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Cooking can be a lot of fun, but only if you manage to deal with the most mundane tasks in an efficient manner. If you are not the type who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but you like to cook, then maybe the next kitchen gadgets will be just what you need to making your life easier. Also, they are very inexpensive.



Made from wood or silicone, spatulas should be a fixture in any kitchen. Wood spatulas are most recommended for non-stick coated pans, because they do not scratch the surface, making the pans unusable. Silicone spatulas are very versatile, and they are great for a lot of things, such as spreading icing on cakes, or other kitchen tasks. They are very cheap, and a set of spatulas of various sizes should do the trick just nicely.


Strainer lids

There are many recipes that require straining at some point, such as pasta and boiled potatoes. If you do not want to make a mess in your kitchen and also ensure that all the water is drained from the pot, before proceeding to the next step on your recipe, a strainer lid will do the trick. There are pots that come with their strainer lids, and these are the best kind. You can find such pots at very competitive prices.


Garlic crusher

Mincing garlic is far from being a pleasant task, and if you do it by hand, you will get the not so pleasant smell on your hands. To save a lot of time and also protect your hands, a garlic crusher is exactly what you need. You just have to peel the cloves of garlic, stuff them in the opening and use the device to crush them. The minced garlic is just delivered on the other side, and you just finished with a cooking task that should have taken you at least several minutes for a thorough result.


Jar opener

If you are having a hard time trying to open jars, the only thing you need is a jar opener. Some people do not have a powerful grip, and for them, opening jars can be quite tedious and challenging. A model that is adjustable for different sizes of jars is the most recommended, as there will be no jar able to stand in your way.


Cutting boards

Cutting veggies directly on your countertop is a bad idea unless you find knife marks and scratches appealing for the overall layout of your kitchen. There are all kinds of cutting boards available, and they are very handy. Those made from wood are very popular, and they let you mince and slice and cut to your heart’s content. However, they need a bit of TLC, and they are not the most sanitary. A growing trend is related to bendable cutting boards that help you reduce mess when you need to transfer your sliced veggies into a bowl or a pan. Protection Status