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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best 2-Slice Toaster + Reviews


Enjoying a great breakfast is possible if you own one of the products in the best 2 slice toaster reviews. It’s not easy to get a top quality toaster, since the market has a large number of brands and models that each have their own set of award-winning features. The buyer needs to patiently do research to ensure a fantastic purchase.


Our Comprehensive Buying Guide



Consistent Performance

The models that do make it to the top raters in the best 2 slice toaster reviews are equipped with reliable browning performance, which means they can cook bread to your desired doneness, texture and crispness. The user can select from the lightest to the darkest shade. In addition, a really great toaster can ensure consistent color in all slices done at a single time.



The best 2 slice toasters are intelligently engineered with the user’s safety in mind. This means being geared with extra-wide slots that eliminate having to use a kitchen tool to extract the cooked bread, or a cool-touch housing that ensures prevention of burn accidents while the unit is running.

An assist plug helps with effortless cord removal while protecting users from electrocution hazards.


Ease of Use

Don’t you just hate it when a 2 slice toaster has complicated features that make you just store it in the cupboard?

The best models have an auto-lowering function that brings the bread down with a simple push of a button or lever.

Most toasters also have an LED display that features a countdown timer, pretty handy for multitasking in the kitchen. A slide out tray is great for easy cleanups.

Cool features include Defrost for one-cycle cooking of frozen bread, Cancel for stopping the cycle before the end, push button controls for easy operation, and Bagel for cooking your favorite breakfast staple perfectly.



4 Best 2-Slice Toasters (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Plenty of brands and models of two-slice toasters have been in the market for so long, it would be quite difficult, especially for the first time buyer, to determine which ones stand out for their complete usefulness for years and which ones are not worth any penny at all in terms of practical features. We present three best selling models that are worth investing in.



1. OXO On 8710400 2-Slice Lever Free


1.OXO-On-2-Slice-Motorized-ToasterEquipped with a delightfully quiet motor, the OXO On 2 Slice Toaster gently lowers then lifts the bread out of the slots, ensuring no incidences of flying toasters in the kitchen.

This is a change from the other models that make the toast pop out suddenly after it’s done, necessitating that you have unbeatable tennis playing capability to ensure that the cooked bread lands on your plate every time.

It even lets you check the progress of the toasting cycle with a simple pause any time, during which you can choose to remove the toast or let the process go on to completion.

One of the cool features of the OXO On 2 Slice Toaster is the LED countdown display that lets you view the progress of the toasting cycle so you can do other kitchen chores while waiting.

The Defrost function lets you take bread from the fridge and cook it without having to activate two different cycles. The “A Little Extra” feature adds half a minute of cooking if the bread is not as browned as you would like.


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2. Hamilton Beach 22706 2-Slice Metal Toaster


One of the core reasons you ought to give some thought to trying out the Hamilton Beach 22706 is that it comes with a stainless steel exterior that seems to be both convenient and eye-catching. Some of the folks who have selected this model say that it ties their kitchen together as it looks great next to the other appliances on their countertops.

The model seems to be easy to clean, looks a tad vintage, and boasts deep slots that can enable you to toast buns and oversized bread both efficiently and conveniently. In case what you like to snack on in the morning is a nice bagel, you’ll be able to do just this by using the frozen bagel setting on this model.

This compact product deserves some attention from people who live in apartments or have little to no space on their kitchen countertops. The casing is a sight for sore eyes, but this feature seems to matter less when compared to the many functionalities boasted by the Hamilton Beach 22706.

In short, this is a toaster that needs to be given some thought to especially as it doesn’t even cost a fortune. Besides, most of the feedback it has garnered is favorable.



This model is a compact appliance that will fit any countertop, whether you live in a crowded apartment or you’ve gathered too many other kitchen devices by now.

The neat thing about this unit, despite it being one of the most affordable ones out there, is that it comes with slots that can accommodate both bagels and thick varieties of bread.

Some of the functionalities you are likely to enjoy with this product are cancel, defrost, and bagel.

As is the case with other models destined for modern consumers, this one has been outfitted with a slide out crumb tray, thus allowing you to clean it with ease.



As with other choices in this line, this one might not toast evenly every time.

The flat top can get hot while the appliance is in use, so be sure to avoid allowing your kids to use the product.


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3. Breville BTA820XL Die Cast 2-Slice


2.Breville-BTA820XLDesigned with two wide slots, the Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Toaster enables easy removal of the cooked bread without necessitating use of a kitchen tool, which could be a potential cause of electrocution.

This 900-watt toaster is equipped with a one-touch auto-lowering function that enables you to easily pull the bread down towards the heating element for cooking.

The push-button controls simplify operation. You can choose to simply toast, cook the bread a little bit more or lift and look with a simple touch of a button.

The Bagel feature lets you cook your beloved breakfast staple perfectly, with the cut side beautifully toasted and the uncut side sufficiently warmed.

The Defrost function lets you put bread in for toasting straight from the freezer without having to pre-warm the food items prior to that. The brushed die-cast metal housing ensures lasting use and durability. The end-of-cycle beep alerts you when the toasting cycle is finished, so you can put in a new batch of slices promptly. The LED panel lets you view the selected browning setting easily.


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4. Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless


3.Cuisinart-CPT-420The US-made Cuisinart CPT-420 2-Slice Toaster boasts top quality components, craftsmanship and features that help users savor the good life indeed. It boasts a stainless steel housing that ensures resistance to corrosion and chipping while providing years of reliable use.

The motorized lift is designed to simplify use by eliminating the need to utilize a kitchen implement to remove the bread slices once they’re cooked.

The nifty LCD countdown feature lets you know how much time is left before the cycle is completed so you can multitask while waiting. The blue backlit LED function display offers easy viewing of the settings selected.

The toaster features enhanced bagel toasting, which enables you to brown the cut side of the bread while warming the round side to perfection.

The Cancel option lets you stop the toasting cycle midway when you think the bread is toasted enough without the need to complete the cycle. The Defrost function lets you warm and toast bread in just a single setting, for cooking frozen bread straight out of the fridge.


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