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The good

This model comes with excellent wide toast slots that can accommodate a huge variety of sliced bread.

It provides superbly uniform toasting regardless of the type of bread or bagel used.

Consumers appreciate its easy to customize toast shade level, as well as the defrost and bagel modes.

The stylish and durable stainless steel frame and classic finishing make it a great choice for any type of kitchen layout.


The bad

This toaster is by far one of the best toasters we have tested so far. Getting our bread in the perfect brown shade each time and allowing us to use any kind of slice size make it the best toaster from Bella money can buy today. There is however a small inconvenient that is present on most stainless steel toasters; its frame can be a bit too hot to handle after use. This small problem can be easily solved by avoiding to touch it right after use and letting the toaster cool down a bit.

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My opinion on this product


One of the most important features of a good toaster is its capability to adapt to a large variety of bread slice sizes, bagels and buns. The Bella Linea Collection toaster comes with an excellent set of toaster slots that can fit even the biggest type of bread slices. Large and wide, these slots are perfect for toasting, heating and defrosting all kinds of toaster ready products available on the market today.


When it comes to consistency and toasting quality, all the Bella Linea Collection toaster reviews agree that this toaster delivers a perfectly uniform toast each and every time. No matter how many times we have tested it, regardless of the bread used, the final result was always the same. The uniformly toasted slices made us rate it highest among many other toasters we have tried.


The Bella Linea Collection 2-Slice toaster comes with a superbly sensitive control dial for toast shades that allows you to get your dream brown color with ease. Additionally, the defrost and bagel modes can be used whenever needed with a simple push of a button. With its stainless steel frame and full metal controls, this is the best toaster with durable metal construction you can buy today.


With its superbly crafted stainless steel frame, controls and dials, this is one of the most appealing classical toasters you will ever buy. Regardless of your kitchen design, this toaster will fit right in. Praised by all for its excellent timeless design, the Bella Linea Collection 2-Slice is a great choice for anyone who values quality, style and functionality.



Right from the start, this toaster impressed us with its excellent classic and stylish design. With its superb retro lines and quality finishing, the Bella Linea Collection 2-Slice toaster adds a bit of class and style to any kind of kitchen, whether traditional or modern. As far as functionality is concerned, this toaster has it all: quality toast shade control, bagel and defrost. Together with its extra wide slots and durable construction, this toaster is by far one of the best models money can buy today.


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