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Aroma Housewares AYM-606 Digital Yogurt Maker Review


Sometimes, getting new kitchen appliances might be a tricky thing to do, as not all individuals out there can benefit from immense budgets. If you’ve been searching for a fully functional yogurt maker that does the trick for when you need a healthy snack or drink, perhaps the Aroma Housewares AYM-606 is a model to consider. For one, it’s affordable and won’t have you breaking the bank. Secondly, it allows you to prepare multiple types of yogurt at the same time, since it comes with eight individuals jars. The convenience offered by this unit cannot be denied, given that many of its components are safe to clean in the dishwasher.

1.Aroma Housewares AYM-606


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Compact, versatile, and ready to go

One of the reasons you might feel tempted to pick this alternative is that it comes with multiple containers instead of just one. Sure, you can add fruit and nuts to your yogurt even once it has fermented, but sometimes it might be better if you do it beforehand. Also, if there are people in your household that have specific preferences about the kinds of yogurt they like, this model can give you a hand when it comes to pleasing everyone. It’s versatile and lightweight and fits into any cupboard you might have in your kitchen. Furthermore, since it weighs in at just 3.3 pounds, it can even be carried around from one room to the next or even taken to a neighbor’s or friend’s home.


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Safe to use for children

Even though it might be hard to believe, there are still appliances out there that have components made of plastic that is not BPA-free. While the purpose of this review is not to describe the negative impact of this substance on a child’s neurological development, it’s safe to say that BPA must be avoided at all cost if you have kids in your household. Fortunately for you, the Aroma Housewares alternative comes with eight BPA-free plastic cups, which basically means that they are safe to use at all times. Once you’ve started the yogurt-making program, you really have nothing to worry about. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from storing the drink in your fridge right in those jars, given that they are so convenient and have their own lids.

2.Aroma Housewares AYM-606

Comes with a programmable timer and digital display

It goes without saying that the perfect moment of the day to prepare your yogurt is during the night when everyone’s sleeping. For one, this model is superior to others as it has a timer that can be programmed depending on your preferences and the amount of time you have at your disposal. What’s more, the digital display featured by the unit can provide information regarding the hours you still have to wait for before you can get to enjoy a fresh cup of yogurt.



While the capacity of this yogurt maker is somewhat smaller compared to others we’ve seen, the product is worth its weight in gold, given that it’s so easy to use and offers all the advantages of a well-designed option.


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