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About us


Who we are

Kitchenette Jen is a part of Sablicon Media. It is a free resource for people who want to learn how to cook or just love spending time in the kitchen, but who also need the right kind of appliances and equipment to get the job done. Our team consists of experienced chefs, cooks, and homemakers who know what works and what does not.

What’s our goal? We aim to help people who are considering becoming home cooks in an attempt to save money and lead a healthy lifestyle, and we strive to offer them reliable and well-researched information in terms of everything from how to choose an electric smoker to what you can do to get the most out of a waffle maker.

What we do

We rely on the concept of Simplexity when working on our articles. What that means is that we strive to help people save as much time as possible (along with some headaches) when making the best purchase for their needs and budgets. We always try to simplify the terminology, complexity, and jargon that some manufacturing brands utilize in their marketing materials. We want to help consumers make the best buying decision so they can start living a healthy life.

Our mission is to offer buying advice to homemakers and home cooks, but we also provide a myriad of other tips that range from what you can serve with pot roast to what you should know about instant pots before considering getting one. We’ve tackled a broad array of topics on our site before, and they all have the purpose of helping consumers in one way or the other.

Everyone’s experience in the kitchen can be improved, and we want to make it as hassle-free as possible. We want to make your cooking experience a delight.

Our research explained

Our team is composed of several experienced chefs (including pastry chefs), home cooks, and homemakers who have encountered a variety of issues with various products over time and who have learned to improve their skills through trial and error. Our articles are always created based on the recommendations that we get from our team of experts.

Our experts review the topics that we have for the Kitchenette Jen editorial calendar, and they understand the right lends to apply to a category before starting the research. Then, they correlate their own needs (and those of other home cooks and homemakers) with the products which are currently available. After this process, the drafts are edited, and that is how we manage to have several new articles published and updated every month.

We care about making your life easier, especially in the kitchen.

Meet our team

  • Luciana

    Staff Writer

    Although she considers herself the typical average mom, Luciana is anything but that. She is very emotionally attached to her family, and she loves cooking for her husband and kids. She loves to bake cookies and word has it that she’s the best at it.

  • Irina

    Content Editor

    As a content editor, Irina is in charge of editing most of the articles that we publish on Kitchenette Jen. She is a home cook, and she knows her way around a kitchen, which definitely helps when it comes to handling her job’s challenges.

  • Lorin

    Director of content

    Although not your typical cooking aficionado, Lorin has had to learn how to prepare food for himself and the rest of his family. Furthermore, he’s learned a lot of vegetarian recipes over the years as he has shifted to this lifestyle a while back.

  • Marian

    Website Editor

    Marian is our website editor, and he is in charge of keeping our website’s technical aspects in check. In his spare time, he loves growing his own food and making delicious dishes with it, along with his wife. He loves a good barbecue with friends.

  • Tania

    Staff Writer

    Storytelling comes naturally to Tania as she has been our staff writer for several years now. Plus, she holds a BA in English Literature. She loves budgeting, which is why she’s very keen on meal prepping for herself and her loved ones so that ordering takeout is never an option.

  • Alin

    Staff Writer

    Although he holds a BA in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management, Alin knows his way around a kitchen very well. He’s become quite proficient at cooking delicious meals ever since he studied at a UK University and had to learn how to cook for himself.

Our advisors

  • Julia Richardson, MS, RD

    Julia has a Masters of Science for The Ohio State University and is a Registered Dietitian. Having years of experience in a clinical and hands on environment, Julia’s insights help to the best possible insights around nutritional health and wellness.
    Study conducted by Julia

  • Stefana Mercori

    After graduating the Paris-based Le Cordon Bleu (the largest network of culinary and hospitality schools in the world), Stefana started to work with well-known chefs from Madrid, Spain. Today, when she is not in the gym, Stefana is to be found in her kitchen preparing something crazy delicious for her son Marc while filming for her Youtube Channel. Protection Status