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The good

With its affordable price and stylish design it is easy to see why this is considered the best toaster from Bella.

The toaster is easy to clean and operate which is always a bonus on busy mornings.

As stated in the Bella 13741 Dots Collection toaster reviews this model is able to brown toast and bagels to perfection, and also includes a convenient reheating function.

This 2 slice toaster also features several safety functions that are designed to protect you and other users from burns or accidental electrical shock.


The bad

It should be noted that the power cord is located at the front of the unit, which can make it awkward to use in some kitchens.

Some consumers have noted that the side lever can break off, but this can usually be resolved by contacting customer service for a replacement.



My opinion on this product


One of the reasons this is considered the best 2 slice toaster is its stylish and contemporary design. The bold vibrant color looks great in almost any kitchen, especially when paired with modern stainless steel appliances. You also have the advantage of the affordable price, and the included warranty for additional peace of mind. Toast bread, bagels, and frozen waffles all in a small appliance that adds a touch of bright color to your kitchen.


Not only does this 2 slice toaster look great in your kitchen, it is also incredibly easy to clean. You have the advantage of the included crumb tray at the bottom of the appliance that pulls out for easy empting. You don’t have to worry about constantly wiping crumbs off of your counter, and the mess free design is perfect for busy mornings when you are running late. You will also appreciate how easy the toaster is to operate, including the clearly labeled settings.


You can easily toast bread and bagels perfectly with this toaster, and you will also appreciate the defrost option when you are trying to thaw a frozen waffle. The reheat function is perfect for when you want to control how dark the toast is, and you also have the advantage of being able to cancel any setting before the bread starts to burn. With slots that are wide enough for bagels and thick slices of bread, it is easy to start enjoying breakfast again.


This 2 slice toaster is not only designed to be easy to operate, but it also includes several convenient safety features. Accidental burns and electrical shock are prevented by the automatic shut off function that turns the toaster off if your bread becomes stuck inside. When the toaster carriage cannot lift up the appliance automatically powers off until it is no longer jammed. Not only does this help protect you from potentially painful injuries, it can also prevent dangerous electrical fires that can quickly spread throughout the kitchen. Designed to be stylish, functional and safe to use, this toaster might have you enjoying breakfast again. Protection Status