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Beaumont Kitchenware Collapsible Colander Steamer Review


If you are one of those people who have little space available in the kitchen and are constantly struggling to find creative ways of rearranging all the objects in order to easily handle them afterward, then you’ll surely be a fan of Beaumont Kitchenware’s Collapsible Colander Steamer.


My opinion on this model


Space saver

Being a space-saver is not the only benefit this product has, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones. If you take a look at the measurements, you can see that there’s a real difference as the steamer fully extends to 4.5”, has a mid-size of 3” and collapses flat to 1”.

Given its large 3-quart capacity, the collapsed measurements are a great space-saver compared to traditional colanders. If you decide to purchase this model you will no longer have to worry about where you are going to place it around the kitchen, since its dinner plate size can fit almost anywhere.

If there is not a single spot you can place it on around the kitchen, you can always hang it somewhere, which also renders it accessible at all times, so it might prove to be an even better idea.


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Materials used

With all of the alternatives that are available on the market these days, you should always make sure that you choose a product that is made of food-safe materials.

Luckily, Beaumont Kitchenware’s Colander excels in this category, given that it is made of 304-rated high-quality stainless steel guaranteed to never rust. Moreover, it is also dishwasher-safe, so cleaning it after each use will be a breeze.

Besides, the premium stain-resistant silicone used for the collapsible parts is also easy to clean and maintain, and does not absorb any flavor or color.

Being BPA-free and FDA-approved, you don’t need to worry about any chemicals coming into contact with your delicious meals. The non-stick quality also comes in handy for your culinary adventures.

Various uses

This model will strain everything, from rice and pasta to anything else you might prepare around the kitchen. Given its high 425°F heat resistance, you can also use it as a steamer, which makes this even better, since you’ll have two useful items in one.

The strategically located holes on the sides and bottom are specially designed to allow a fast straining, while at the same time they are small enough to retain the seasonings you might be using on your food.



Beaumont Kitchenware’s Collapsible Colander Steamer is more than you might expect from such an object. Given the high-quality food-safe materials used and the collapsible functionality, it is a reliable tool you can count on anytime you might need it, as well as a great space-saver for your kitchen.

The premium design and the increased heat-resistance allows you to use it as a steamer as well, which makes it even more useful. The strategically placed holes ensure an optimal straining capability while your delicious seasonings are retained, for excellent tasting results.

According to many reviews, this is one of the most effective and convenient colanders on the market so you might want to give it a try and see for yourself. 


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