates the need to use two different cycles to thaw bread and toast it.

The Cancel function is a convenient means of stopping the cycle midway if the bread is cooked adequately. The elegantly iconic yet simple design makes the toaster a terrific addition to any kitchen countertop. The Peek-and-View feature allows the user to lift the toast for a view anytime without canceling the cycle. The thermostat is adjustable to ensure optimal toasting control. The large crumb tray removes easily to facilitate cleanup.


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5. Krups KH754 Silver Art Collection


2.KRUPS-KH754Carrying a professionally-inspired design of chrome-finished stainless steel complemented with smart-looking wood optics, the KRUPS KH754 Silver Art Collection 2-Slice Toaster is a lovely fusion of art and modern functionality.

It provides not just a Toast function but also offers a convenient Defrost feature that eliminates the need for an extra function to cook bread taken from the freezer, so one can enjoy frozen waffles in less time it would take to thaw bread first before toasting it. The Reheat function enables toast to be re-cooked without burning it all over, to enable users to enjoy warm toast.

The Bagel function ensures that bagels are warmed on the uncut side while being nicely browned on the cut side. There are eight adjustable browning settings to choose from, so the toaster can be used by different people who have their own preferences for cooking their bread. The high-lift lever enables easy removal of the toast.

To facilitate hassle-free cleanups, the toaster has a removable crumb tray that won’t require the entire machine to be flipped over to clean it out of small bits of bread and bread crumbs.


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