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Aicok Cool Touch 2 Slice Toaster Review


Chances are you don’t want always want toasted sliced bread. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a hot bagel, crisp English muffin or even thick pieces of Texas toast. If you want to toast a variety of bread, you need a toaster that can accommodate all of your favorites. We found this in the 2 Slice Cool Touch by Aicok.


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Attractive and Safe design

It’s not often that you find a toaster that incorporates safety into its attractive design. Its crisp white color and stainless steel accents ensure that it looks great sitting out on your counter. This also helps it blend in beautifully with your other appliances.

The outside of the toaster is also designed to stay cool to the touch. This even applies when it is plugged in. This way you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers or those on curious children.


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You probably don’t think about versatility when you are shopping for a new toaster. If you want to do more than just toast pre-sliced bread, it is something you will want to consider. Not only does this ensure your complete satisfaction, but also that it is worth its price.

This model boasts two extra-wide slots that can accommodate everything from bagels and English muffins to thick Texas toast. There are seven shade settings so everyone can enjoy perfectly browned toast. It also comes with multiple functions so you can reheat, defrost and even cancel a toasting cycle before it is finished.

Easy to use

The last thing you want to do on a busy morning is to try and work the toaster. This won’t be a problem with this model by Aicok. The small round knob makes it easy to select the right shade setting. Simply turn it to the corresponding number. The functions are also clearly marked. All you have to do is press the button. A convenient light will indicate when it is turned on.

You will also appreciate the high-lift lever that makes it a little easier for you to remove hot toast. Best of all this Aicok toaster is extremely easy to clean. The surface can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. There is also a handy crumb tray that smoothly slides out for quick dumping. When all of this is combined, it is easy to see why this toaster is a favorite with busy consumers.



We found very little not to like about this 2 slice toaster. Its extra wide slots give you plenty of options, along with its multiple functions. It is also designed to look great sitting out on your counter.

The “cool touch” exterior is a great safety feature that parents with young children should consider. This is also one of the features that made this toaster really stand out. Best of all, it is incredibly simple to operate, and even easier to clean afterward.


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